(Male Ranni) introduction.

Ranni = Randi


"Randi." Eight year old Randi looked up from his book and saw his mother, Rennala smiling down at him as he leaned against her huge body. "Father tells me he's coming home soon."

"He is?" The young red head questioned. Rennala nodded and handed him an open letter. Randi read the letter and indeed his father, Radagon of the Golden Order, was returning from his trip to the capital.

Not long after the doors to the room opened. Radagon walked through wearing only his trousers and holding a big bag.


"Rennala." His father walked up to Rennala and hugged her. They kissed and parted before Radagon turned his attention to Randi. "How do you far Randi?"

"I far well father." Randi responded, moving in to hug his father, but backed away as the bag began to move. Rennala moved her son behind her when growls could be heard, although it wasn't needed since Rennala could smite it without a glance.

"Radagon, what is that?" She asked as the bag began to move rapidly.

"A gift for Randi." Radagon smiled as Randi got back infront of Rennala.

"For me?" Radagon nodded before opening the bag and turned it over, letting the occupant drop to the floor.

Randi saw nothing but grey fur on the floor till it started moving. It was humanoid in shape, about Randi's height. A tail was attached to the creature as well. It pushed itself up and Randi was met with the face of a wolf.
A short mussel, and brown eyes with a scar going down the right eye. The wolf/human hybrid wore only a dirty rag that served as a gown, ending at it's thighs.

"Randi," Radagon spoke. "Meet your shadow."

"Shadow?" Randi asked. To his knowledge a shadow was a gift from the Two-Fingers too empyreans, like how Maliketh was Queen Marika's shadow.

"Yes. She will need a name however." His father said. Randi reached out to the wolf, hoping to shake hands. She didn't shake hands, instead she lowered her head and rubbed against his hand. Randi smiled and began petting her. He could see her tail waving back and forth.

"I will call thou, Blaidd."


Introduction, just because I plan for three separate chapters.

1.) Were Blaidd and Randi fall in love.

2.) Seluvia and the Tarnished succeed in giving Randi the potion, turning him into a You-know-what.
(This isn't for the faint of heart)

3.) The Tarnished takes Randi as her consort eternal.

These chapters will not be published in order.