I woke up to the sound of gunfire coming from the front of the plane. After the shooting stopped I heard Erica yell,

"Is everyone okay?"

Everyone expect for Zoe answered. Erica picked up on this and yelled again,

"Is everyone okay?"

Once again, everyone expect Zoe. Erica came from the front of the plane to the back and gasped when she entered. She instantly turned pale and stood their in shock. I asked carefully,

"Erica... Why are you pale"

Erica's face saddened and pointed at the seat in front of me. I leaned over the seat and saw a sight that would be engraved in my mind forever. Zoe's body...
Everyone crowded around and instantly grew more and more sad. I stared long at Zoe, or at least what was left of her. My mind couldn't take in the words, "Zoe's... dead" It just couldn't accept such a fact.

Suddenly Erica leaped from her place to Zoe and pulled out her first aid. Everyone leaned in to see what was going on, confused. Erica leaped back up after treating Zoe and ran to the front.
I leaned forward to check if somehow Erica brought Zoe back to life, when the shooting started again. We all ducked for cover, while Mike pulled Zoe to a more secure spot. I grabbed a AK off of the shelf and rained down hell on whoever was doing this. I ducked back down after about 3 seconds of spraying everywhere, and heard a crash into the ocean only 5 seconds later.

Mike shouted,


I nodded at this remark but had other matters to focus on. They had just landed on our plane.... and they were closing in fast. I grabbed a grenade launcher, just as Erica burst through the door from the front. She yelled,

"Grab whatever weapon you can find and get ready to fight"

I nodded and shot one grenade into the door to the front. I heard 3 screams after it went off. That was good but now our plane was about to plummet into the ocean. I screamed to everyone,

"Grab a parachute and hang on for dear life. Someone carry Zoe."

Mike nodded and strapped on a parachute in 2 seconds flat with Zoe in his arms. Erica was already out of the plane once I was ready. She buzzed in with the advanced blue tooth chip we had in our ear and told us,

"Follow me, I found a spot to land"

I saw her zipping through the sky, with more control than any of us, heading towards a little island about a mile away. We were about 600 feet in the air with just enough room to make it. I adjusted my flight path and went to the side. I activated my parachute at about 300 feet up and landed safely. Jawa was close behind, with Mike closing in.

After Mike landed we re-couped and gathered our wits. I looked around us while everyone else was catching their breath and saw something that still terrifies me to this day. A M-16 fighter jet nose diving into us. Luckily, Erica saw it first and pulled out an explosive bow and arrow. She aimed it right on the nose, and shot.  It plummeted straight down, ending this story.

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