Truth About The Overlands

Omg, YES! TRUTH TIME! AAAAH! I AM SO EXCITED!!! This includes some time traveling too. YAY! XD

Also, the flashback scenes are actually from the original way I was supposed to write this thing, but people wanted present time before truth time-Travel flashback, so I went with that ^^ Enjoy!



Jack stared at the grey cylinder hilt given to him. He blinked once. He blinked twice.

He didn't understand what was being given to him.

"It's yours, Jack," Gia replied to the unspoken question. "You were supposed to get it when you turned 18, but..."

"...I died, at the age of 15. Right," Jack sighed. "Bet Mom was disappointed that he wasn't able to give it to me, huh?"

"Hard to be disappointed when he died at the same time you did," Gia chuckled bitterly.

"He... He died at the same time as me?" Jack's eyes widened in horror. "H-How?! Why?! Wh-What...?!"

"Yep," Gia sighed. "It's... complicated, Jack, but once I explain everything, it will all make sense. Well, it will MOSTLY make sense, but there will be sense. I promise,"

Jack was internally doubting, but he knew he couldn't judge her at the moment. He let out a sigh and nodded, grabbing his staff and standing up. He took the hilt from her and placed it in the pocket of his hoodie.

"Then I guess I'll see what this is later,"

"Better later than never," Gia giggled. "Now, come on. We can all discuss this in Santoff Clausen. All the Guardians need to hear this,"


"Remind us again why the children are here?" Tooth asked as they gathered in the Globe Room of Santoff Clausen.

"It's a necessity, Toothiana, don't argue with me here," Gia grumbled. She had a tendency to dislike Tooth more than the other spirits.

"Aunt Gia finally said that I'm ready to know the truth," Jack was excited and angsty at the same time.

"But what does that have to do with us, Jack?" Jamie questioned.

"You'll know soon, Jam-Jam," Gia ruffled his hair playfully. "For now, let's start with a little time-travel flashback,"

She held out her arms and shook her golden bangles. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared and a scene appeared.


Alarms rang through the ship, along with red lights that flashed danger.

Ezra Bridger gripped tightly to the steering, trying to get them away from the planet they were set to crash on. He tried to get the emergency signal ready in case they don't make it, but the signal was inactive, causing him to hiss in dismay.

"KRIFFING HELL!" He cursed, punching the control panel as hard as he could.

"The engines are a bust!" Tristan Wren cried out as he ran to the cockpit of the ship, his golden brown eyes full of worry and stress.

"Yeah, I noticed!" Ezra scowled before a warning came and blocked his screen. "Argh! Steering's down!"

"Move over, Bridger!" Tristan ran to the Jedi and pushed him off the pilot's seat. "I'll fly this thing!"

"No way, Tristan!" Ezra argued, trying to take back the steering. "This is Hera's ship, and she left ME in charge of flying it!"

"I'm older and more experienced! I'll fly it!"

"You're only older by five months, and just because you're a Mando, doesn't mean you have more experience! Besides, I'm actually part of our crew, so this is technically MY ship!"

"No, it isn't, Bridger! Now move!"

"NO! Just because you're Sabine's brother by blood, doesn't mean you get to tell me what to do!"

"I do, now MOVE!"

"NO! How the hell did we even get stuck in this mission together, anyway?!"

"That was YOUR fault!"

"MY fault?! It was either you or Sabine, and Countess Ursa didn't want to risk her! I didn't CHOOSE you!"

"But it was YOU who got the attention of those Imperial ships!"

"Oh, and you using your jet pack to fly over the Star Destroyer was SUPER subtle!"


The two teens continued to bicker as the wrecked ship descended down the planet at top speed. The friction of the fall soon began to trigger a spark. A turbulence came as soon as the vessel went through the atmosphere, catching the boys' attention.

"What the—" the screen soon burst into flames, and they screamed. "GAH!"

Ezra finally pushed the Mando off the steering and grabbed the wheel, pulling on it as hard as he could to try to ascend the ship. He tried to remain balance when more turbulence came, his eyes shutting tightly in concentration.

Tristan hissed in pain the moment he was pushed to the ground. He glanced up at the Jedi to argue, but his eyes widened in horror the moment he saw the flames entering the ship, surrounding the control console... and Ezra!

"Bridger, get down!"

"What?" Ezra opened his eyes and gasped, jerking back the moment he saw the fire burn the steering. "Woah!"

"I said get down!" Tristan grabbed the other by the arm and dragged him down as smoke occupied the air. "Stay down, Bridger! There's too much smoke for us to stand and breathe!"

"What do we *cough* do now?" Ezra spoke, covering his nose from the smoke.

"We gotta *cough* *cough* get to the escape pod," Tristan answered as he set a hand over his nose and mouth.

"We *cough* don't have an *cough* *cough* escape pod!" Ezra told him, his vision a little hazy as his mind spun.

"Then we just *cough* *cough* need to *cough* get out of here!" Tristan began to crawl forward, towards the back of the ship. "Come on!"

Ezra tried his best to follow, but he had already taken in too much smoke and was starting to lose focus. He was coughing and wheezing like crazy as soon as he was half-way through the ship. His limbs were trembling, and his breathing was unstable, but he kept going, trying to use the Force to pinpoint where Tristan was going.

Unfortunately, this action drained more of the energy he was using to stay conscious, and before he knew it, he fell on the floor, shivering and gasping for air as he fought to stay awake. He reached an arm out at the Mando.


Tristan turned at the weak call, and his eyes widened to see the other teen on the ground, half-unconscious. He cursed in Mando'a under his breath before rushing to help, swinging an arm around his waist while he grabbed the other boy's arm and wrapped it around his neck.

"Stay with me, Bridger," he spoke in a whisper as he dragged him through the ship.

Ezra didn't reply. He felt his eyes drop into slumber as he was carried off. He needed to save his strength if he was going to be useful later on when they survive.

Well, IF they survive. He hoped the Force will save them from death.

Tristan felt a weigh on his shoulder and glanced back to see the Jedi, out cold but still shivering. He placed a hand on his neck to check his pulse.

'Still alive.'

He sighed in relief and made his way down to the secret bunker that he had discovered earlier. He opened the door and went inside, setting Ezra down on the ground then he shut the door as fast as he could before the flames could follow.

Once the door deemed itself fireproof, he slowly stepped back then he turned to sit beside the unconscious boy. He looked down at Ezra and noticed how pale he had gotten. He winced at the sight.

He knew the teen was a Jedi, just like his Master, Jarrus, and that he was close to his age, but Tristan knew that Ezra was different from any other teenager.

Other than being Force-Sensitive, Ezra was an orphan at age 7, self-raised in a planet and not even close to being trained as a warrior. He grew up through life and experience, not through any harsh training or anything. He was no Mandalorian, that Tristan could see, but that was what made things terrifying.

3 years of experience in war didn't make Ezra thick-skinned, armored and ready for battle. Neither was 7 or 8 years in the streets. Maybe that was the real reason he was assigned to accompany the younger teen on the mission; to be his bodyguard. To make sure that he was brought back home, safe and alive.

Soon, Tristan's eyes lowered to the Jedi's burnt sleeves. He frowned and leaned over to check the damage. Thankfully, the burnt out fabric had cooled off already, so he was able to pull up the sleeves with ease.

