Chapter 15 - Memories

Lucian held a photo album in his hands, the fire crackling beside him, looking at photos of Edward and Wednesday when they were younger, bringing a smile to his dull face.

Seeing his children in their younger years seeing all of their firsts always made him smile and appreciate them even more than he did

Edward and Wednesday were staying with Ellis and Sonya for a couple of weeks, whilst Lucian adjusted to getting back into his routine.

Edward was fully recovered and expected to soon return to kindergarten with Archie, Caleb, and Wednesday

Roxanne squeezed lucians' shoulders gently as he looked up at her with a gentle smile as they looked at the album together.

Looking at each photo, longingly, Roxanne saw Edward's first steps, his first hair cut, his first tooth, and his first smile. Seeing Wednesdays first steps, her first steps, her first haircut, her first tooth, and her first smile

Roxanne couldn't help but smile before sharing Archie and Calebs first with Lucian.

Over the course of the next few days, Lucian and Roxanne shared their children's firsts with each other the first words, the first days at kindergarten, the first birthdays.

Edward and Wednesday had asked to stay with their grandparents longer, which Lucian allowed. Archie and caleb stayed with Madylin longer.

Lucian and Roxanne walked across the shore, hand in hand the cool sand under their feet, the stars shimmering off of the rippling ocean, the moonlight reflecting off the water, its light immensely illuminating the pier.

Sitting on the Dock laying beside each other, watching the stars shining even the brightest stars shining brigkty in the darkness.

Cradling each other in their arms, the two got up, returning to Lucians Bentley Lucian, driving them back to his residence

The sun rose as roxanne stretched, waking up her phone rang as she smiled, answering the call.

"Hello?" She said lovingly.

"Mummy. Mummy!" The boys' voices chippered happily roxanne smiled hearing her boys' voices.

"Are you behaving for aunt madylin boys?" Roxanne asked gently

"Always." Caleb answered innocently.

"They're behaving, don't worry, roxanne, they wanted to call as soon as they woke up." Madylin spoke into the phone happily

"Of course they did. Boys, make sure you eat well, okay?" Roxanne smiled before disconnecting the call after the boys answered.

Stretching, Roxanne got up as she showered and got dressed, walking down to the main lounge. Seeing one of lucians' cars were gone, she raised a brow softly.

"Cayden, Where's Lucian?" Roxanne asked him gently

"Mr Farwell has gone to get something for Mr Edward and Miss Wednesday." Cayden replied calmly.

Roxanne nodded before going to the office Lucian had put together for her, starting on her work.

After drowning herself in her work she stretched as she watched Lucisn pull into the drive as he parked he got out walking into the house with bernese mountain dog and a St Bernard puppy the two dogs where 10 and 8 weeks old the collars around their necks with name tags as they trotted up to roxanne licking her Lucian smiled leaning against the wall.

"Oh Lucian, they're beautiful. What are their names?" Roxanne smiled lovingly

"The St Bernard is Beehtoven, and the Bernese mountain dog is Diesel." Lucian smiled back as he walked over, caressing her shoulder softly.

"Edward and Wednesday will love them." Cuddling into his chest, she smiled as he kissed her head gently

"So will Archie and Caleb, Roxanne, you're a part of our family, and I hope you always will be." Lucian picked up Beehtoven and diesel, leaving Roxanne speechless.

A few more days passed as Ellis and Sonya watched Edward and Wednesday, who were running around playing

"They're growing so fast, I remember when Lucian was this age." Sonya smiled softly, watching her grandchildren.

"It doesn't seem that long ago either. Edward is becoming more like Lucian every day. I'm incredibly proud of our son and the family he made."

"Even though their mother is that woman, yet you still praise her as if she helped Lucian raise them." Sonya huffed slightly

Sighing, Ellis rubbed his temple. "Give it a rest about Roxanne sonya, She has her own children to raise."

"Edward and Wednesday are her children, Ellis." Sonya whined angrily

"So are Archie and Caleb. Roxanne is none the wiser that Edward and Wednesday are hers, and it's staying that way until Lucian says otherwise." Ellis growled with anger he was frustrated with Sonya, constantly bad mouthing Roxanne.

"I won't allow her to be a part of this family, not again." Sonya remarked, hoping to win this neverending battle she kept starting

"Enough, Sonya! Lucian has every right to marry her if that's what he wants. I know you want him to be with that vile pierson. Did you forget what she did to Edward and Wednesday?! Poisoning them beating Edward to the point his brain swelled almost killing him!" Ellis spat hostility at his wife he hated the piersons, and that was clear.

"Auberi would be better than roxanne!" Ellis growled as a butler restrained him from losing his temper

"If you mention that wicked witch one more time, I will serve you with divorce papers! Lucian has my permission to marry Rocxanne he doesn't need your approval!" Ellis freed himself from the butlers grip, taking Edward and Wednesday by the hand walking out of the main Farwell Residence with them.

Sonya dropped, holding her heart as if Ellis had just murdered her in cold blood as she screamed in pain, feeling betrayed

How dare he protect that woman? She needed to get auberi back in the picture.

But could she really do it? After Ellis threatened to end their marriage if she didn't accept Roxanne. This blasted woman.

Staring blankly, she was snapped out of her daydream when Lucian arrived kneeling in front of his mother

"Mum? What happened?" Lucian asked softly.

"Me and your father had an argument." Sonya squeaked, sitting up

"What about? Was it my children's mother again." Lucian looked at his mother.

Feeling ashamed, Sonya nodded as Lucian sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose "Mum you need to accept her, She's Edward and Wednesdays mother and I plan on telling her. You can forget about that vile witch who almost killed my children."

Lucian rose up spun on his heel and left returning to the farwell office. Roxanne returned to the laboratory.

Edward quivered with an uneasy feeling standing in front of kindergarten after many months of absence

Wednesday, seeing her brothers nerves held his hand, Archie and Caleb stood on either side of them.

The four looked onward, Edward putting on a brave face as they walked towards the building.

Author Note

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I feel I need to explain why the chapters with His and Her marriage are slowing down. I'll be brief so you can escape 😇.

Recently someone I used to care for went into a nursing home and I've been walking down to see her a few days every week. She means the world to me and fills the gap where one of my grandmother's once filled another lady I visit fills the other gap.

I'm so thankful to both of these ladies I'm a better person because of them and i owe them everything.  On my bad days at work, they cheered me up everyday without fail. I'm happy to have them and consider them grandmother's.

I still miss my biological grandmother's deeply and my dad's father but I know they'd be happy with the person these two ladies have shaped me into.

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