Days, to months.
Months, to years.
Years, to decades.
Decades, to centuries.
Centuries, to millenials.
Millenials, to eons.
Millenials, eternity.

Everlasting life, an immortal body in peak condition, unrivalled strength, speed, agility, eons of knowledge, master of the mystic arts. Able, to withstand an endless anarky, and chaos without so much as losing anything. While that may sound enticing, for the dull minded. It comes at a cost, of outliving your friends and loved ones, wacthing majestic beast hunted to extinction, all the while the globe is being tainted by parasites an that has poisoned this world. A condition, untreatable. A disease that has infested this sacred world.

Mortals... They take whatever land that's not thier own, eradicating anything indifferent or beguiling to them. They cower in fear under the guise of ignorance or oppression begging for mercy that they would never give, only to laugh as you're stabbed in the back drowning in your own blood. They, commit genocide for the sake of 'peace' 'justice' and 'honor'. By using thier weapons of devastation at the expense of the very land they swore to protect. Not to defend themselves, no. But for personal gain, waging countless wars amongst themselves laying a foundation on countless all dieing for the sake of 'equality'. Along with the truth, as the history books are written of the victors of war rather than the not the fallen.

How do they expect to find peace, when thier stereotypes forged a mold for it's people? Causing uncertainty and quarrel amongst themselves, stirring a vicious cycle of hatred long before your arrival.

But, now... your past may arise to stick you down.