•Chapter 3 : Feelings•

••Bittergiggle's POV••

As I ran away from behind the door, I just ran into a room and just flopped over on a random bed. "AAAAAH!! LOVE?!?! UGH!" I yell to myself. "Ohhhhh... I didn't mean too say that!.. Oh.. that's so embarrassing.." I say as I cover my face. "What do they think of me now?.. Is it just gonna be awkward between me and Y/N now?.." I continued to ask myself these stupid questions as I cover my face. "Hey, Bittergiggle!" Banban yells. "H- huh?" I sit up in panic as Banban just stares at me. "How's the new kid doing?" He asks as I immediately get onto what he's plotting. "U- uh.. n- new kid?.. heheh.. what new.. person..?" I nervously replied, trying too play it off. "Mhm.. well, alright then." Banban says as he walks away. I sit there, staring at the floor as I drown myself in thoughts.

••Narrator POV••

"Hey.. Bittergiggle..?" You ask as you slowly walk in. Bittergiggle perks his head up at you. "Uh.. yeah..?" He asks calmly. You sigh as you avoid looking at him. "Uhm.. Toadster told me that he found a way too get me back on the upper floors.." You say shakily. "Oh! Well, thats nice!.." Bittergiggle says happily as he gets up and pats you on the head. "There's more, though.." You say as he looks at you calmly. "He said that people were waiting for me.. they're most likely my family coming too pick me up.." You say nervously as Bittergiggles eyes widen. "Wait.. so.. Y- you're LEAVING?!" He says, absolutely horrified about what you just said. You look at him sadly and blink. "I guess so.. I mean.. I couldn't stay here forever, right?" You ask, on the brink of tears.

Bittergiggle starts thinking. He looks down at you and picks you up. He watches as your face gets completely red and you refuse too look at him, out of embarrassment. "I could come with ya!" He says, trying too cheer you up. Your eyes widen at his comment. "Are you crazy?! How do you think my family would react too a purple-green jester dude wanting to live with me?! No offense.. but I don't think they'd like you very much.. even worse, they'll think your one of those masked killer people, if anything.." you say shakily as Bittergiggle looks a bit upset. Bittergiggle sets you down and pats you on the head. "Well.. you can always visit! Right..?" Bittergiggle says, about too cry. "Maybe.." you sigh. You turn to see Toadster waiting on you. "Normally, I'd attack Bittergiggle right now.. But if he's not being aggressive towards ya, I'm fine." Toadster says randomly as you and Bittergiggle look at Toadster and back at each other. "Nah, I'm just kidding. Come on Y/N! I got the elevator working!" Toadster says as you start too walk off with him. "Wait.. I gotta do something real quick." You say as Toadster nods and you run back too Bittergiggle. You run too him and hug him very tight. Bittergiggle looks down at you, very surprised as you continue too hug him. You hear him start to cry as he hugs you back. "Heheh.. don't c- cry, buddy.. I'll be back..!" You say, holding in gallons of tears at that point. "A- alright Y/N.. I- I'll miss you!" Bittergiggle says as you walk into the elevator with Toadster. A few moments later you finally made it too the surface level to see you family waiting for you. "Well uh.. thanks, Toadster!" You say, stepping off the elevator. "No problem, Partner. You have a good rest of your day!" He says as the elevator starts going back down. "Okay! I will..!" You say as you and your family walk out of the building.

••A few months later••
••Bittergiggle POV••

"It's been awhile since I've seen Y/N.. I hope they're doing okay.." I think to myself as I lie on the floor staring at the ceiling. "Ugh.. I keep thinking about them.. I don't know why.." I start to stress over my constant and repetitive thoughts of Y/N. I didn't even why I feel like this. "Hey, clown boy!" Banban yells as he bursts into the room. I let out a loud sigh before sitting up. "What is it, Banban?" I say, clearly annoyed by Banban. He gives me that death glare as I growl at him. "Ugh! Quit acting like that around me! Ever sense that stupid human left, you've acting like a piece of shit towards people!" Banban yells as he starts too get angrier. "HEY! Well.. one : quit cussing. Two : get out of my room!" I yell as Banban just rolls his eyes. "Can I at least ask you a damn question?!" Banban asks in a very ticked off tone. "UGH!! Then make it quick, dumb head." I say, rolling my eyes and crossing my arms. "Uhm.. can you come here? The queen wanted too speak to you." Banban says as my eyes widen. "Oh! Okay.. uhm.. i- is she mad at all..?" I ask nervously. "No.. I don't think so." Banban says calmly. I sigh in relief as I stand up and walk into Queen Bouncilila's room. "Ah, you made it!" The queen exclaimed as I enter the room. "What do you need, your majesty..?" I say shakily as I bow down to her. "Oh, no need for all the silly royal treatment stuff today. I just need a small favor from you, thats all!" She says calmly as I stand up. "What is it?" I ask. She takes a deep breath and looks down at me. "The human that stopped by a few months ago is arriving later today.. So can you go give them some love once they get here? I saw you much you loved them~" She says as she ends her sentence with a wink. My face turns completely red once the queen finishes her sentence. "O- oh! Yes.. y- your majesty.." I say, blushing like crazy as I leave the room. A few moments later I get on the elevator and start going to the upper floors. Once I get up there, I see Y/N. I gasp in excitement as I run over too them and pick them up. "EEE! Y/N!! Your back!!" I squeal as I hug them tightly.

