Boys or Girls or Whichever You Like (Part 2)

Author's note: This would be the last  for this series since so much has changed in Legends since I wrote this. So I might create a new series that is more canon in Season 6 .  I read this earlier and thought of something so I hope you like it

Seeing Laurel in her favorite dress today made Dani's blood boil. Of course her sister looked good in it, but she really didn't want to share anything she owned. Not only will other people see it, that dress was given to her on her birthday and she felt the most confident in it. Although her sister was beautiful, she spent the entire day slouching and pulling the skirt down which annoyed her even more.

Why would she wear something she didn't even like?

Laurel was now a senior in high school, and Dani was now in 10th grade. Technically she should be in 9th grade but, she was accelerated. No one usually messes with the girls in school since they were quite popular but high school was still plagued with idiots and mean girls. So when she saw a group of girls making fun of Laurel for wearing a dress behind her back, she couldn't stop herself from standing up to her sister when she wasn't looking.

"Look away or I'll make you" she threatens.

Although she was a couple years younger and shorter compared to the others, she had inherited an intimidating glare from Sara and a cold stern voice from Ava. Having parents with really strong personality taught the girls to fight back whenever they are being stepped on.

The group of girls immediately stopped laughing. Dani let their eye roll slip because she didn't want to be in any more trouble. Despite being more similar to her mom, Dani also had the patience and the self-control that Ava has. Well... sometimes. She watches them walk away, grateful that her sister didn't hear a word.


They wait for their parents after school. But today, Gary was the one who picked them up since Sara and Ava were on a mission. Their parents spend most of their time training new legends and supervising rather than combat but due constant time travel, they don't always make it home in time. Dani noticed that her sister was quiet the entire ride back to their house but she didn't bother to ask why since she was still upset about the dress.

When they arrived home, Laurel immediately went to her room. Usually, when their parents aren't home, they cook food together as their way of spending time together. They usually alternate chores especially cleaning up after they cook. She tried to wait for Laurel to come out but she never did so Dani decided to cook alone hoping that her sister will join her if she smelled the food.

While she was eating, she started feeling guilty. Laurel was for sure hungry after her soccer practice and she felt bad that her sister was being laughed at earlier. She knew something was up so she decided to swallow her pride and knocked on her sister's door.

"Laur open up. I cooked dinner" she coaxed. After a couple of seconds of silence, she knocked again.

"go away!" she could hear that her sister was upset. Dani placed her ear near the door to listen to what Laurel was doing. She hears her sniffle multiple times. Was she crying?

"are you okay?" she couldn't help but feel worried about her sister. Growing up they were pretty close. They were each other's best friend but as they went to high school, they both have very different personalities that they eventually stopped talking about everything to each other.

"I'm fine. Leave me alone" Laurel snaps.

"Liar. I'm going to come in whether you like it or not" her sister became silent. A couple of seconds later, Dani hears the door unlock. She takes a step away, and waits for her to open the door.

Dani almost laughed because when the door opened her sister looked horrible. She was in sweatpants, and her bed was covered with tissue paper and make up stains. Laurel's lipstick was barely there and her mascara was running down her face.

"what happened?" she comes in and placed the food on Laurel's study table.

Laurel didn't reply. She sat on the floor at the foot of the bed wiping her tears. Dani grabs the makeup remover wipes in the bathroom and sat next to her.

"come here" she tips Laurel's chin to face her. She gently cleans her face until all the makeup was removed. It was something she had never done before and she expected her sister to give some snarky remark but she didn't. Instead she started crying again.

"Hey. What happened?" Dani asked.

"Boys are stupid" Laurel sobs. "They make you like them and then they eventually decide they don't want you anymore" she must be talking about Ethan. School rumor started today that he was dating the head cheerleader, one of the girls that made fun of Laurel.

"Boys are jerks" she replied. She placed her hand around Laurel's shoulders and placed her head on her shoulder. "Girls on the other hand..."

"Wait, what?" Laurel raised both her brows "you're into girls?"

"yup" Dani popped the 'p' at the end.

"Do our parents know?"

Dani knew she was into girls the moment she laid eyes on Lily Caldwell her first day in kindergarten. Growing up and seeing her parents so in love and happy with their relationship, made her realize she didn't have to declare anything to her sister or her moms. It was normal. She knew Sara and Ava would love her, gay or not.

"No but... they're our moms. They know us more than we think they do"

"Wow, I... I just didn't think you were gay. I mean, all the boys in school just want to date you. So..." and that's when it hit her.

"Is that why you borrowed my dress today? To impress a boy in school?" Dani cocked her brows.

"I just thought that... maybe if I dressed like you or put on some make up, he will like me too" Dani was surprised.

