Chapter thirteen

Jurina POV
"Sayanee slow down!" Momoka said as Sayanee was speeding passed her in a racing game.

"Ya! Catch up"

Wow it has been a while since I've been to an arcade with friends. The atmosphere is so high energy I wish I went more.

"So what school did you go to before Sakane?" Nana asked

"I want to Akiba." I said then tensed up.

Just thinking of that school makes me sick. I think Nana noticed.

"Oh I'm guessing you didn't have a good experience I'm sorry about that." She said very apologetic.

"Yeah I didn't, I had some things happen at that school."

"What kind if you don't mind me asking."

"Let's just say some rumors came out and I didn't have friends afterwards."

That cursed day I will never forget. I remember being the best of the best. Everyone liked me I had crushes from male and even some female students but then she happened. Kojima Haruna. The top ace of the school. She had a crush on me and confessed. I said no and then her and her gang made up rumors about me. That I was this huge play girl that slept around. That I was a lesbian. That I asked her out and got upset when I got rejected. That I was her stalker. And the rest was history. I was never able to brush it off and no one wanted to associate with me. No matter how much I tried to say they weren't true no one believed me.

"I'm sorry that happened." Nana replied "But that won't happen ever again" she said as she grasped my hand.

Momoka and Sayanee comeback from their game and overheard our conversation.

"Oi Nana! Flirting with Jurina I see." Momoka says in a teasing tone.

I feel myself get hot because of the familiarity of the circumstances and my old school I felt like deja vu was happening again. Before I could say anything.

"Nana is right." Sayanee says. "You will never be left out again! We won't let that happen! No matter what people say or what happens we will stay by your side.

"T-thank you!" I say out of pure shock.

"No problem we will accept you no matter what!"

After that little moment I felt just in shock. I hadn't even told them the whole story and they just took me in. After two days too. I hope I can take their word for it. Only time will tell.

We continue at the arcade for a few more games then headed home. We part from Nana and Momoka first since Sayanee lived closer to me we walked home together

"Oi I meant what I said at the arcade you know." Sayanee said to break the silence. I just kept quiet to hear what she had to say. "I know what it feels like to be alone and have no one but a great girl once told me to be the person other people need in life. I don't know what happened but don't let it hurt you and I promise that Nana, Momoka and I got your back."

"Thank you I really appreciate that." I said. At that moment I felt like the whole change was so worth it. And I need to start living the life the way I want to. I knew this was the first step towards recovery. Though I had a bit of a guard up still just in case.
I got home after the hang out and went straight to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I walk into my room after my shower and saw Rena already asleep.

Wow she's so cu... Jurina snap out of it I thought to myself. I walk over to my side of the bed in a quiet manner. Just so I didn't wake Rena. As I'm getting into the sheets I see this mark on Rena's shoulder. It was a bruise I had never noticed. While shifting to fully get into bed Brown Mama touches the spot.

"Sto...p" I hear her murmer

"I'm sorry Rena-chan" I said

I thought I woke her up but she was still asleep. Weird. Afterwards I get comfortable and head to sleep.