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The next morning Steve woke up and showered, putting a suit on and fixing his hair like usual. Thor did the same, wearing a suit that Tony had bought for him since his usual Asgaurdian attire was not allowed, his hair neatly brushed.

"Ready for your first day on the job?" Steve chuckled, slapping the other male's ass.

"Of course. Working for you shall prove...interesting." Thor snickered, eating a pop tart from the pantry.

"You act like I'm a sex crazied super-soldier...oh wait," Steve grinned, hugging Thor from behind and biting his earlobe, "I am."

"Its morning, Steve. You're supposed to be eating breakfast, nibbling my ear will not satisfy your hunger." Thor stepped away, only for Steve to put his arms around him once again and teasingly grinding his hips against the God.

"You're right...nibbling your ear won't satisfy my sexual appetite," Steve put his hands on Thor's hips, "I need more." He whispered heavily against Thor's neck, kissing the soft flesh. His finger tips holding the God's hips so tightly, that he knew there would be bruises left on his lover.

"Steve-err...Mr. Rogers, we will be late for work if you keep this up." Thor leaned his head back lightly as the need for Steve grows stronger, a bulge beginning to form in his trousers.

"I'm the boss here so we won't be late. Just think of this as overtime." Rogers grinned, his hands teasing the bulge of the Norse God's pants. He began to take Thor's belt off, pulling it through the belt loops as the tips of his fingers massaged the large bulge in Thor's underwear.
"Now, I'm going to fuck you quick and hard, then we can go to work." Steve grinned, doubling the belt over in half and yanking Thor's pants down, smacking the belt against his lover's ass.

"Agh! Steve that hurt!" Thor groaned, though he oddly wanted more.

"Good. Its supposed to." Steve smirked, pushing the God to the floor on his stomach. He began slowly and teasingly stripping Thor, making sure to rub the male's length just enough to keep him turned on and wanting more. Once Thor was naked, Steve took his belt and wrapped it around Thor's wrists, Steve used to excess of the belt to tie Thor's arms to the leg of a table so Thor was pressed against the tile floor.

"Mr. Rogers, I am very aroused. Can we please hurry this along?" Thor pleaded, arching his butt up in the air.

"You're acting like such a filthy little slut. You should be punished." Steve snickered, taking his pants and shirt off, then his underwear. He held his leather belt in his hand, looking at Thor's ass.
"Beg for me, you filthy slave." Steve commanded, rubbing his length against Thor's tight entrance.

"Ahh~ Mr. Rogers, p-please fuck me!" Thor begged, pushing his ass against Steve.

"Hmm...very tempting. You're so sexy like this, tied up and begging for me to be deep inside you. Maybe I'll leave you like this so I can come back later to this sight." Steve smirked, leaning his chest against Thor's back.

"N-No! Please do not!" Thor whined, though he knew he could get out, he didn't want to destroy Steve's belongings. Steve popped the leather belt in his left hand against Thor's rear, leaving a red lashing mark.

"Tsk~ Tsk~ Tsk~ You're being such a bad boy." Steve put three fingers to Thor's mouth.
"Suck on them like you'd suck my dick." Rogers commanded roughly, and Thor did exactly that. He took all three into his mouth, licking them and completely coating them in saliva. Steve pulled them away and Thor whimpered lightly, sending a shiver down Steve's spine. He pushed one finger into Thor's entrance, soon followed by a second, then, after some force, a third finger was inserted.

"Mmm..." Thor moaned, trying to push back against Steve, but his fingers were already in as deep as they could go.
"Please Mr. Rogers, give me more!" He begged, pulling against his restraints as his cock throbbed. Steve sat the belt down for a moment so he could rub his hard length, his own hardness already leaking pre-cum.

"Fine." Steve grinned, moving and getting in front of Thor. He laid on his back, putting his erection right in front of Thor's face.
"Get my cock all nice and wet, then I'll fuck you." Steve commanded then laid back. Thor took Steve's length into his mouth, deepthroating and then teasing the tip with his tongue. He swirled his tongue around his lovers hard erection, covering the full length in a mix of fluids.