The moment he saw the young Jedi's wrists, however, his heart sank. Both were nearly burnt to the bone, part of it burnt black and most of it raw pink. It made Tristan grimace, but he held in his gut and took out a few bacta patches.

"Hopefully he doesn't feel this..." he muttered before gently setting some on the nearly-burnt skin.

Ezra's body flinched, but the younger boy didn't wake up. Tristan sighed in relief and finished fixing the injury, wrapping them in bandages. He then pulled the other close to him as series of turbulence came...


Jack gasped while the others stumbled back in surprise.


"Woah, indeed," Gia snickered. "You're parents were worse than you and Bunny when you two argue,"

"Da, arguments keep love strong," North let out a chuckle.

"So they... crash-landed here?" Aster raised an eyebrow. "On Earth?"

"They did," Gia nodded.

"So... they're alien?" Tooth tilted her head.

"No." Gia groaned. "They're TECHNICALLY classified as humans, but not Terrans, thus being classified as 'aliens' in Earth terms,"

"There are other human classifications?" Jamie was amazed.

"Yeah, they are," Aster nodded. "I heard it from my father, who contributed in joining the alliance between the Pookas of our planet Pookan, and the Lunariens from the planet Lunaria and the Lumens from the planet Lume,"

"What planet do Jack's parents come from?" North asked.

"Ezra's a Lothalian or a Lothalite, from the planet of Lothal," Gia replied with a shrug. "Tristan's a Mandalorian or a Mando, from the planet of Mandalore, but his Clan Residence is in the planet of Krownest,"

"Okay... but in my memories, we lived in a clean, efficient shack," Jack grew curious. "How did they find that little shack in such short notice? Did they buy it off? Did they steal it?"

"To be honest, your mother was a street thief," Gia cackled. "but no, it wasn't stolen. You'll see," She jingled her bangles again to reveal the next scene.


Planet Terra, a.k.a Earth, Year 1695 AD.

It was Mid-Summer.

The ship crashed into the trees of the woods. The vessel was cracked open and ripped apart, leaving the bunker safely in the middle.

Well, not so safely. Parts of the bunker were dented and slightly burnt, but inside was still intact.

The door slid open, and Tristan stepped outside to find themselves in the middle of nowhere, under the intense heat of the sun. He wiped a sweat off his forehead and let out a tired breath.

"Well, the worst is over..." he sighed in relief and looked around. "Now, we need a place to take shelter..."

He reentered the bunker to pick up Ezra, carrying him bridal style then he cautiously exited the bunker and the crash site. He walked deeper into the woods and looked around to find shelter.

The sun was shining down on him, as hot as ever. He wasn't used to it being so hot, growing up in Krownest and all, so he felt like his energy was being drained by all of the heat, but he kept moving.

Carrying Ezra in his arms wasn't any trouble. The Jedi was VERY light, mostly underweight and malnutrition, if Tristan had to guess, so it didn't really bother him.

Shelter? Yes, that's definitely one of things bothering the Mando. They were in an unknown planet with people or aliens that may kill them at sight or report them to the Empire. In other words, they were NOT in a safe place at the moment.

After trekking for a couple more minutes, Tristan nearly sighed in relief out loud when he spotted an old, brown shack nearby. It didn't look like it was going to last a day, but it was better than nothing.

He ran to the shack as fast as he could, halting to a stop to take a good look at the place.

The shack really WAS worn out. The roof was on boards, and the walls were cracking and crumbling. The door— or where the door used to be, was full of straw and hay, blocking the entrance as various spider webs and spiders were at every nook and corner of the shack.

"Better than nothing," Tristan grumbled.

And it really was. The shack didn't look so well, but at least there was a lake beside them for water and a forest around them for food.

He gently set Ezra down on the patch of grass then he turned back to the shack to clear the entrance. He scooped the hay and straw with two hands and threw them out into a pile. He kept on scooping until the entrance was mostly clear, with only bits of straw and hay leftover.

They REALLY need to fix the place if they were going to stay there any longer. Their ship was a wreck, the nearest civilization was probably a couple of miles away and enemy ships might come and capture them.

In other words, if they wanted to survive, they needed to stay there a little longer than they hoped.

Tristan let out a groan then he turned to get Ezra, who was still out cold but was breathing normally than earlier. He carried him inside and settled him down on the dusty couch, which he had to dust off first, then he looked around to observe.

The inside of the shack was even worse than the outside! The place was dusty, full of flies, mosquitoes and spiders, and the furniture were either torn, ripped, dusty and/or broken. It looked like there were lots of rooms, but it was difficult to tell with all the door frames and broken walls.

He let out a groan, a hand running down his face.

"This is going to be a LONG day..."


"Wow..." Jack gasped. "The shack looks worse than when I found it a month ago,"

"Abandoned for centuries and much worse," Gia agreed.

"And Dad had to clean the whole place by himself?!"

"As if you're Mom was conscious enough to help," Gia chuckled.

"Hmm... true," Jack sighed.

"I'm sure you're mother was able to help when he woke up, right?" Aster turned to the demon spirit for a confirmation.

"Yeah, but... not in the way you think," Gia winced with a nervous smile.

"What does that mean?" Tooth questioned.

"Just watch and see, tooth crazy," Gia huffed before making another scene appear.


Ezra woke up to smell of dust.

The first thing he felt was a headache pounding on his brain. He let out a groan and rubbed his head before proceeding to sit up. He was about to open his eyes when his nose caught the scent of dust.

"ACHOO!" He released a loud sneeze then he was gasping and coughing smoke out of his lungs in an instant.

"Bridger!" Thumping footsteps were heard approaching him, and before he knew it, strong hands gently gripped his shoulders, one of them hitting his back to help. "Take it easy, and BREATHE!"

Ezra couldn't focus, but he tried to follow the command. He slowed down his breathing and released the smoke out of his chest. He coughed and wheezed as carefully as he could whilst releasing his worry, fear and pain into the Force.

"There... that's it..." Still panting for air, he turned to look up to see Tristan glancing down at him. "You took in too much smoke from the flames,"

"Yeah... *cough* *cough* I *cough* noticed..." Ezra groaned, the last of the smoke finally leaving his lungs.

"How are you feeling?" Tristan asked as he helped him to sit up straight.

"Like I fell asleep in a fire pit," Ezra gave out an exasperated breath. "Seriously, though, what happened? Where's the ship?"

"Crashed and destroyed," Tristan sighed, letting go of the Jedi. "I took us to the bunker, which was, thankfully, the only thing that survived in the crash. Everything else is damaged,"

"Do you... Do you know what planet we landed in?" Ezra asked as he looked around. 'Dusty old shack... well, could be worse...'

"I was able to check before my data-pad lost it's power," Tristan answered. "A planet called Terra, but the locals call it Earth,"

"Terra? Earth?" Ezra raised an eyebrow. "Never heard of that planet before,"

"It's a rare planet to explore since it's far from Imperial Space, the Unknown Regions and Wild Space," Tristan explained. "In the holo-stories I've read, this planet is full of humans. Or 'Terrans', in relation to the planet. No aliens of some sort. Some spirits, some guardians, but neither of them had been spotted by the locals before. Even the explorers couldn't change the belief of the close and narrow-minded humans living in this planet,"

"So... it's good news, bad news?" Ezra guessed.

