The End: Policeman and Yato

Author's pov

Time Skip: Two years later~

Okay, there's lot there's lot to explained. Shouyou has a love child, yeah he does. Years when Gintoki and his pals were at highschool, Shouyou went often to Okinawa due of a place of healing and spiritually for praying for his older brother's safety. He met a Okinawan woman which they fall in love as keeping distance long relationship before he every summer he would come back and they...Um, Gintoki, help.

Gintoki: They f***ed.

Thank you for our 'wise' words and lovey dovey together. When Shouyou found out, she was pregnant, he insure her that the child will be raise with love and together with his/her parents. He was getting ready for making a big step of getting marry which he sent a letter to his brother Utsuro which that explains why he knows. But Shouyou got killed by government before months before he would come back and marry his lover. Utsuro found out and he sent a letter to her about Shouyou's demise but encouraging her to kept the pregnancy up and adding he will sent full support. Shouyou's lover give birth to a baby son and named him after his father.

They lived together despite she was a single mother but she didn't care as longest she had her child with her. But the kid was 7, she got sick and die out of cancer. The kid was taken to a kind orphanage while Utsuro knew that he couldn't leave tbe kid alone without a family and since he was damn sure that he wasn't a good father figure, he needs someone to take care of the kid with great experience. Which it come to Otose. He was planning after he destroyed Japan. He and Kouka's children along with Otose live in Okinawa with Shouyou's son and the other Ryuumaku members. But it went to a other way.

"Oi, Gin-chan. I always knew you were a good father figure. Even on Shouyou-Ojiisan' kid" Kagura soon said as she was currently wearing her white cheongsam dress with same patterns as Gin's kimono. A little boy with light brown hair and red eyes soon hugged tightly Kagura and laughing. "Kagura-Neesan! I miss you!" The boy said which it was Shouyou's son, Sakata Shouyou. Kagura laugh as saying she also miss him as well. Lot has happened. Shinpachi become a cool bishonen which creates much disbelief to the pregnant Otae who got married with her stalker Kondo who retired as the Captain of Shinsengumi. Hijikata become the new Captain and finally Okita was happy he become the Vice Captain but got disbelief when Hijikata and his sister got married. Now, he can't kill him but he can still torture him.

Nobume end having her own unit which made Sasaki happy as she currently dating Saito. Katsura got married with Ikumatsu as Elizabeth got be the singer and the best man in their wedding, Takasugi and Oboro were taking down the corrupt government as preventing creating a other Utsuro. Sakamoto and Mutsu sailing like pirates and going to Seoul for food. Yamazaki married Tama, Otose fulling her grandma role, Kamui and Soyo got married. Yeah, they did as much for Kagura's disbelief and happiness. The Yato siblings end up having relinking their relationship with Umibozu and forgive him as slowly rebuilding their family bond. Oh yeah, I also forget something.

"I'm still in shock that you finally marry Tsuki. I never thought you did have tbe balls to do, Gin-chan"


"Yeah, Kagura-Neesan is right. I also didn't think you would, Papa Gin"

"You too?!"

Gintoki was utter disbelief by his children while I, the author drink my Caramel McCafe and wearing some sunglasses. Yes, for the GinTsuki shippers, Gintoki finally in his damn life, got married with Tsukuyo. It took him long enough. "Come on! I was man enough to propose her! She was crying in en-" Gin soon got stabbed by Tsukuyo's knives which he yelp and shouted 'Honey?!' loud and clear. "I told you that I got something in my eyes! Gintoki, you're the one who cry, not me!" Tsukuyo shouted which Gintoki 'tsk' while Kagura and mini Shouyou were watching how their parents arguing about the day when they become engaged. I mean, come on. It's Tsukuyo and Gintoki.

"Okay, Shouyou. I need to leave and met up with that sadist. I promise you that I will buy you strawberry milk when I come back" Kagura said as petting mini Shouyou's hair before leaving. Gintoki shouted that Kagura wasn't allow to met up with 'Souichirou-Kun' before he got stab by Tsukuyo again and saying bye to Kagura. Kagura soon open her umbrella and walked down of the stairs as seeing Otose resting on Sadaharu who they were enjoying the warm and gentle day. She smile as she walked through the streets. It been the most craziest years for her, Okita being her sadistic boyfriend, Gintoki, Kamui, and her biological father being overprotective of her and saying she's still to young to date despite, she was 21. Kagura now felt free and seeing love wasn't something that could destroy people.

It was something to protect.

She understood that love is something worth to protect and value since her mother loved her so much along with Kamui and Umibozu. She loved them so much that she didn't want to waste any time of being apart from them. Life is precious and we need to enjoy all the moments we have. "I keep having this feeling something will happened. I bet that sadist will stab me" Kagura chuckles by that thought before seeing Okita on the Cherry Blossom Park. Kagura soon walks in as Okita turn around. "Oi, Sougo. I come here after seeing my little brother and how Gin-chan was getting his ass whooped by his lovely wife" Kagura said sarcastic. Okita chuckled and saying that least she's not living with the man she hates the most which he was referring himself and Hijikata who now, are living in the same roof.

He really needs get out of there before he start doing their lovey dovey nights with his sister. He wasn't really that happy. "Come on, Sougo. The reason why you're so grumpy it's because Mitsuba-Neesan and Hijikata's marriage. I mean, you never were the one who likes marriages or commitment" she said as teasing him. Okita soon stood up and he was grab something on his pocket. Kagura was already for what Okita would do on her. She was take it and like always, being the other sadist. "Kagura, just shut up and take it this" he said as open a mini box which had a ring on it. Oh damn! Okita turn red as covering his blush with his hand as Kagura was surprised as her eyes slightly widen.

Oh my God, you guys already knew it from the image.

"Please, tell me this is a prank of April Fools or that will stab me to death" Kagura said as being amazed. Okita laughs as he needs kneels down like human would proposal. "Nope. Kagura, I want you to marry me as you have to suffer with me. You can yell at me, punch me, sass me, or even do your own pleasure on me which I will be fine with it as longest I get my share. But despite of all, I will always love you for who you are, no matter if you're the sister of that criminal, Yato, or Ryuumaku" Okita said which Kagura laughs by him being genuine as she kneels down to him. She gives a smile before takes the ring and place it on her finger. "And I promise you that I will always love you no matter how sadist you are and never let your side, even if you got tire of me. Besides, I'm marrying a idiot like how Mommy did" she said which Okita smile as they stood up and holding hands.

"AMAYARELIS-SAN! UNDO THIS NOW!" Gintoki shouted as the engaged couple found him with Shinpachi, Kamui, Umibozu, Abuto, Hijikata and the rest of Shinsengumi. "Um, Hell no since they in their own will did, not me. They. Besides, aren't you the guys who runs and tries to prevent it?"

"Good point, Amayarelis. Policeman, you're dead!" Kamui smile as Okita and Kagura soon run their lives out while the whole crew ran after them as Gintoki and Umibozu declare that they will kill Okita. 'I should have known this would happen. Typically romcom. At least we know where the shrine is for getting the demons off' Kagura thought while adding to Okita that he will face these problems because of her. "Well, longest I get to do this" Okita said as he use Kagura's umbrella to cover their heads from letting them see their kiss. Kagura blush as Okita laugh while the raging parents and brother got more furious.

'Damn, I really did fall in love with that sadist. I love you, Sougo'

The End.