Chapter 1

We were fighting a villain. "You'll never defeat me, Order!" He said. "Will see about that!" I said. I pulled out my sword and started fighting him. He tossed me near a cliff, I was about fall, then Petra grabbed hold of my hand. "I got you!" Petra said. He hits Petra with a snowball, causing her to drop me. Me and Petra look at each other in horror. I started screaming as I fall. "Jesse, no!!!!" Petra yelled. I was falling for 7 seconds. I hit the ground and blacked out.

I started waking up. I noticed that my inventory is blank. "Where's my armor and stuff?" I said. I looked down and saw my stuff on the ground. "There they are." I said. I tried to pick it up but I couldn't. "What going on?" I said. Then I started floating. "Why am I floating?!" I said. Then it came to me. "Oh no, I'm dead!" I said. "This can't be happening!" I continued. "Jesse!" Petra called out. She rushed to the cliff, and saw my inventory. "No..." Petra said. "Petra, Can you see me?" I shouted but she didn't answer. She doesn't see me. She dropped to her knees and started crying. "Oh, Petra." I said. "This is all my fault, I'm so sorry, Jesse. It was an accident." Petra said. "I know it's was an accident, it's not your fault." I said. Then I saw a bright light in the sky. "Nope." I said. I tried to run away but the light is pulling me closer to it. I started floating into light. "Petra!" I yelled.

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