Skinny: I'm baaaaaaccccckkkk


Skinny: Nothing? Not even a laugh?

*more crickets*

Sasuke: Just tell us the ship already

Skinny: *pouts* well someone is highly impatient

Naruto: He's always like that

Skinny: Well the ship for today is NaruHina

Girls: *squeal*

Naruto: Huh? Me and Hinata?

Skinny: Yeah, but I have a strong dislike for this ship

Girls: Of course, I ship it.

Hinata: *blushes*

Ino: I mean our little Hinata deserve some happiness.

Temari: *goes to Naruto left side* And if you even think of hurting her

Tenten: *goes to Naruto right side* You will have death knocking at your door

Naruto: *sweats nervously* Sure, I promise

Skinny: So who all ship it? Cause I hope it sinks like the Titanic

Everyone: I ship it

Skinny: Well that's it. I don't see why people like this ship.


Ok I decided to add more ships to this book. Also If you check my profile you will see my Updates & Deletions announcement on there. I will need confirmations on the Considering Deleting books.