"I guess," Tristan shrugged. "I mean, it's good that the Empire doesn't stretch up to here, and it's bad news that our ship is badly damaged..."

"Can't we fix it?"

"Most of the parts were burnt, and it seemed that technology hasn't flourished here yet," Tristan pointed out. "Plus... you're injured. Don't think you can work for a week or two, or you'll risk making it worse,"

"Injured?" Ezra looked down at himself, only noticing how tattered and messed up his clothes were. "Where?"

"Here," Tristan gently took his wrists and pulled on the burnt sleeves to reveal bandages. "You burnt them when you were trying to steer us away from the planet. Luckily, they weren't burnt to the bone. Well, not completely anyway,"

"I... don't even want to open them," Ezra winced at the sight, already imagining what the burns looked like.

"You should NOT open them," Tristan glared at the other. "They need time to heal, so don't be all stubborn, like Sabine tells me,"

"Well, EXCUSE ME, I've dealt with injuries much worse than this, so I'm fine." Ezra huffed, turning away and crossing his arms.

Tristan shook his head and stood up then he turned to leave the Jedi be.

As soon as the Mando left, Ezra felt a chill of fear run down his spine. He looked up and around to realize that it was night time already. The old shack in the dark was frightening, with the light of the moon not helping as it created even more shadows on the walls.

Ezra didn't know how and why he was frightened. He had seen worst things than this. Why is he afraid now?

He glanced at the door frame where Tristan left. He felt the sudden urge to emerge from the shack and go with the Mando, but at the same time, he feared of what might happen to either of them.

With a few cleansing breaths, he released his worries and fear into the Force, clearing his mind. He shakily stood up from his seat, but he went up a little too quickly, causing his mind to spin and his legs to tumble before he fell on the ground with a thud.


"Now we see why you're so stubborn, Frostbite!" Aster laughed.

"Hey!" Jack pouted, his cheeks hinting blue frost.

Sandy shook his head at the bickering duo while Tooth and North seemed to be discussing something between themselves. Gia face-palmed.

"You're not so bad yourself on the whole stubborn thing, Bunny," she scoffed.

"HEY!" Aster snarled at the teenage girl.

"Ha! Take that, Cottontail!" Jack grinned.

"ANYWAY!" Gia called back their attention. "Anyone's got any questions before we move on?"

"I have a question, Gia," Tooth fluttered over. "So... they knew they were on Earth?"

"Yes," Gia nodded.

"And they knew all about us guardians?"


"They knew we exist, as much as any other spirit?" North looked baffled. "And they believe in us despite what villagers say?"

"Yes, And Yes," Gia shrugged. "Those two had seen a couple of weird things in their lives, so spirits and guardian spirits aren't really out-of-the-ordinary for them anymore,"

"I got a question too," Jamie raised a hand.

"No way, Jam-Jam," Gia dismissed him. "You and Sophie will get your turn. If you're wondering what's your role in this then you have to wait,"

Jamie sighed but nodded, setting his hand down. Gia smiled.

"Good," she brought out and shook her bangles. "Time to keep watching!"


"That Jedi doesn't know when to quit." Tristan muttered to himself as he used the stone axe that he had built with the help of his blaster to cut wood for a fire. "Sure, he's been injured worse, but why can't he be worried for his own life for once and not anyone else's? Ugh..."


The tree he had been chopping fell with a huge thud. Tristan sighed in relief and proceeded to remove the leaves. He placed them in a pile then he turned back to the bark and began to chop the wood into blocks. He had gotten at least 23 wood blocks, excluding the branches, after 10 chops, and had piled them up before turning to chop again.

Once he was done, he carried ten wood blocks in his arms and started to return to the shack.

'How long are we even going to be stuck here?' He thought to himself as he trekked through the forest to head back to their... er, shelter. 'Are we ever going to get back home? Am I ever going to see Sabine or Mother again? Will I even get to see Father again? Will he ever be free from the Empire? Will we—'


Tristan froze in the spot the moment he heard someone collapse. He dropped all the wood he was holding and ran inside the shack. His eyes widened in horror at what he saw.


The boy was unconscious on the floor, one arm out and the other close to his chest. His breathing was shallow, and his body was shivering.

"Oh kriff, oh kriff, oh kriff, oh kriff..." Tristan was in a verge of panic as he ran to the other teen and knelt down beside him, a hand moving to hold the Jedi's head.

He leaned close to check the stability of his breathing. Tristan swallowed after hearing the slow breathing then he set an arm under the younger boy's legs before slowly lifting him. He carefully set him down on the couch.

"Come on, Bridger, you can't die in my watch..." the Mando hissed whilst he placed a hand on the other teen's forehead. "Hmm... a fever? That's not good..."

Unfortunately, none of their stuff from the crash survived. The only things that survived were the stuff they had, which were Tristan's blasters and Ezra's blaster and lightsaber.

"How am I supposed to cool off his fever...?" Tristan looked around the shack and began to frantically search.

To his relief, he found a huge, hidden cooler, full of ice blocks and snow. He had no idea how the ice stayed cold, or how the snow hadn't melted yet, but at the moment, he didn't really care.

He shut the cooler and took out a towel from his pocket (even he had no idea why he had it). He took some ice cubes and wrapped them in the cloth before rushing back to Ezra.

"Okay, okay..." He let out a shaky breath as he placed the makeshift ice pack on the Jedi's forehead. "This should work until we can get actual medicine. Well, IF we'll be able to get actual medicine, anyway..."

After a while, he finally felt the other flinch at the cold. He sighed in relief and carefully took the pack off.

"Argh..." Ezra groaned, rubbing his eyes as he tried to weakly sit up. "T-Tristan...? W-What... What happened...?"

"Fever," Tristan answered. "Don't know how high, but it must be pretty bad if you fainted,"

"My stomach hurts..." Ezra held his abdomen with a slightly whimper then he placed a hand on his head. "So does my head..."

"Your stomach?" Tristan quirked an eyebrow as he gave the ice pack to the other to help with his head. "Are you famished?"

"..." Ezra felt his face redden in embarrassment as he turned away from the older teen. "...maybe,"

"Bridger..." Tristan narrowed his eyes at the lack of response.

"Hey, hey! I didn't want to cause you more trouble than I already did!" Ezra defended, looking back at the Mando.

"You di'kut (idiot)..." Tristan had to resist from slapping a hand on his face. 'This selfless idiot was going to kill himself in a day if I don't keep an eye on him!'

Ezra knew that Mando'a word anywhere and harrumphed. Sabine had used that word on him, and occasionally Zeb and Kanan, whenever they went on a mission and did something stupid. He had heard Rex use that word too, but that was only once and was directed at Kanan after a rather... personal confession. (Hinting my ship here XD)

"Oh, PLEASE, Wren," Ezra rolled his eyes. "As if you already got berries or hunted for any meat..."


Ezra jerked back in shock. He had never seen the male Mandalorian get so upset before. He was usually... calmer, even when he shot them down and cornered them at their first meeting.

Tristan soon realized his mistake and took a deep breath to recompose and gather himself. He cleared his throat and straightened himself up.