••Narrator pov••

You blush intensely hard as Bittergiggle scoops you up. "Oh! Heheh.. hey buddy! I told you I'd come back!" You say as you pet him gently. "Where were you?? It's been so long!!" Bittergiggle exclaims. "Yeah.. uhm.. sorry about that..! I was just busy with school.." you say calmly. "Oh, alrighty then!" Bittergiggle says excitedly as you and him get onto the elevator and head back down. On your way down, you start to feel Bittergiggle nuzzling you. Your face goes completely red and you just freeze. Bittergiggle laughs at your reaction as you make it too the lower floors. As you and Bittergiggle step off, you see Toadster waiting on you. "Well, look who's back!" Toadster says. You just smile awkwardly at Toadster as you and Bittergiggle leave the room. "Soo.. Y/N..?" Bittergiggle starts talking while playing with his hands. You turn towards him. "Oh.. what is it?" You ask as he hesitates for a second. "I.. really like you.." He says shyly. "Oh..! M- me too!" You say happily as he shakes his head. "Not as a friend, Y/N.. I.. REALLY like you.." He finishes as your eyes widen and your face turns red. You hear him squeak as he covers his face in embarrassment. "I really like you too.. heh.." You say as you get closer too him. He surprisingly looks at you, blushing like crazy. You watch as he smiles and picks you up. As you two are just hugging each other and laughing, Bittergiggle ends up with his back against the wall and still holding you. You find it hilarious how he ran into the wall. As your laughing your ass off, you notice Bittergiggle starts laughing as well.. Shortly after, he starts nuzzling you again. You open your eyes to see how close he is too your face. If anything, he's least half an inch away from your face. He notices your looking at him now, you watch as he smiles at your reaction and gets closer. You squeak and start trying not too laugh again. "What? Ya think I'm funny?" He says in a teasing tone. "Hahah, y- yeah!" You say, still laughing a bit. "Aww, thanks, Y/N!~" He says happily as he pulls you closer. He was so close too you, you thought you'd both explode if he got any closer. As the two of you are just looking at each other, you notice that Bittergiggle as acting calmer and more mature around you. Your eyes widen as you watch him lean in and kiss you, it took you by surprise at first, but you adjusted to it. You closed your eyes and continued kissing.

••Banban POV••

"Damn, they're awfully quiet.." I say making a joke out of it. "Yeah, I little too quiet. Hey, go over there and check on the human, okay?" Toadster asks. "Meh, alright then." I flatly reply as I get up too go check on them. As I make in too their room, I noticed they were just softly giggling with each other, and the laughs were just randomly cut off. I just shrug to myself and walk in. "Hey freaky jester, you didn't eat the human, did yo-" I was cut off by seeing them making out. I completely froze and didn't move until one of them noticed me. "hehe.. oooOOH MY GOD! UHH.." Y/N screams as they notice me and fall out of Bittergiggles arms. Bittergiggle looks down at them and looks at me and freezes. "WHAT. THE. ACTUAL. HELL." I yell, and tbh, I don't even think I had emotion anymore. I watch ad Y/N gets up and tries to make an excuse, but I was flat out ignoring them. The only thing that crossed my mind was wanting too flat out murder Bittergiggle. I didn't like Y/N in a weird way and I wasn't jealous or anything like that.. I just didn't want their "Relationship" going TOO far. I walk over to Bittergiggle (who was literally having a nervous breakdown) and throw him at a wall. Y/N screams and tries too hold me back, but I was so pissed at this point I couldn't process what I was doing. Shortly after, Toadster walks in. "Hey, is everything oka.. HOLY S-" He yells as he sees Y/N holding me back from punching the absolute dog crap out of Bittergiggle. "BANBAN?! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!" Toadster yells as he grabs me away from those two. After a long argument with Toadster and Bittergiggle and Y/N wooing each other, I finally calmed down and just went back too the upper floors.

••Narrator POV••
••A few days later••

You and Bittergiggle were sitting in the floor then all of a sudden Bittergiggle looks at you and just starts blushing. "Oh.. uhm.. you okay?" You ask as he flinches at your voice. "Oh! Oh, I'm fine..! You're just.. really..pretty.." He says quietly as you also start blushing. "I'm sorry about Banban the other day.. I didn't want him too ruin that moment like he did.." He says shyly. "Hey, it's alright! And let's be fair, it was kinda funny.." You say as he starts too smile. "Heh.. yeah.." He mutters. He turns towards you and falls over, leaning on your shoulder. "Heheheheee!!" He giggles as he kicks his legs around. You pat him on the head and laugh. "What is it? What's so funny?" You say teasingly as he sits back up and looks at you. "Ahh, nothing!~" He says as he stands up, does a little cartwheel and sits beside you on your other side. You giggle at his silliness as he gives you a little peck on your cheek. Your eyes widen as you cover your cheek with your hand and turn to him. He softly giggles as he hugs you. A few minutes later you two end up falling asleep on each other.

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