more of the dinosaur train evolution soundtrack

Considering dinosaur train evolution is close to 2k reads i might as well reveal more of the soundtrack and i will also show you why i chose those specific themes

Disclaimer: i do not own these themes they all belong to their original owners

Dennis Deinocheirus main theme (broly's theme from dragonball super: broly)
Because it sounded powerful and full of potential which dennis is

Two Species One Bond aka Gilbert Troodon and Shiny Pteranodon's love theme (romantic flight by john powell)
I chose it cause it felt so calm and relaxing and it had a very lovely tone

Buddy  Tyrannosaurus Vs. Dennis Deinocheirus theme (t rex chase theme from jurassic park arcade 2015)
I chose it cause it sounded very intense considering buddy is fighting his own friend

Roar Of Rage aka Buddy Gets The Upper Hand Against Dennis theme (full force kamehameha from dragonball super broly)
I chose this cause dennis' energy was getting weaker and buddy's energy was only growing cause he was getting angrier

System failure aka the runaway dinosaur train theme (tie fighter attack by john williams)
I chose this cause again it sounded intense

Paulie Pliosaurus Vs. Predator X theme (colossal squid boss theme from hungry shark world)
I chose this cause it sounded intimidating and it sounded like it was meant to be an aquatic soundtrack

Terry's teachings aka terry trains buddy theme (training po from kung fu panda)
Cause i really like kung fu panda and cause terry's tests are very intense

Thats more of the soundtrack revealed and yes i am using soundtrack from games as well