Halloween Edition???

Sora: *walks into Halloween Town in KH1 with goofy and Donald*

Goofy: This sure is a spooky place. I bet the people here are spooky lookin' too

Donald: If they scare us, we'll scare them right back! Except for Sora.

Sora: What do you mean? *looks down at outfit* WHO DID THIS?!

Director: CUT! * looks behind him to glare at Axel*

Axel: *shrugs and looks at Sora's princess Cinderella outfit* He looks cute

Director: You aren't even in this game go away!


Sora: *walks into the fountain area* HOLY- *looks at all the heartless* This place is overrun by heartless!

Donald: And Axel...

Axel: *is dancing and acting like a heartless*

Director: CUT! Axel come on now.

Axel: Oooooo I'm a ghooostttttt

Director: *face palm*


Jack: Of course the heartless won't dance! They need a heart!

Finkelstein: A heart isn't all that complicated. It needs a pulse, terror, fear-

Axel: *jumps into the scene screaming*

Sora: *screams a high pitched note and jumps into Donald's arms*

Donald: *drops Sora to the floor*

Director: CUT! Axel!

Axel: I wanna be in this game... I didn't get enough game time in the second one *pouts*

Director: You're basically the main character in 358/2 Days I don't see the issue

Axel: Oh yeah. *walks away and steals a cookie from the cookie jar*

Director: That's for the people on set ONLY!


Jack: Don't worry Doctor, we'll find Sally and the memory.

Xigbar: *comes from a portal in the ceiling and pops out upside down* Here you go! *hands Jack the memory flower*

Jack: You're not Sally...

Xigbar: As if!

Director: CUT! Xigbar get out of here you're not in this game either!

Xigbar: I CAN DREAM, DIRECTOR! * sticks out his tongue before snatching the memory back* You can get the memory yourself then! *retreats back into the portal*

Director: This place is being over run by organization members... Not heartless...


Jack: I'll go find Sally for you Doctor. She has the memory.

*portal opens up and Sally appears*

Zexion: ...

Director: CUT! You too?

Zexion: Xigbar paid me to do it. *walks away*

Director: *sighs* ...


Jack: Oogie Boogie stole the heart I knew-"

Demyx: *comes out of portal* I can get my clones to retrieve it for you!

Director: CUT! Demyx are you serious right now?

Demyx: Ohh I'm too early sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt Jacks sentence. I'll wait for him to finish his line

Director: What is up with you Organization members today?!

Demyx: We're lonely.

Director: Okay I'm done for today. You people drive me insane