Season 5 Finale

Y/n had a brief talk with Fukizawa. You wanted to stay behind and help. But fukizawa shook their head no. Done all they can, but they can handle the rest at the airport.

He felt y/n was needed elsewhere, encouraging them to get on l/n helicopter and bring back Dazai.

Gratitude from the bottom of their heart and hugged him. Small smile and push towards the helicopter, y/n kept moving amd hopped in, placing ear muffs over thwor ears and watch as airport became smaller.

Turned to see they weren't alone. Entity was sitting in the seat opposite to them with a smile. Greeting y/n and cut straight to the chase. They had a lot to discuss.


Helicopter flew closer to the tower, y/n held a hand against their chest. Hopped down and exited.

There was one other helicopter nearby that just touched down. It must be getaway for whomever survives the prison.

By now Fyodor had already trapped Dazai and othe rguy inside ans crimson liquid rising.

You closed your eyes and concentrated. A silver ball surrounded the two trapped individuals, taking them but surprise as well as Fyodor. He didn't recognise the ability.

A small smirk tugged at your lips.

You were able to buy Dazai enough time to create that opening and escape the elevator. Water gushing out of it. 

Despite that. You could only Imagine the moment the elevator set into second emergency protocol. It started falling.

Dazai used manor to push the white and pink haired boy, Sigma out to safety.

At the risk of his own.

Using your laptop, you were able to hack into the network undetected and live footage.  you could only watch as Dazai stumbling through the hallway, with a limp and small trail of blood in his wake.

He was injured. Broken a bone in elevator crash. It pained you to see him in so much pain and crying for pain to end.

You saw the moment Chuuya appeared in front of him and fyodors orders not to touch him. Least the vampires part be erased away.

Dazai looked up into the gun trusting in their friendship.

Unknownst to either her or Fyodor. Single red energy around the bullet. Gun went off with a BANG.

Followed by three more precise shots. A classic mafio move is used to ensure people don't suddenly come back to life and come seeking revenge.


Y/n put a hand over their mouth to supresess a scream.

A part of you had hope, faith, and believed Dazai. He wasn't the soet of man be in prison in first place without one of cards up his sleeve.

Another part blood-lust screaming to go after Fyodor and Fukichi and male them pay for what they'd done.

But you bigger and better than that. Killing them wouldn't change what's happened.

The kid would've made it to the room but didn't stand a chance against Fyodors' ability.

You closed your eyes and took a deep breath. Placing a hand over your heart.

Please be okay, Dazai.

Calmed yourself and pulled yourself together.

At this moment you'd imagine Aya was able to jump down onto the table and apply enough of her strength to get the sword out of Bram once and for all.

Freeing him of his metal shackle.

Free falling through the air. You were roo far and wouldn't get to her in time with your ability.

Atsushi was at risk of being bitten and turned by Atugawa.

In split moment. Fukazawa would've found his opening to fight back against Fukichi.


You had exited the building and notoced the white-haired male with eye path and clothing.

Nikolai was standing by the other helicopter with vampire soldiers inside. He noticed you approach.

" I Hadn't expected you here. Would've thought you were at the airport fighting the hunting dogs or vampires. "

"I was but felt needed here."

"I see, I see." Nikolai said.

You both heard footsteps and turned around to see Fyodor walk and put the door.

Nikolai revealed Dazai had been using device and heartbeat to communicate with allies.

As for Fyodor revealed.
Three vampire soldiers followed behind him, the reason he was able to get through security without a single scratch on him.

He looked to the sky with beautiful shake of blue and light white amongst the stars. Fitting Dazai's passing.

You wanted to charge at him and scream. To cry. Kick him in the disco ball but it would mean stopping to his level.

As if sensing another presence. He turned to see y/n standing there with twin swords.

"My my, what a surprise to see you here y/n. Would've thought you'd be at the airport"

You pulled on a smile with a close eye smile.

Twice now they've thought I'd be at the airport. Must've been trying to stall me from coming.

"I'm sorry to disappointment. I felt I was needed here."

"I see. Sorry to break it to you but Dazai's gone. "

He laughed. " That man begged for the pain to end and granted it. Below right now."

He laughed.

He walked past and stepped into the contraption with the briefcase containing the antidote and needle.

"You're more than welcome to accompany me, y/n. Nice to spend time with a beautiful lady as you." 

Hidden red tick marks and another closed eye smile.

"No arigato."

He laughed again and placed a hand over his heart. " Your loss."