"Er, sorry," he sighed as he apologized at the loss of temper. "It's just... it's annoying how selfless you can be,"

"How... is it annoying?" Ezra tilted his head in confusion. He wasn't used to be told off for being selfless. Kanan told him that Jedi were protectors who served others, not themselves.

"You're thinking of others before yourself, Bridger," Tristan bit down a hiss as he began. "It would be admirable if you took care of yourself evenly, but you don't. You would literally die taking care of someone. Why? What do you have to prove?"

"Tristan, if I keep fighting for my own life, my life will be worth nothing." Ezra huffed.

"But if you keep fighting for others without caring for yourself, you won't be able to save anyone." Tristan snapped.

"Why do YOU even care?" Ezra scowled, turning to glare daggers at the Mando. "I thought that you and your family hate the Jedi! I thought that YOU hate the Jedi! I thought that YOU hate ME! Why do you even bother?!"

"Bridger, it's only the two of us in this forsaken planet!" Tristan's voice rose, but he didn't bother correct himself. "We would have NO choice but to work together to survive! Who knows how long we'll be stuck here!"

Ezra growled and stood up, throwing the pack on the couch. "WE DON'T! YOU CAN GO YOUR OWN WAY, AND I'LL GO MY OWN WAY! I DON'T GIVE A KRIFFING DAMN ANYMORE! GOODBYE!"

With that, he stomped past the stunned Mando and out of the shack.


The group watched in surprise as the scene faded. Gia had a smirk on her lips at their reaction.

"What? You guys thought that they liked each other from the start?" she chuckled.

"Mom... Dad..." The words escaped Jack so shockingly that he was shaking.

"Bridger? Wren?" Aster's eyebrows furrowed. "Those sound more like last names than first names, shiela. Especially Wren,"

"So you've heard of Clan Wren then?" Gia quirked an eyebrow.

"Once, but those warriors are hard to recruit," Aster stated. "As I remember, they work for a different Empire. A more cruel one,"

["Yes, that's true,"] Sandy agreed with a nod as he signed. ["The Golden Empire has tried three times to ally with to defeat the Living Darkness, but their Empire and their warriors were... vile and selfish,"]

"Da, all this info about space beyond the Golden Empire hurts my brain," North hissed, scratching his head.

"We don't even know what a Jedi is," Tooth pointed out.

"A Jedi is a Knight of the Force, or Ashla, which is an energy around us that surrounds us, penetrates us and binds the galaxy together," Gia explained. "Those sensitive to it can wield, depending on their level of sensitivity. Ezra is VERY Force-Sensitive, with a medichlorian count of nineteen thousand or more, thus Jack ending up Force-Sensitive as well, with an unknown medichlorian count,"

"What iz 'medichlorian count'?" North asked.

"It's a count on how powerful you are in the Force," Gia answered. "And based on observation, Jack's medichlorian count is about eighteen to nineteen thousand, at the latest. An average is about lower than sixteen thousand but higher than twelve thousand,"

"I'm that powerful, huh?" Jack chuckled.

"Yeah, because not only are you a Force-Sensitive child, but you're also the grandson of a Countess," Gia grinned happily. "And your father was going to be a Count if he never got stuck here on Earth since your Aunt took down the position, and as the eldest, you could have been next in line,"

"Omg, I could have been a COUNT?!" Jack's jaw dropped.

"Good thing you didn't," Aster shuddered. "Your ego is as big as it is,"

"Oh, and yours isn't?" Jack turned to challenge the Pooka.

"Both of your egos are pretty large. Don't need to compare," Gia rolled her eyes then she took out her arms to shake her bangles. "Now, ON WITH THE SHOW!"


It was Late Summer. Fall was only a week away.

Tristan had cleaned up the shack from inside and out. It didn't look like home, but it did look nicer than it was when he first found it.

He had removed his armor and had torn off his sleeves to reduce sweating. He had given up his boots and gloves and had made wooden slippers for his feet.

Food was a little scarce, but he was able to hunt down some meat and find some berries in the forest. The lake provided him water, so luckily, it was no problem.

A mustache and beard had grown on his face during the first month of stay, but he was able to find an icicle that was sharp enough shave them off (how he did is unknown, even to me XD).

At the moment, he used the sleeves he had ripped off as a scarf to not stutter at the cold, early wind of early Fall. He had his gloves and boots back on as he gathered food for the upcoming Winter.

Yes, he knows it's really early, but it was better than being late. He had used parts of the wrecked ship to install a heater and a food storage in the shack already, so all he had to do was fill it in.

"How many berry bushes are in this forest?" Tristan sighed as he picked up the seventh basket (made it himself) of berries. "I would have made a feast for two already!"

But he didn't. He couldn't. Tristan knew that.

Ezra left months ago. No trace of where he went.

Tristan thought it would only be three weeks, thinking that he knew the Jedi well enough to know that he would have to return at some point. He didn't know why, but he had HOPE that Ezra would come back to him.

But he didn't. No matter how long Tristan waited, Ezra never came.

His own disappointment surprised him. He wasn't close with the boy, the Jedi, his sister's other little brother. Why was he hoping for him to return?

Tristan shook his head out of his thoughts as he stood up to head back to his— shelter. No, not home. Never home. Not even house.

Suddenly, there was a slash and a scream from nearby.

Tristan almost dropped his basket when he heard it. He turned just in time to hear a green glow flash down through the trees.


He didn't know what came over him, but in an instant, he dropped the basket and ran to the direction of the fight, the sound of slashes and yells getting louder the closer he got. His steps got louder, faster, as his distress rose to his throat.

'What kind trouble did that Jedi get into?!'

He soon made it to another clearing, but this time, it was crowded.

A group of hunters with large hats and guns with bullets were at one side of the clearing, shooting away mercilessly, wildly and recklessly. A bunch of wolves on the other side of the clearing were running away, most looking like cowards and young pups while others were at the front, threatening to kill. Among the wolves was a hooded figure, wielding a green lightsaber and deflecting silver bullets.

"Damn that Jedi and his connection with the Force." Tristan cursed as he ran to hide behind a tree, watching the fight commence. "Not even a year here, and he's already picking fights with the locals. Who does he think he is—"


Tristan jumped at the cry before turning to see the hunters being shot down by their own bullets, which were deflected by the boy's lightsaber. The Mando wasn't surprised as each hunter was shot down, giving the wolves an opportunity to escape. The person, whom he assumed as Ezra, cursed under his breath as he stared at the dead bodies.

"Karabast." He hissed. "Si'hklesi yihehsa... (Stupid hunters...) Korjin huhsi fic ar asinan geo... (They just had to attack us...)"

'Hmm... didn't even know that Bridger spoke Ryl...' Tristan hummed in thought, slowly backing up to return back to his—er, the shack.

Just as he did, a twig snapped below his foot. He froze in the spot before groaning.

He was never going to be subtle, was he?

He looked up to see if Ezra heard it. To his surprise, the field was empty, minus the bodies on the ground. He let out a sigh of relief.

"Go ktei eti ohk voryari toe a Sirki'oleio ar kkeoo kue fonol. (Didn't know it was proper for a Mandalorian to spy on people.)"

