Chapter 5

A/n Perspective

It's been three days since the accident.Luckily Y/n was out of danger now but she was still unconscious.Meanwhile Jungkook was really worried about her now.In the past three days Jungkook has been really scared and sad...It seemed like a part of his was missing....


Jungkook Perspective

It's been three days but Y/n is still unconscious.It's all my fault...she didn't deserve all this but still I dragged her into all this...I am such a bad person..I was cursing on Mina the whole time but I did worse than what she did.

I came to the hospital as soon as my work in the office is over...I don't know what is happening to me but my heart is really restless...It's like I am afraid of losing her because she is the one who came forward to my rescue when Mina left her.

I immediately went inside her room with a pretty flower bouquet in the hope that if she wakes up I can apologise to her...I did it everyday but unfortunately all those bouquets just went to waste.

There she was lying on the bed unconsious..I slowly went to her and sat beside her bed on a chair...I kept looking at her face like a creep...I have never noticed her features like this before...she was perfection.

It was today when I realised how beautiful she is...It seemed like when God was making her,he would have thought to give people a glimpse of heaven. Those pretty little eys with long fluttery lashes,those rosy cheeks and her petal like lips were just perfection.

Unknowingly a smile crept on my face while I was busy admiring her cute little facue.

Jungkook:What are you doing Han Y/n??? Everytime I am close to you I don't know why but I feel complete...You make my heart goo boom boom...

Jungkook:And you know what?*holds your hand* The weird thing is that I never felt like this before even when I was Mina for the past 3 years.I am such a bad person right? I made your life hell and broke your locket without even knowing it's importance in your life.

Jungkook:I am a devil...I won't be a little bit surprised if you want to leave me after you wake up...who will even want to be with me even your sister left me *sadly smiles while crying softly and caressing the back of your hand* I never knew that I will turn into this monster someday....

Jungkook:Anyways do you know Ajumma is really worried about you...please wake up Y/n...I have already lost so mane people in my life but I now want to hold on to someone...I know that you will hate me after you wake up and I will not be able to confess what I want to so here goes nothing....' I LIKE YOU JEON Y/N'

Jungkook: And I really do...I don't know when it happened but it did happen and I am not regretting it all and after losing so much I want to hold on to you till the end and I really mean know I am type of person who won't open to people much...

As I was talking to her unconsious figure,suddenly I noticed some movements in her  body...I quickly left her hand and sat staright....

A/n Perspective

Jungkook was bursting with happiness inside seeing some movements in her body,but her remained calm from outside....

In a blink if eyes you fluttered your eyes open blinking continuously to adjust to the lights int he room.

Y/n Perspective

I was so confused with my surroundings but then I remembered everything that happened...I looked around and that's when I found Jungkook...

I was so confused on seeing him here..staring at me with his signature cold face...I was so scared of him right now because of all  bad things he did to me...I quickly looked away and tears started streaming down my eyes. I wanted to get up but my body didn't supported me...I had a plaster on my eyes on my right hand which I guess I broke my elbow in the accident.

There was an awkward silence in the room when suddenly Jungkook spoke while clearing his throat are you feeling now?Let me call the docters you just stay here and don't move...

And with that,he went put of the hospital room.

I was so shocked with his tone of talking to me...he always used to be harsh on me this time was soft?!I think he did it because I am in his condition right now...because he hates me right?!I was in my own thoughts when suddenly my eyes fell on 3 bouquets out of which 2 were dried and 1 was super fresh...

Y/n:It seems like someone bought flowers for me everyday...I was wondering who would bring flowers for me because no one is close enough to bring me flowers everyday.I let this thought out of my mind when suddenly the door opened revealing docter with a nurse and.....Jungkook??The doctor started checking up my overall condition while the nurse was giving me some kind of ejection and sson everything went black...

Jungkook Perspective

I was silently standing at the corner of the room observing Y/n all the time while the docter was checking up on her...I was drowned into her beauty when suddenly she started losing her consiousness again...I got a little panicked and without wasting a single minute,I asked the doctor.

Jungkook:Doctor,what happened to her??Why is she unconsious again?

Doctor:You don't need to worry now Mr.Jeon she is completing stable.We just gave her some sleeping ejections so she could take more rest and get healed more.

Jungkook:Oh...thank you Doctor for saving her life...When will she be able to go home?

Doctor:Well if her condition keeps on getting better like this,then you cantake her home after 4-5 days.

Jungkook:Uh...ok doctor thank you so much once again.

Doctor:Ah it's totally's my job to save don't need to thank me for it...but keep one thing in your mind...

Jungkook:What doctor?!

Doctor:Although her physical state is getting better but she is still traumatised by what happened so make sure to be really careful with your actions infront of her because just one of your small actions can also trigger her mind so please be careful.

Jungkook:I will *bows to the doctor*

As soon as the doctor left the room,I quickly went to the seat beside her bed.I slowly but carefully took her hand in mine and held it carefully and started caressing it.

Jungkook:I am so sorry Y/n for  my behaviour tpwards you..I am promising you that I will not treat you like I did in the past days...

You deserve the whole could have simply left me alone in my dark time because of behaviour but you didn't even fight back like others..from now on I will treat you the best way...although please forgive me...I know it will be hard for you but I hope someday I will be earn your forgiveness.....

I hope that someday I will also make your heart go insane just like you do to my heart...I hope that someday you will also like me and we could have a happy family after that...together..I promise you my queen that I will never leave you...How funny is it I am talking to you so confidently and with such and ease hmm??

I am such a bad person when it comes to expressing my feelings towards anyone...maybe that  the reason when Mina left me and why she didn't fell what I felt for her but leave her..I hope you won't do the same what she did..although if you do it too then I won't be shocked after all those things that I did to you.....

But Y/n please never leave me because I am freaking stupid person and I know I need to be open to you but it will take time...a lot of time...I want to give you all the happiness of this world...I promise you to protect you from all the bad things in this are my happy place...

I know I am very cold sometimes and could be a burden to you but I will try best just for you..I don't even know that when will I be able to confess to you that I like you because I am such a coward when it comes to expressing my feelings and after what Mina did,my insecurities grew even more but I will try my best to express myself as soon as possible...

After I took all those thoughts which were inside me to the sleeping figure of my Y/n,I slowly caressed her hair and said

Jungkook:Good night my queen! Have a nice sleep and dream about me :)

A/n Perspective

With that, Jungkook went into his deep slumber while sitting beside you keeping his head on the edge of the bed and holding your warm hand in his. After a long and tiring day he finally got his safe place or we can say his happy place..Love is such amysterious is such a powerful thing,which can change even a devil to an ANGEL...

Jungkook although gave his feelings towards Y/n the name "Like" but little did he knew that his heart already ditched him and now it has found it's way to Y/n...Although he didn't realise,but yes Jungkook did fell in love with her angel...his heart already belongs to Y/n but his mind is denying this fact...his mind and heart are playing hard and he is therefore not able to recognise his own feelings...

His heart says that he loves her....but his insecure mind is not able to accept this keeps on telling him to not confess and show his feelings towards Y/n as it is afraid of losing Y/n...Will he able to confess his feelings to Y/n?And if yes then when will it happen?Sooner?Or later?Or NEVER??

What about Y/n?Will ever be able to forgive Jungkook?Will she also fall for him?And if  yes then when? Life is a road full of turns and holes on the way..if we slowly go with its flow,we can have a beautiful life but if we try to run or go with's us into the blackhole of sufferings...for Y/n and Jungkook