The Party Break

Seconds seemed to slow down to hours as Ino sat there still on the kitchen counter, not knowing what to think. One moment she was in the throes of her first kiss and the next, she was unable to recognize the scene upon her.

Kiba was sprawled by her feet, clutching his head. He must have bumped it on the cabinets on the way down.

Shikamaru, on the other hand, was standing tall with his fists clutched hard. He was huffing and Ino didn't know what to make of it. Of any of it.

She jumped down from the counter, careful to avoid landing on Kiba. She finally looked away from Shikamaru to crouch down by Kiba. "Are you okay?" she gingerly touch his shoulder, opposite to how her touch had been on him before.

"Yeah. Just hit my head," Kiba gave his head another rub, probably looking for blood. "Is... Is he your boyfriend?" Kiba's eyes glanced over her shoulder.

"What? No," Ino frowned before spinning around to glare at the reason for Kiba's injury.

"What are you doing here, Shikamaru?" She ignored the curious onlookers, deciding to instead focus on her anger in this situation. It was like Shikamaru literally did want her to become an old maid. She didn't dare entertain any other reason for fear of breaking her heart once again. She still had to resist the urge to fix her hair and re-adjust her clothes. She knew they probably were fine but with the way Shikamaru was looking at her caused her doubt.

"What were you thinking?" Shikamaru casts a glance to Kiba like somehow Ino could be ignorant to what he was referring to.

"What?" she still uttered, confused as to how this was any of Shikamaru's concern. Tonight was supposed to be about forgetting about Shikamaru and it was obviously a failure now. She couldn't exactly ignore him after this.

"Oh shit."

"Did she just cheat on Shikamaru?"

"Poor Shikamaru."

"She's way too pretty for him..."

The whispers started and Ino's stomach dropped. This was just like that day in the cafeteria. Ino tried to not look at the multiple faces staring back but her eyes flickered away from Shikamaru. 

So many eyes peered back at her.

Shikamaru ran a hand over his hair, seeing the scene he had caused. This was exactly why he hated these parties, yet he was the one to have created the scene. This was not what he had intended. He had just seen Ino and Kiba together and he didn't know what had overcome him. "Fuck, I'm going."

Ino watched him go with her heart in her throat. She hated all the stares that kept her stuck in place. She felt like she could barely breathe as her anxiety began to spike, wondering how she became the focus of everyone's attention again.


"Here I thought they were a cute couple."

"Kiba deserves better."

Ino hated that her eyes began to tear up. No, not this again. She had just wanted a night out and maybe for her first kiss to not be a full disaster.

Two warm hands appeared on her shoulders. "Hey, are you okay?"

His movements jostled Ino from her panic and she gasped a bit of air, feeling like she had just run a marathon.

She nodded more than once, trying to convince herself that she was fine. "Yeah." She reached up to fix at her hair, trying to recollect her thoughts. "I should go..." She waved a hand in the direction Shikamaru left, "And check on him. Something is obviously wrong."

"Do you want me to come?" Kiba didn't look too sure as he said it since he had obviously done something to piss the guy off but Kiba didn't want Ino to put herself in danger alone.

Ino shook her head. "He probably just needs to talk. I'll see you, okay?" She turned to leave the kitchen to see a pair of girls who weren't willing to move for her.

"Kind of shitty thing you just did," one of them remarked as the other nodded and Ino thought she recognized them. They were probably from a grade under and bratty at that.

Ino rolled her eyes. She had almost forgotten about the crowd. Those people were such fucking piranhas she thought before turning to the majority of the onlookers. "Shikamaru and I are not dating. We've never been dating, okay?" She looked over the surprised crowd, trying not to think about what those words meant to her broken heart. "We're just best friends so have a good night, you nosey assholes!"

She then spun around to the girls gatekeeping the kitchen. "Happy?" she shouldered her way through, not caring that she would be the talk of the night unless something crazier happened.As if she had that kind of luck.

It didn't take long to find Shikamaru. Not many went for the pineapple look and Shikamaru was never one to move fast. He hadn't even made it to the lamplight when she got outside. It was probably for the best that Ino didn't have much time to think over what she would say because it would lead to bad places.

Why did he care that she was kissing Kiba?

She grabbed at the sleeve of his hoodie. "What was that about?"

He stiffened, obviously he hadn't expected her to follow. Idiot.

She didn't let go of his hoodie, forgetting that this was probably the first time they had been alone together in a long time. Her annoyance pushed her on. "So?"

"So what, you like Kiba now?"

God, did she? "I haven't made my mind up." It wasn't like Kiba was a bad choice. He was good looking, sweet and seemed to care about her. Plus he wasn't a bad kisser. She could see herself liking Kiba.

If a certain old flame wasn't interrupting her time with him.

Shikamaru huffed, "Looked like you made up your mind."

"Maybe I would have if you didn't interrupt us," she growled, her hold on his sweater tightening. "Why did you?"

"Does it matter? It seems I was too late anyhow."

"Late for what?" Was talking to him always this hard.

"To stop you."

His words ring in Ino's ears and she isn't sure of what to make of them. All she knows is her chest becomes tight and she wishes he would look at her. Her voice becomes soft. "You did..."

"Not fast enough," he says and suddenly he's smirking. She isn't able to read a second of him right now and it's frustrating her. It had been so long since she was able to read him or even really feel like his best friend. But at least they were talking now. That was something, right?