"GAH!" Tristan jumped and turned to find himself face-to-face with the hooded boy, with the wolves by his sides. "What the hell, Bridger?!"

"Vear nilan dan ktan eti ohk san? (How did you know it was me?)" Ezra tilted his head in curiosity.

"Sure, the glowing lightsaber doesn't give it away," Tristan rolled his eyes at his own sarcasm.

"Qa ohk dan os nie circaa? A'an ir kkeoo kue san. (What are you even doing here? Other than spying on me.)" Ezra crossed his arms.

"I wasn't spying," Tristan corrected. "I heard a pained cry and found you battling with the locals,"

Ezra groaned and turned away. "Eti aan go sei vu'ka. Korjin tao ar solsehan geo. Gu, ji jum, ho si'k'al. Do toyid go jid korjin. (It's not my fault. They tried to kill us. Well, the wolves, at least. I couldn't let them.)"

"Fair enough," Tristan sighed. "Why in galaxies are you speaking in Ryl anyway?"

"Do karau ar nie eti dekam'i cea Do ohk go or circaa. (I want to make it obvious that I'm not from here.)" Ezra looked back and shrugged. "Tohsi tilsa Do jid, Do ni'ak kue a de'is. Korjin banirka sei blika vil yea. Tenii Do rahkory korjin, korjin dos san a sarhohu'a. Do fiyet nlarabi, cei guo Do uba a si'hini jerhc ar nie eti dekam'i cea Do ohk go or circaa. (After I left, I stumbled upon a village. They questioned my clothes and everything. When I answered them, they called me a liar. I got mad, so now I use a different language to make it obvious that I'm not from here.)"

"I don't even go to the village," Tristan remarked. "Well, I haven't in a while. As much as I'd want to get some help, I'd rather not. The people there are as narrow-minded as the brain-washed stormtroopers of the Empire,"

"I suppose so," Ezra chuckled, switching back to Basic in a second. "but since I know you, I'll speak normally. I just got used to it that I hardly remember how to not speak it,"

"I see..." Tristan felt the awkward tension move between them, so he allowed his eyes to wonder down to the wolf pups at their feet. "Bridger, I think your companions need medical attention,"

"Huh?" Ezra looked down and gasped, taking one of the pups in his arms. "Oh my, Ginger! You got scraped!"

"My point exactly," Tristan let out a chuckle, folding his arms. "Come on. I cleaned up the shack, and I've got medical supplies inside,"

"Medical supplies?" Ezra raised an eyebrow. "Stolen or 'borrowed'?"

"Both technically, since I'm sure your definition of 'borrowed' means I took the supplies without asking and am willing to return them," Tristan replied. "Though after a few weeks, I'm not really planning to give them back anymore,"

"Good, medical supplies aren't mean for returning anyway," Ezra retorted. "Let's just get the pups and wolves looked over and patched them we'll be out of your hair,"


Jack blinked as the scene ended. He looked over at Gia, who only gave a shrug.

"Your mother swore to never forgive your father for insulting him about being a selfless Jedi," she spoke. "He was offended since being selfless was the only real lesson he had learned since he was taken in by his space crew,"

"Never heard of the language Ryl before, though," Aster pointed out.

"It's a language in the planet of Ryloth, in Imperial Space," Gia answered.

"Mom was bilingual?" Jack asked with a gasp.

"Multilingual, actually," Gia corrected. "Ryl was only one of the languages he knew because his adoptive mother, a.k.a the captain of their space crew, taught him when he asked out of boredom,"

"What does 'Karabast' mean?" Jamie innocently wondered.

"Ah.... Ah!" Gia was in immediate panic. "I forgot to censor that word! Sorry, Jamie, but that's... um... that's a curse word, and no, you're not allowed to use it,"

"I'm not?" Jamie tilted his head in confusion.

"You are NOT." Gia gave him a warning glance. "End of discussion."


"How was he able to connect with the wolves?" Tooth raised a question.

"The Force," Gia simply said.

"This 'Force' iz quite powerful, Da?" North gave a chuckle, crossing his arms.

"Seems so," Aster gave a nod.

"Your mother had always had a soft spot for animals," Gia smiled over at the Winter spirit. "Vegetarian too, but it was mostly because he could only afford fruits and vegetables for a couple of years,"

"Did Mom stay with Dad longer?" Jack suddenly asked. "I mean, he obviously didn't like Dad before, but—"

"Oh, he did," Gia grinned mischievously. "I mean, Ezra really, REALLY did, but he... well, I guess I gotta let the scene show you the reasons," She took out her bangles and jingled them around, making them glow and flash.


"And here you go," Tristan smiled as he wrapped the last bandage on the last wolf pup.

The pup howled in delight before giving him a thankful lick. The Mando laughed and patted his head.

Ezra watched from the recovering pack of wolves. He chuckled at the sight.

"Looks like Shader really likes you,"

"Shader?" Tristan quirked an eyebrow at him. "Is that his name?"

"Her, Tristan," Ezra rolled his eyes with a half-laugh. "Shader is a girl,"

"Oh," Tristan coughed, his cheeks flushing a bit. "Sorry,"

"Eh, it's hard to know when you don't look under," Ezra moved forward, pulling his hood down.

Tristan's eyes widened once he saw the other in full view.

Ezra looked different from a few months ago. His hair had grown and was tied up with a vine. His eyes looked tired, but his sapphire blue eyes still sparkled under the light. His clothes were different too. His ripped orange and peach cloths had changed into golden clothes, his hood a dark brown. He had no shoes on while his lightsaber and blaster were strapped to his belt.

A deeper blush settled on the Mando's face, moving up to his ears. He set a hand on his nose and turned away.

"I... I see that you've stolen a few cloths from the village," he managed to choke out.

"Take it as vengeance for calling me a liar," Ezra bragged.

"Your hair grew longer," Tristan observed. "But... no beard?"

"I don't grow a beard that quickly," Ezra shrugged. "My hair grows faster and longer than my facial hair,"

Shader didn't seem to like the lack of attention and jumped into the Jedi's arms with a whimper. Ezra looked down at her and smiled, pressing a kiss on her head before setting her down to allow her to run back to her brothers and sisters.

"These wolves are so protective," he chuckled. "And so welcoming. The moment I left the shack and the village, I ran straight to the mountain to find a cave to make my own. Instead, I found their den. They took me in, and I protected them from danger, going with them during hunts and giving them all the meat I was able to find. I didn't eat the meat, though, and just stuck to my vegetarian diet to give more to them,"

"I didn't know you were vegetarian..." Tristan murmured.

"There are a lot of things you don't know about me," Ezra spoke, his voice turning cold. "but you seemed to think you know me well. Even Sabine doesn't know,"

Tristan frowned at the statement. He turned his head to make sure the pups were being watched over by the adult wolves before grabbing the other teen by the arm and dragging him out.

Ezra flinched, but he didn't resist. He let the Mando lead him outside. Once they were alone and out of the shack, Tristan let go.

"We need to talk,"

"About what?" Ezra raised an eyebrow.

"Bridger," Tristan gave him a stern look.

Ezra blinked at him for a moment then he growled. He crossed his arms and huffed.

"I am selfless, and you can't change it,"

"I wasn't trying to," Tristan sighed. "You misinterpreted my words,"

"Then what DID you mean?" Ezra glared at him.

