Hey! :)

Hi guys! Long time no see? Unless you read my other story.. Lies & Secrets! :D
But hey, how have you guys been??
I wanted to thank you all for showing me so much love on this story, considering the fact that it was a little different from the 'cliche' stories! :P
Anyways, coming to the point... I've been thinking about writing a sequel to this book?? Just a thought!
What do you guys think?
Also lemme know what would you like to read in the sequel, IF I WRITE ONE that is. :P
More of Shehry and Amna?
Or more of their kids?

Again, this is not definite... It's just a thought.. I'll think about it after seeing what you guys think and then let you all know :)

So please.. Do lemme know what you think :)

Thankyouu! <3