He took the brief case, sliding into the passenger seat and about to open it when he suddenly coughed out blood. Blood seeping through his white shirt.

He'd been stabbed.

Dazai appeared through the doorway in white prison wear, completely bare foot with a smile on his face.  No gun wound. No blood on his face.

How. I saw Chuuya shoot him in close range. Unless the bullet had gravity ability around it. Y/n thought.

You were relief washed over you and happiness to see he was alright.

Dazai stopped at Nikolais side.

Facing off against Fyodor, who believed him dead. Dazai admitted he did get shot but had his ways and help.

Chuuya came out, his eyes no longer red and black. Returned to grey colour.

Chuuya was never a vampire in the first place. He had been human all along.

He'd been following Mori's plan to undergo a makeover and pretend to collaborate with the enemy.

Minute opportunity, you were quick, darting to the edge of the chopper and stepped on his disco balls. The force knocked him inside. Stunning him.

You darted back.

The vampire slammed the door, and the pilot drove the vehicle into the air and circled around.

The helicopter crashed into the side of the tower, an echo of his last words in russian and caught in the inferno.

The helicopter dripped to the ground among debris, and a single limb with white cloth stuck out. In a vain attempt to escape

It was over.

It was a few moments of silence 

Seee moment Chuuya removed the fake fangs from his mouth but couldn't remove one.

You picked up something from your pocket. "Chuuya-kun, catch! "

You threw the item in his direction and caught it. He lifted it up and raised an eyebrow.

He squatted a little and applied it to the fake tooth. It dropped out of his mouth.

" Arigato, y/n. "

You gave a nod.

You turned around facing Dazai, who'd watched exchange, your lips turned up into a smile, ran towards him and threw yourself into his arms, him stumbling back a few steps.

"Thank goodness you're alright." He wrapped his warm arms around you, familiar scent. Wiping away stray teats from your face.

" I'm fine y/n. I've been through worse."

"Of course I would, Dazai. I'm not about to leave you in a prison. " y/n said. Earning a smile.

"I missed you, y/n."

"I missed you two, Dazai."

The two kissed with uncomfortable witnesses.


You could imagine what was happening back at the airport.

Fukizawa was able to command all armies to cease attack and retreat.

He drew one last final slash with the ancient time sword.

Fukichi had the book and drew them both into the book to look at memory lane of their younger selves duels, taking about their dreams and the future in that space.

Once they returned. Fukizawa couldn't do it. The red-haired girl would strike the final blow and let Fukizawa take the credit.

He'd take on the responsibility of leading one world order. Army of humanity and save the detective agency.

She didn't want the responsibility on her shoulders.

The young woman out a hand on Atsushi's shoukder, advising against approaching his boss and giving the two final moments.

A moment to grieve loss of a friend. A dual partner.

The others around the airport standing by in silence.

Aya was saved by atugawa at Brams command.

She went far and beyond to protect and free him from the sword. And by doing so did greatest honor. Bram, the king of vampire kind would pledge himself to become her knight.

Atsushi and others looked at the old ability user sword that had trapped Bram for so long and wondered what they planned to do with it.

You'd realise Kyoka was nowhere to be seen. Where had she gone? Had she gone on another mission?

Or been kidnapped?

You returned to the present.

Even with Fyodors limb and blood. There was no way to know for sure he was gone until saw the rest of the body.

"Dazai?" You asked brown haired male, he hummed ans turned to you.

"What is it, my belladonna?"

"When you were both injected with serum. Which arm did he inject his arm with? "

"Certian arm. Why. "

"Couldnt help but shake the feeling something isn't right here."

It was too easy.

You bent down and peered inside the craft with a flashlight casting it over the space. Fire armorial active to protect you from the flames: you saw Tbe vampires had become burnt corpses.

But a single person looking for wasn't among them. The owner of the severed limb and blood. 

Fyodors body wasn't there.

You crawled put covered in ashes and faced the three with grim look on your face.

"What is it y/n?"

"Fyodors body... it's gone."

Fyodor had escaped the helicopter and vanished without a trace. He was loose somewhere. 

He was on the loose.

Suspect despite wanting the man dead. He had something to do with Fyodor's disappearance. Used his ability to send him off somewhere. For what didn't know.

Your have to speak with the others and figure out a course of action.

You, Dazai and Chuuya headed off to l/n plane, hopping into the seats, the assistant slide the door shut. Put on head sets and up in the air.

Asked you what you had found.

Fyodors body... it's gone.