"I know I can't change your selflessness, but at least consider that you can't help anyone if you yourself are dying," Tristan explained.

Ezra looked away. "...I know,"

"Then why?" Tristan's eyebrows furrowed as he asked. "Why are you letting yourself struggle? Your wrists are still burned, and you're most likely sore from the battle, but you're not asking for any medical attention,"

Ezra's eyes widened, his eyes lowering to his still-raw wrists before looking back up at the Mando. He clasped his hands together and shuddered.

"It's all I know," he replied in a whisper. "I just... don't want to go back to being too selfish and too trusting,"

Tristan was silent. He processed the younger boy's words with a small frown then he tilted his head a bit.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Tristan," Ezra winced as he spoke, looking away again. "I was an orphan for at least 7 years. A street thief, a Loth-rat... someone everyone either hated or misjudged. Then when I finally get taken in and begin to trust people, they betray me. I trusted that one person, and it got my Master blinded permanently!"

Tristan grimaced, blinking in shock. He had always wondered how Jarrus got blinded. He always thought that the man was naturally blind, but he didn't know that Bridger was the reason to the blindness.


Said boy turned to look at the other with wide eyes. The Mando had NEVER called him by his first name. He had only called him using his last name.

Tristan ignored his reaction and moved closer to the younger teen. He gently cupped his cheek and wrapped an arm around his waist, much to his surprise.


"Stealing while you're living in the streets is your way of survival, not an act of selfishness," Tristan insisted. "And it was because of your crew that you opened up and trusted the person. Your Master's blindness was NOT your fault,"

"How... How can you say that?!" Ezra pulled away from the Mando. "You weren't there, Tristan! You have NO idea how it happened!"

"I don't need to," Tristan calmly replied, gently grabbing his wrist to pull him back again. "but I want to. Please, Ezra, whether you like it or not, the two of us are the only company we have. The village sees us liars and freaks. The wolves, as I can tell, are good company, but if the hunters will keep pursuing them, and they capture you, who knows what they will do to you," His grip on the other's wrists slowly tightened into a protective one, causing the Jedi's eyes to widen. "We need to stick together,"

Ezra held his breath. As much as hated it, the Mando was right. They couldn't split up in a planet with narrow-minded humans that sees them as a pair of crazy people.

His face burnt red as he looked away, trying to form a decision in his mind. His eyes soon looked up at the trees, whose leaves were beginning to turn from healthy green to dying red and orange.

Right. Fall was coming, which meant the wolves will be hunting more to hunt less during the Winter. It also meant that he had to get a harvest of berries and veggies, so he could get something to eat, which was tougher than it looked.

Finally, he let out a groan of defeat.

"Alright, I'll stay,"

Tristan beamed in relief. He let go of his wrist and smiled.

"You won't regret it,"

"I highly doubt that," Ezra huffed before turning to re-enter the shack.


"This still doesn't show how Mom liked Dad," Jack pointed out as the scene faded.

"Oops, wrong memory," Gia hissed. "but at least you know the reason why Ezra decided to stay instead of leaving with the wolves,"

"Your mother looks more feminine than most males, honestly," Aster admitted. "No wonder he's the doe,"

"He has a Master, though?" Tooth looked concerned. "He was a slave?"

"Oh, for the love of..." Gia face-palmed.

"Tooth, he's a Jedi, so when he calls someone his master, it's most likely his Jedi teacher," Aster explained. "Don't worry. I had that same assumption too when I first chatted with Force-sensitive Pookas. They told me that their definition of 'Master' was their teacher or their mentor,"

"Why could they not have just called them Jedi Mentors?" North whispered to Sandy.

["Most likely that 'Master' means the person had perfected the art of the Force,"] Sandy signed in reply.

"At least we know that Dad had a crush on Mom," Jack spoke up with a grin.

"The moment your mother saw your father's face, he was GONE," Gia laughed at the memory. "He was all stutters and blushed up when he first tried a conversation with him,"

"Sure doesn't act like it," Aster observed.

"In-denial at it's finest," Gia shrugged as her bangles jingled and glowed again. "but all secrets must be revealed soon..."


Snowflakes fell from the sky, frosting up the windows of the shack. Inside, Ezra was bundled up on the couch, shivering in the blankets as he held a cup of hot tea.

"Brr!" He felt the shiver run up his neck, so he took a sip of the tea to distract himself from the cold. "How in Sith Hells did you get used to this?!"

"I'm used to Krownest's cold climate," Tristan chuckled as he only wore his armor on top of his 'local' clothes. "I've lived there my whole life, remember?"

"Lucky you," Ezra huffed with another shudder.

"Need another blanket?" Tristan teased with a grin.

"Give me all the blankets, and I'll leave none for you," Ezra hissed, hugging himself with one arm and sipping on the tea he held in his other hand.

Tristan shook his head. "Are you sure you want to sleep on the couch this time?"

"I don't have anywhere else to sleep other than this couch," Ezra finished his drink and set it on the table before turning to snuggle into the blankets. "Goodnight,"

Tristan sighed in defeat. He took the cup and passed the younger teen.



Ezra shivered with a shaky, icy breath in the blankets. He brought his hands up and removed one of his gloves to reveal his pale, numb hand.

"Karabast." He groaned, clenching his hand into a fist to warm himself up but to no avail. "Ugh, too cold..."

Slowly and hesitantly, he pushed himself up and placed his glove back on them he pried himself off the couch. He made his way through the dark house and found the fireplace. He sat down in front of it and took out his lightsaber then he ignited it on the bundle of wood. He pressed on it until a fire erupted from the sticks.

"Oh, thank the Force," he let out a sigh of relief as he removed his gloves and set his hands on the flames. "Ooh... now that's warm..."

He threw the gloves on the floor and went closer to the fire. He could feel his whole body warm up at the heat, making him smile and close his eyes.

"Oh, now you decide to light up the fire?"

"You never asked to help with the campfire," Ezra snickered before turning around to find the older teen standing by the doorway. "And it was freezing in the couch,"

"It's less freezing in the bedroom, you know," Tristan said as he made his way to the Jedi.

"You want me to sleep with you?" Ezra raised an eyebrow. "In what way do you mean?"

"Do you want it that way?" Tristan shot back with a smirk.

"...WHAT." Ezra's eyes widened, his face reddening as he backed up. "WHAT THE HELL, TRISTAN?!"

"Hey, it was your idea," Tristan shrugged, sitting down beside him.

"I didn't mean it like THAT, you goon." Ezra growled at him.

Tristan shook his head but didn't say anything as he warmed himself up by the fire. They were both silent as they sat in front of the flames, trying to avoid each other yet keep themselves warm.

After a while, Ezra had enough of the silence tension.

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

Tristan turned his head, blinking at him in surprise. "You know why already,"

"Other than the fact that we're stranded here together with no contact whatsoever," Ezra frowned, lowering his gaze to the floor. "We don't know each other. If it wasn't for Sabine, we'd be complete strangers, so why are you being so nice?"

"Ezra..." Tristan sighed. "Look, when we met, I only hated you because 1, you were a Jedi. And 2, MY sister liked you as her little brother better than me, her biological brother. It... It HURT me, okay? That's why I was a little cold,"

"What changed your mind then?" Ezra spared him a small glance as he asked.