She smirks back, trying to get control of this situation back. She was Ino and he was Shikamaru. He didn't get to run the games. "So why don't you want me kissing Kiba? Are you jealous?" It's her attempt at teasing him, trying to get back to what they used to be. Trying to control her own heartbeat in this situation that was going too quickly.

Shikamaru tensed at her words and continued to avoid looking in her direction. He didn't try and brush away her hold on his sweater but his other arm did come up to rub at his brow. 

"Maybe... Maybe I am."

"What?" Her hold on him loosed and her hand fell to her side. She almost wished she didn't hear him. Her heart started to rage at a speed that was dangerous and uncomfortable. If only the music from the house had drowned him out.

"That's not funny, Shika."

Her voice was cold and she was tempted to take a step away from him for fucking with her like that. Shikamaru wasn't mean but this felt cruel. He knew she liked him. She had been the one to ask him out. He had been the one to run off and pretty much beg her to forget about their date. He couldn't do this to her.

She shoved at him. "Fuck you! That's not funny!" He couldn't do this to her again. She couldn't deal with this cluster fuck of emotions again when it came to him.

"Do you think I want to feel like this?" He finally wiped around to face her. "I never asked to like you, Ino."

Her breath came out shaky as she tried to digest what he was saying. He liked her... He liked her and he didn't want to? Is that why he took off on their date? Because he didn't want to like a bimbo like her? Because she was too blonde and bossy. Probably because she wasn't enough like Temari who was older and more sophisticated.

Fuck. She didn't know if this was better than him just not liking her at all. Either way, this hurt."So quit taking pity on me. I don't need to be asked on dates that you don't actually want to be on."

"What?" she stared at him in horror. "That's not what that was." How could he even think that about her? She didn't do things unless she meant it.

"Don't lie, Ino. You looked so fucking uncomfortable. Like it was the last place you wanted to be."

"I was nervous, you idiot. I didn't know how you felt!"

"Which is why you also ditched me for the day too, right? Because you like me," he sneered like he wasn't believing a word she was saying.

She glared up at him, hating him for doubting her affections. She had been so nervous that day after figuring out she actually liked him after seeing him with Temari. "Yes! Because I was jealous, okay! I saw how you were with Temari and I fucking didn't want to deal with it! So I took off and ditched you for the day!"

He fell back a few steps. "What? Temari?"

"Yeah. You were with Temari and she obviously likes you and I couldn't stand to watch so I ditched you." She wanted to be surprised with herself that she was admitting all this but honestly it just felt like pure relief. To finally being talking to Shikamaru like before. Before all this drama started, they talked about everything so keeping this secret from him had been killing her.

She didn't care that they were fighting about it. They fought a lot anyways. It was felt good to finally be upfront and honest with him like she had been before.

"But then you were an asshole..." she muttered with narrowed eyes at him.

"I didn't know you liked me too..." Shikamaru's voice got softer, more to his usual tone. "I thought you were just pitying me or something."

Ino huffed in amusement. "Am I the pitying type?"


"So you're just an idiot then."

He smirked. "An idiot you like."

"Shut up," she blushed, shoving at him away again.

A car pulled up beside them. "Hey," Sakura greeted after rolling down the window. Naruto sat in the driver's seat. "We're going for food. You want to come?" Her hopeful eyes glanced between them, probably hoping they had finished fighting for real this time.

Ino looked up at Shikamaru, doubting he would want to stay at the party anyway. "Sure," she moved to slip into the car. She left the door open and turned to smile up at Shikamaru. "Should I invite you to ditch with us this time?" she teased, remembering the last time they were in this scenario.

"Move over or I'll shove you," he answered with a smile that made his eyes seem bright for the first time in a couple of weeks now.

"Whose the bossy one now," Ino said as she let her hand slip into his. They smiled at each other in the backseat of the car, both feeling like idiots for how these last couples of weeks have gone. 

"So... You hate Temari, huh?"

"Oh god. Let's not talk about her." 


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Notes: First off I want to apologize on how long this took me. I honestly didn't know how I wanted to end this. Lol I don't tend to plot a whole lot. I just usually write and see what comes out. 

Second, I'm probably going to take a break from ShikaIno for a bit. I know. I'm sorry but it is so hard to write about this fandom and this ship in particular when there's not a whole lot of new content about them. Sometimes I feel like I'm all alone in shipping them and that's just plain hard to do. I know its not true because I have all you guys but when I'm writing sometimes I like to look at a pic or read other stuff and its near impossible to do with ShikaIno. Nobody is giving them attention anymore. It's hard for my interest not to stray when Jonerys or Bellarke all get attention and I feel alone and deserted with ShikaIno. 

I'm not totally ditching them but I don't think my next story will be about them. Maybe a one-shot will come later about them but I'm not sure. I do have an idea that I posted about on my instagram a while back about ShikaIno and it was canon based unlike most of my stories. I think it could become a pretty long one-shot if I wanted it to be. Some of you may have seen it. It was like Ino's clan making Shikamaru 'forbidden'. lol

Thirdly, I would like to thank you all for keeping with me and my story. I know it can't be easy when I take forever to update but honestly, your guys' comments have helped so much. I probably would have given up on this story a few thousand times without it. Hell! This was only supposed to be a one-shot. Lol

Thanks again! Love you guys!!