Laurel was very independent and proud of herself. She had the highest GPA in school and she never let anyone tell her what to think or do. For most of her life, she was jealous of her sister. But hearing this for the first time made her realize that they both have different personalities and strong qualities.

"Laurel. I dress like I do because I want to. It makes me feel confident. And when I put on my dresses or my make-up it makes me happy. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a girlfriend, dressing up like this every single day? But I don't change who I am just because I want a girl to notice me" Dani explains.

"You look beautiful just the way you are. The right one will come. The one who will look at your rugged jeans and giant ass flannel shirts and say 'god she is beautiful'. You look your best when you don't hide who you really are" she places her hand around her sister's back and rubbed it comfortingly

"I thought I was the elder sister here" Laurel chuckles.

"I thought so too" It was moments like this that they cherished. They might fight over clothes or stupid things like siblings do, but they always have each other's backs. They may not be very vocal or expressive about their feelings towards each other, they were sisters.

"I'm sorry I took your dress" Laurel sighs. "I'll return it tomorrow"

"Nah it's okay. You looked good in it" Dani smiled at her sister warmly.

Laurel's face lit up for a few seconds "Really so-"

"Yeah no. You're still doing my chores and you have to tutor me"

"yeah, yeah. Well... do you like anyone from school?" Laurel teases.

They stayed in the floor for a little while, talking about the girl Dani liked in school. She tells Laurel about the quiet girl in their theatre group that had gorgeous red hair. Laurel just listens, acknowledging how much her sister has actually grown. She was no longer the little baby she dragged around wherever she went

Before they knew it, they hear a portal open in their living room. So they immediately went down to see their parents.

"Hey girls. How was school?" Ava opened her arms to hug her daughters. She plants a kiss on Laurel's temple and another on Dani's cheeks.

"It was alright" their older daughter replied.

"Sorry we couldn't fetch you today but I was night? We missed you" Sara embraces the both of her daughters at the same time.

Movie night and pizza night was a special thing they do in the house. They consistently do it that it had become a tradition. Most times they do it in the wave rider with their aunts and uncles, and occasionally just the four of them. They would make a big fort in their living room so comfortable that they end up all sleeping in the living room

After they watched the movie, Ava and Sara couldn't help but get curious about the boy that Laurel liked in school. Before they went home, they already talked about checking up on their eldest. Since their reaction was not really helpful earlier today, they decided to make it up for her.

"So... honey... do you want to drop by the mall tomorrow and shop for new clothes? After school of course" Ava suggests. She looks at Sara and winks.

"or if you want we could have Gideon make you something. You don't have to borrow from your sister" Sara sat down beside Dani who was in the opposite of the fort.

"No thanks moms. I don't need it" Laurel looks at her sister with a big smile. "I actually like my own clothes"

"Oh okay. Well just let us know if you need anything okay? You can always talk to us" Ava tried being smooth but by the look in her wife's face she was not doing so well. Laurel however just it played cool.

"umm moms. You know how we always go to Laurel's game together" Dani starts. "Well... is it okay for me to go with someone else?"

Despite knowing her parents would say yes, she was still scared to ask them. Both her and Laurel never introduced anyone to their parents. They knew how terrifying and protective they could be so they never dared to ask. They were more focused on their academics and their extracurricular anyway so they didn't mind. So when Ava replied to her with a serious tone, the color from Dani's face drained.

"Danielle Lance, do you have a date for your sister's game?" Ava raised both her brows.

"I... I was thinking of asking this girl in our theatre group, Emma –"

Ava and Sara looked at each other, wondering if what they have in mind was correct. Dani was still young. Technically, she was still not allowed to be in a relationship with anyone and she knew it too.

"I just want to ask her as a friend" Dani butts in before her parents could say anything.

"huh..." Sara took a moment to gather herself. "okay...well, you can go with Emma but...she ride's with us okay? and then after your sister's game, we will go to dinner as we normally do and she's more than welcome to join. Right babe?"

"Yeah... Emma can - Emma can go"


After the girls fell asleep in the fort, Ava and Sara couldn't help but stare at them before walking up to their bedroom. They stayed in the staircase for a while, trying to comprehend how much their girls have grown.

"They're not kids anymore" Ava's chest felt heavy. As much as she wants her children to stay innocent and safe from the world, they eventually would have to go out there and explore it.

"They're still our babies though. They will forever be my little girls" Sara places her head on her wife's shoulder. She holds Ava's hand and pressed a chaste kiss.

"Did you know? That Dani was... well that she liked girls?" Ava asked.

"Didn't you? Babe she kept following that little girl when she was in kindergarten. Do you remember? She gave her the little rocks and wild flowers she'd pick during their play time" Sara laughed.

"Right..." Ava paused for a moment. "so Laurel..."

Sara didn't even have to think twice. "Nope. Straight as ruler"

"damn it"