"I... I researched about you," Tristan admitted. "And I asked Sabine all about you. I heard of what happened to you, how the Empire killed your parents and how hard it was for you to live in the streets for most of your childhood. At first, I pitied you, but soon I realized how tough you were to survive on your own, with no help whatsoever. I began to secretly admire your toughness and respect you as a being," He then gave a chuckle. "I thought that you weren't like every reckless and selfless Jedi that I've heard so much about. I was right: you were MUCH worse, but not in the way that I thought,"

"In what way did you think?" Ezra questioned.

"I thought you were trying to prove yourself to your Master, to you crew, that you had more authority and power than anyone else," Tristan crossed his arms.

"What is there to prove? I've already let them down, a dozen of times," Ezra let out a sigh. "And what power and authority are you talking about? I'm supposed to be Commander, but I'm no good in those things,"

"Who says?" Tristan's eyebrows furrowed.

"I do," Ezra huffed. "Everyone else says it'll be fine, and I'll do fine, but I know I won't. I won't be a good Commander. I can't even be a great Jedi Padawan. I can't live up to anyone's expectations, and I'm sick of people thinking I have authority over others just because I'm Force-Sensitive. I thought YOU would be different from the others too, you know,"

"I didn't think you were a typical Jedi," Tristan scoffed.

"But you still thought I was authoritative and powerful," Ezra glared at him. "I don't like that,"

"Sorry," Tristan's expression softened, brushing a hand down the other's cheek and hair. "Mother was never interested in Jedi-related stuff, so I just learn what she tells me,"

Ezra gulped as the soft hand brushed against his skin. Said cheek released a deep blush before his instincts came and slapped the older teen's hand away.

"Stop that,"

"Stop what?" Tristan tilted his head, confused.

"Stop with... the affections," Ezra sighed and turned away again. "Please. Jedi... Jedi can't have that. They can't have any attachments whatsoever. It's the only thing I know I can do and control,"

A bright red blush appeared on Tristan's face, crossing to both his ears. He blinked at him for a moment then sighed.

"Sabine told you, didn't she?"

"She told Kanan, whose sudden overprotective behavior gave me a little clue to what was going on," Ezra chuckled bitterly. "I just don't understand why,"

"Hey! I'm not THAT bad," Tristan pouted.

"It's not you, promise," Ezra shook his head. "You're amazing, cool, and..." He gulped and blushed deeper. "...undeniably handsome and pretty hot. It's me who I don't understand,"

"You down yourself too much," Tristan frowned, leaning closer to the Jedi and wrapping an arm around him then he gently brushed a hand on his midnight blue hair again. "You're beautiful,"

"Liar." Ezra hissed with a glare.

"When it comes to you, do I ever lie?" Tristan quirked an eyebrow.

Ezra rolled his eyes but finally leaned in closer with a sigh. "No, you don't. You really don't,"

"Exactly," Tristan chuckled, pulling the other closer to him.

"But... Jedi can't fall in love..." Ezra grumbled. "It's... It's not the Jedi way..."

"Ezra, I'm bluntly telling you how I feel about you, and let me tell you: that is NOT the Mandalorian way to court someone," Tristan snickered.

Ezra tried to hold in his laughter, but he ended up giggling anyway. His voice sent warm into the Mando's heart, causing him to softly smile and carefully pull the Jedi onto his lap. He pressed a gentle kiss on his forehead and cuddled up to him.

"I love you," he whispered as softly and gently as he could.

"I'd never thought that I'd hear that from you," Ezra snickered and snuggled the other's neck. "I love you too,"


"AWWW!" Tooth And Gia cooed as the memory faded. "So CUTE!"

"Woah, did NOT expect that," Jack's jaw was dropped.

"I did," Aster cackled and held out a hand towards the Guardian of Wonder. "Ya owe me 50,"

"Fine, fine, you win bet," North grunted and handed him a handful of cash (who knows why he had it in the first place.)

Sandy face-palmed before signing. ["Did you two really bet on that?"]

"Couldn't help it, really," Aster grinned.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Jack scratched his head, feeling confused. "Mom And Dad keep saying that they're the only ones they know, but what about you, Aunt Gia? Weren't you there with them?"

"Not until two years later," Gia answered. "I lived in the planet your mother's from, and it took me a while to convince my uncle to let me look for them,"

"Why is that?" Tooth asked.

"Time passes faster here than there," Gia replied. "A year there is half a century here,"

"So when did you finally find them?" Jack questioned.

"Two years on Earth, but for Imperial Space, who knows," Gia gave a shrug. "Once I found them, I settled on Earth to watch over them,"

"Wait, since that's in the late 1600s, aren't people against homo relationships?" Jack wondered. "How did they get married?"

"See for yourselves," Gia winked before shaking her bangles for another scene.


Planet Terra, a.k.a Earth, Year 1697 AD.

It was Early Spring. Ezra smiled as he sat on the tallest branch of the nearest tree to the shack. He let out a sigh of relief, leaning back on the bark as he looked up at the clear blue sky.

It had been 2 years. 2 years since they had crash-landed on Earth. 2 years since they had lived in the dirty old shack that they cleaned up. 2 years since they gotten together as a couple.

It was remarkable. They were a unique pair. They took in a vegetarian diet, not wanting to steal from the wolves and the other predators that Ezra had made a connection with.

The villagers were a pain to them, judging them for their relationship. Even after they changed their last names to make them seem less... spacey. Ezra changed his surname to Morgan (a good memory to reminisce about) while Tristan changed his surname to Overland.

But no matter what, the villagers were suspicious and homophobic. Tristan was doing all he could NOT to lose his mind while Ezra ignored them, showing his affections more to disgust the people and amaze the children. It was the best entertainment both of them had.

At the moment, Tristan had taken in a job as a shepherd for a farmer and was out herding the sheep. It was taking longer than usual, so Ezra took it as an advantage to do something the Mando feared for him; nap on the highest branch of a tree.

That afternoon was boring, even after his nap. He stared at the sky for a while before sleep threatened to crawl to his subconscious. With a groan, he closed his eyes and let it in, allowing it to guide him to slumber.


"Hmm?" Said boy looked down and grinned at the worried expression of his significant other. "Oh, hey, Tristy! What's up?"

"You, apparently!" Tristan let out an exasperated sigh, running a hand down his face. "Ez, please get down before you hurt yourself,"

"Okie, but why?" Ezra asked as he flipped over on his stomach.

"I've got a surprise for you~"

Ezra beamed. "For me? Give me!"

"Get down first," Tristan chuckled, swiveling to head to the shack. "Meet you inside, blueberry,"

Ezra giggled and waited until the Mando was out of sight. He then stood up and jumped down, landing on the ground with a thud. He dusted himself off and ran into the shack.

Tristan sat on the living room couch. He laughed as he watched his boyfriend burst into their new living space, almost destroying the door. The Jedi plopped beside him and immediately cuddled for attention.

"So... what's the surprise?" Ezra asked, flashing an innocent look and a desperate smile at the other. "Is it something you stole from the village?"