"What do you mean gone. Arm and his blood leaked out."

"Vampire corpses were in there bit his wasn't.

Fyodor had escaped the helicopter and vanished without a trace. He was once again loose in the world.

Who could've aided him.

You suspect Nikolai despite wanting the man dead. He had something to do with Fyodor's disappearance. Used his ability to send him off somewhere. For what didn't know.

Your have to speak with the others and figure out a course of action.

Silence for an hour.


Keep mind off things, you'd brought a basket with range of rice balls with different flavours and bottled drinks.

You were all starving.

Dazai asked how you knew he survived.

"I didnt know... I believed and faith in you Dazai. Wouldn't have gone in there without some sort of backup in place."

" That's why your my beautiful fiancè." 

"Fianceè?" Chuuya dais.

You looked at dazai. "He didn't know."

With everything on. Agency on tje run and hiding for certain time. Neither of you or Dazai told Chuuya.

"When did the two get engaged?"

"Just after last battle with Fyodor."

He's invited to the wedding. Known dazai during mafia days and fighting partner.

Whose the ring bearer.

"Aya-chan. Shell be the ring bearer. "

"Although imagine mori finds out about wedding he'll ask Elise to be the ring bearer. He loves to see her dressed up."

"Elise is a woman in a child's body. Too old to be ring bearer. "

They looked at you wondering how you knew that. You only smiled.
Some things are best left unknown.

You remembered earlier after talking to Fukizawa and hopping on the helicopter, you encountered the entity in the seat, a close friend and been there since beginning of new life.

You both had an important discussion of the future. You knew it was coming for a while since they shared information to you let alone granting you a second ability.

It was the last time you'd see the entity.

It was sad but it was bound to happen sooner or later. Too big a risk for the entity to keep coming back and forth.

Small part of you gotten used to their brief visits. Miss them, but it was for the best for both parties to let go and move forward. You got teary and wiped it away with a handkerchief kept on your person.

You thanked them for everything since recarnated ans since. Had it not been for wisdom, you didn't know whether you'd be where you are. Arigato. Always be a friend.

You both wished each other farewell and went seperate ways but knew deep down it'll watch over you from afar and rooting

You saw the large tower in the distance and knew close to the prison where Dazai was. Your hand pressed against your chest.

As of this moment onwards, the future had become a mystery. But that was alright with you.

You had faith in yourself and the capability to survive. To have a future with the ones you loved and care for.

Returned to the present once more.

Two males in front of you. 
" I think Ayas is a better candidate. As for Elise, she could always be the flower girl. "

Theyd have to get in contact with Mori first and ask.

" Congratulations to you both on your engagement." He looked away.

To believe he was the same guy who flirted with me and fought alongside him.

He's changed.

Chuuyas eyebrow furrowed in thought and asked y/n something. Curious.

"Had Dazai died for real. What would you have done y/n?"

Dazai was curious about that too, what would beloved done had he died during prison break.

Your ebony hair mostly obscurred your expression but make out dark look crossed y/n face.

" I guess in alternative universe I would've gone into a dark place. No doubt, I'd gone after Fyodor and Fukichi stopped the attack. Torturers two and leave two to suffer a slow and painful death. "

Look of shock on Chuuyas face. He could imagine that.

Chuuya, grateful you hadn't. Wouldn't want to deal with a dark y/n. it would've been dangerous to mess with.

You were as powerful as it is with and without your ability.

You really were a wild card not to be messed with, especially when it involved Dazai and the ones you loved.

Definitely Dazais match.


Two hours later.

The world was on fire, screams filled the air.
Atsushi crashed into the side of a truck, creating a large dent in it. Purple energy of ability being used.

A human like being with a strange cloth placed over their face, obscuring facial features from view, sharp horns poking out sides of his head.

He wielded the purple time turning sword.

Atugawa stepped in with a counter attack with seconds to spare saving Atushi from being crushed to death.

His eyes a familiar grey once more , wearing new black clothing and metal neck brace.

You stepped up to join the two with your own swords drawn, with silent command it lit up in bright blue flames against the night.

"Let's defeat this demon." The three of you rushed forward towards the demon with battle cry.

End of Season 5.


I watched the episode today, although it's very early to publish it when I haven't completed the second season arc.

But then thought, better out sooner than later while it's fresh in my mind. I held onto hope Dazai would survive, and it worked out. It's not like dazai walk into that prison without plans in place. He's always has something up his sleeve.

I can always come back and make edits once I finish writing season 2-4 and dead apple.

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