Chapter 7~ "Quirkless? Then how?"

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3rd Person point of view:

Looking over the crowd of anxious participants, Izuku brushes his hands through his frizzed hair. The General Studies course didn't have as demanding of a physical test of the Hero course, that was obvious in the mind of Izuku.

Eraserhead was a few paces in front of the group, mumbling to himself of which Izuku couldn't decipher. Tilting his head over the large group of nervous teenagers, Izuku saw the entrance way to Ground Omega, where above the walls were what seemed to be obstacles. Robots perhaps?

As all of the students made their way inside of the front entrance to the training ground, Eraserhead turned on his heel, facing the teenagers. "Your goal for this exam is to get through this forest and reach the exit on the other side of this training facility," The leaves on the looming trees behind him swayed in the wind. Eraserhead smirked, "I suggest you do not underestimate what is in this forest." He walked away, out of sight to the participants. Izuku thought he most likely went to a control room, but that was just a hunch.

The teenagers stood there anxiously, awaiting their next instructions. Soon enough, a buzzer rang out. A few of the participants got a head start, meanwhile most of the group was at a light pace. Izuku however, stayed behind. He instead looked at the forest, calculating the best strategy to pull this off.

| Izuku's POV: |

The buzzer's high pitched yelp alerted me and everyone around that the test had started. The wind pushed my hair to the side, as I looked up at the trees looming in front of me. I shouldn't stand out, right? Mostly all of the participants were fading out of sight, a few screams heard in the distance. I turned my heel, making the most of the non-existent crowd, and pushed off.

Looking ahead, there were what seemed to be 3 Pointer robots from the exam here. Wouldn't that be a little too extreme? I nodded my head and slid over the rocks in my way, using the environment around me to aid in my performance. In the corner of my vision, I could see others using their quirks to aid them. Passing by them, the robot seemed closer and closer. A few others had stopped and are trying to take down the robot but to no avail. Clearing the path in front of me, I could see that the robot was distracted by the other participants. Running to the left out of it's view, I slipped past it undetected. I smirked, running past the robot.

A gunshot was heard in the distance, and I whipped around to see an oversized paintball coming my way. Shifting my balance, I fled to a nearby tree for shelter. Looking to the left, I could see the robot coming towards me. Where were the other participants? Did they flee already? I shook my head and stood up.

The robot was approaching quickly.

I fled, weaving between the trees, passing others as the robot was still looming behind me. Slipping over the enormous rocks in the pathway, I could see other robots in the distance. Shifting my gaze back, I saw the robot, but, it was looking at a certain bush. It most likely heard someone there? My moral reasoning told me to go back to the bush to help the poor participant. Shaking my head, I kept running forward. Sweat dripping down my forehead.

It felt this pathway was surrounded by robots, ranging from all sizes, but I didn't see the 0 Pointer? It would make sense since this is the general studies test.

Keeping my head up high, I could see the looming exit gate in my eyesight. I smiled with glee. I hoped the lilac haired teen got through already, he seemed like a good person. Keeping aware of the forest around me, I could see other participants trudging through the forest. The large trees loomed all around me.

In what felt like a millisecond, an idea was formed.

I bent my knees down, looking at the supported branches above me. Using my momentum I jumped up and hung by my hands on the branch. Using my body weight, I hopped up onto the branch, seeing the others in front of me, it seemed like a fun idea. Using my momentum again, I jumped from branch to branch, edging closer to the exit sign. On the last few trees, I jumped again, positive I would ma-

My left foot felt weightless. In an instance my whole body was falling towards the dirt. I swiftly glanced to the quickly approaching ground. I moved my left foot ahead of me, correcting my mistake as I tried to land on my feet.

My leg slipped, my body tumbling to the left, "Shit!" My left side was stinging with pain as I tried to lift myself up. Turned out that wasn't really a good Idea in the first place. A few people flew by me, only a glance of pity as I stumbled to pick myself up. Never the less I picked myself up and started to pick up my pace, sprinting towards the ever drawing closer exit sign.

The wind cut past by my face as I almost tripped past the exit sign. I looked back, I did it. I grinned, pushing my hair back. The adrenaline I had was wearing off. I could feel liquid coming down my left arm, looking there I could see the arm I had fallen on all bloody and scratched up. Glancing up to the small crowd forming past the exit sign, I made out a gravity defying lilac hair in the crowd. I smiled in appreciation, he would most likely get in.

I hope I did well, this was the only thing I could've failed.

| 3rd Person Point of View: |

The control room was filled with the staff of U.A, most looking at the Hero Course's Exam that had just ended, playing back the tapes of security footage. A smaller half of the room was focused on the General Course Physical Exam. Dim lights of monitors lit up the room.

"Look at that kid, I can't believe he took a hard hit on the ground and still got up? That takes guts," murmured the Blood Hero. A couple others nodded as well. The R-Rated Hero grabbed the stack of files and flipped through them, landing on the green haired boy from before.

"Izuku Midoriya," She read, skimming down the page, looking for information. "And he is quirkless?" She breathed, skimming over it again to make sure she read it right. "He still got in the top 20 who finished first, that's impressive." She smirked, handing it over to another teacher.

The Blood Hero took the file and skimmed the page, he murmured, "Quirkless, then how?" Glancing to the monitor and back at the file. "That kid has guts, I'll say," he handed the file back to the woman as he shifted his attention to the monitor.

A hush fell over the monitor room for a brief moment, a calm before the storm. "Well, what should we do with the kid?"

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