"Unfortunately no, I used money I earned from work," Tristan snickered at the younger teen's pout before ruffling his bundle of midnight blue hair. "Don't worry, Ezzy, I managed to swipe some coins from those homophobic kenk'irenur (fools),"

"Thank the Force," Ezra sighed in relief. "Those weirdos have been nothing but trouble. Seriously, all of them are damn hypocrites, especially at night,"

"I knew those freaks were up to something every time they tried to invite us to their 'party' with liquor in their hands," Tristan growled, holding the Jedi closer to him.

"It's alright, love, we always said no anyway," Ezra adjusted his position, so he was pressing his face on the Mando's chest, nuzzling him in the process.

"Yeah, good thing," Tristan took a few cleansing breaths. "ANYWAY, there's something we need to talk about..."

"What is it?" Ezra lazily looked up at him.

"Ezra..." Tristan gently pulled away and got off the couch, much to the Jedi's dismay. "we both know that we've been together for 2 years now. I know that our first impressions weren't the best, but I was still glad we met. You were different from any and every person I've met. You were stubborn but affectionate. You're emotional but kind and caring. You act normal compared to others I've met. You don't act like a warrior, like a Jedi or like you're associated to any authority. And that's fine. No one, not even mother, had ever spoken to me so casually. You make me feel loved, more than anything in the world, and now, I can't imagine a world without you,"

"Tristan..." Ezra felt his face redden with every word, but he couldn't say anything else as the other continued.

"I know this was all an accident. The crash and us getting stranded, but I'm happy that it all happened. I got to spend more time with you, and I got to know you. Not the you that everyone describes, but the you that you show freely, no matter what anyone and everyone says," A deep blush appeared on the Mando's face as he spoke before taking out a satin box from his back pocket. "I don't want our time together to end. I don't ever want 'us' to end. I know that I sound kinda selfish saying that, but it's just... you're the person I've always dreamed of having, and now that you're here, I... I don't wanna ever let you go, so..."

He went down on his knee, causing the Jedi to gasp. The older teen took this as an advantage and opened the box, revealing a silver ring with a shimmering fire opal in the middle and bits of sapphire around the main gem.

Ezra was amazed. He covered his mouth, the blush in his cheeks deepening to his ears as his eyes soften into tears of joy.

"Oh, Tristan..."

"Ezra," Tristan held a deep breath before smiling. "I humbly ask for your hand, soul and spirit in union,"

Ezra's eyes widened. He felt his heart thump fast and hard in his chest, his breath briefly leaving his very being.

"You... You want me to... marry you...?"

Tristan stiffened. "W-Well, only if you want to... but you don't HAVE to... Uh..."

Ezra shook his head and launched himself onto the Mando, who stumbled back and fell as he was attacked by a strangling hug.

"You big di'kut (idiot), of course I'll marry you!" The Jedi laughed, pressing a kiss on the other's reddened cheek. "And you say I'M the one with the insecurities!"

Tristan blinked at him for a few moments to process everything before breaking out a laugh. He sat up and took the younger teen in his arms. He slipped the ring in the other boy's finger then he pinned him to the couch.

"You ARE the one with the insecurities, Ezra," he chuckled. "but I'm happy to have you, love,"

"I'm more than happy to have you too, Tristy~" Ezra giggled, wrapping his arms around his new fiancé's neck.


The two jumped up and turned their heads to the door as Gia (in her human form) came in through the door, a wide smile on her face as she squealed. Her hands flicked up small magical fireworks as she jumped, fan-girling like crazy.

Ezra rolled his eyes at her. He gently pushed his lover off him then he sat up with a glare.

"Do you MIND?"

"Oh, not at all!" Gia giggled. "It's not every day my best friend chooses to finally get married!"

"Especially since your best friend only gets married ONCE in his lifetime," Ezra sighed, smacking a hand on his forehead. "How long have you been watching?"

"The WHOLE time!" Gia cheered as she clapped her hands together. "I call bridesmaid and wedding planner!"

"Of course, since you are the only one who knows we're here," Tristan grumbled, climbing to the couch to sit beside the Jedi. "And do we really need a fancy wedding when it's just the three of us?"

"Don't forget the animals! They're beings too! And they LOVE Ezra!" Gia insisted with a huff.

"That's true, they sure LOVE me," Ezra cackled.

"Hey! I love you more than they do," Tristan whined, pulling the younger boy to his lap.

"Sure you do, Tris, sure you do," Ezra seemed to enjoy his fiancé's complain as he grinned from ear to ear.

"CUTE!" Gia let out another squeal before dashing out the door. "I'M ALREADY PLANNING THE HONEYMOON! THIS IS GOING TO BE FUN!"

"Tell me she's joking," Tristan looked over at the other with slight worry, knowing how CRAZY their friend could be.

"I would, but it wouldn't be honest," Ezra laughed.


"...and I DID plan the wedding and honeymoon!" Gia finished once the scene was gone. "And it was SO sweet! Not that I watched the honeymoon part, but I already knew what they did,"

"How?" Jack asked.

"Because a week later, Ezra was pregnant with you!" Gia answered with a laugh.

"That was such a sweet proposal," Tooth wiped a tear from her eye. "So loving, so straight-forward..."

"Young love iz always so sweet," North agreed.

"At least we know why they changed their surnames," Aster pointed out with a nod. "Bridger And Wren did seem a little too spacey for the late 1600s,"

"That's not technically the end of their love story, but I was able to show how they got here and what happened," Gia explained the she turned to a window, her wings flapping open. "And that's all I can give for now,"

"Wait, Wait, Aunt Gia!" Jack grabbed her arm before she could take her leave. "I need to ask you something!"

"So do we!" Jamie ran over to the Winter spirit's side. "Like how are me and Sophie part of all this?!"

"Easy, sport," Gia ruffled the boy's hair. "Try a family tree or a DNA test, why won't you? You'll see what I mean,"

"Uh, what?" The advice just left the poor child confused as he was pulled back by Aster.

"Aunt Gia, PLEASE, I need to ask you a question," Jack was begging now.

"Okay, shoot," Gia nodded, allowing the other teen to continue.

"Who is my 'Uncle Koz'?" Jack questioned as he slowly retracted his hand from her arm.

"Oh," Gia blinked for a while then she smiled. "You have a drawing of him already,"

Ezra was taken back by the statement, his eyes widening in horror. He couldn't believe his ears! Did she just...? Was HE really—?!

"No." He shook his head, not daring to accept the truth. "No, no, no, no, NO! You CANNOT be serious!"

"It's amazing who Ezra befriends, don't you think?" Gia gave him a wink before turning then she fluttered out— well, through— the closed window.

Jack watched her leave, completely confused and flustered by what he had learned. He felt lightheaded, stumbling back only to find himself in strong, furry arms.

"You alright, mate?"

He looked up and found Aster staring down at him worriedly. He blinked with a gulp then he rapidly shook his head.

"No, I... I'm not," he held onto him, not wanting to let go as he buried his face on his chest. "I... I wanna go back to the Warren. Please,"

Aster's worry turned to concern, but he nodded and carried the Winter spirit in his arms. He then turned to the children and motioned for them to hold on to him then he tapped his foot on the ground twice, creating a tunnel below them before taking their leave.


YES! Finally DONE! Took me a while, but I finally got it!