"Hows that, Mr. Rogers?" Thor smirked, catching his breath quietly. Glistening beads of saliva and pre-cum connected Thor's mouth and Steve's throbbing erection.

"Perfect. Absolutely perfect." Steve moaned, moving and getting back behind Thor, spreading his ass and forcing his length in. He then pulled out several inches, then thrust back in harder until Thor was filled with Steve's length.

"Agh! Mr...ah..Mr.Rogers!" Thor cried out, his eyes watering with pleasure. Steve began wildly thrusting into him, slamming against his prostate.
"R-Right there! Do that again!" Thor pleaded each time Steve's hardness rubbed against the sensitive area.

"Such a little whore." Steve pushed on Thor's back between his shoulder blades, pressing the male down against the floor. Thor desperately arched his back, forcing his toned ass into the air as he whimpered for more.
"I bet you want me to go harder don't you, Thor?" Steve smirked, laughing teasingly as he thrust into the male roughly, hitting his prostate. Thor groaned, unable to verbalize a response, his body trembling beneath Steve, hanging on the edge of his climax.

"Mm...Mr.." Thor's words melted into pleasured moans, pre-cum oozing from his large erection. Thor panted as his lover repeatedly hit against his prostate, feeling as if he was being drove insane. He heard Steve say something, but wasn't quite sure what it was. His heart thudded in his ears, and his muscles shook as Steve held his hips and thrust roughly into him.

"Oh dear, I can't understand you. Speak a bit...louder." Steve commanded, thrusting into Thor one very hard time. Thor cried out, his hips bucking back against Steve as he released his warm cum onto the cold tile floor. Steve sighed.
"Oh dear, please don't tell me you're already finished? I'll have to punish you for that." Rogers moaned against the back of Thor's neck, rolling his hips against the males rear. He continued roughly thrusting against his lover's hips, he was getting close. Steve groaned, grabbing onto Thor's hair, which was beginning to stick to his face since they both were sweating immensely.

"S-Steve...please r-release for me!" Thor begged, moaning and pushing back against Steve.

"Mm...I will. Dammit I will." Steve groaned louder, his thrusts got more erratic and out of pace with the next.

"Oh gods!" Thor panted, Steve's breathing was labored as he thrust a few more times then slammed into the submissive man beneath him. Thor cried out again, and Steve practically screamed Thor's name as he came inside him. He filled Thor with his large load of warm, sticky fluid.
After he caught his breath he pulled out and laid beside Thor.

"Steve, untie me." Thor tugged at the restraints, looking over at the worn out super soldier. Steve grinned.

"No." He replied, standing and walking to the bathroom to shower. Thor moved around, managing to pull his wrists free from the belts without breaking anything. He walked to the bathroom and stepped into the shower.

"Simple leather belts can not hold a God." Thor grinned, pushing Steve's back against the shower wall. Steve smirked at his lover, curious at his actions.

"And what do you think you're doing?" Steve asked, moaning softly as Thor ran his hand along Steve's length.

"You had your breakfast, now I'm having mine." Thor grinned, kissing Steve's neck. Steve wrapped his legs around the God, Thor's hardening member pressed against his entrance.

"Have you ever been dominant before?" Steve teased, leaning his head back and moaning as Thor pushed two fingers inside of him.

"You're underestimating me, Mr. Rogers." Thor whispered into Steve's ear. The water ran down their bodies, making the situation a lot steamier than it already was. Thor scissored his fingers inside his lover, getting the muscle to stretch out so he could take in Thor's large size.
After a few minutes, Thor removed his fingers and thrust into Steve's tight entrance.

"Ahh~" Steve groaned, grabbing Thor's muscular shoulders.
"Godammit Thor!" He arched his back as Thor continued thrusting, Steve wasn't used to being the submissive one.

"What's wrong, Mr. Rogers? Is my size not pleasing to you?" Thor joked, moaning against Steve's neck.

"Its so...ah..big!" Steve's eyes watered and he looked at the ceiling, his jaw dropped in a 'O' shape as he moaned repeatedly.

"Mm...I know." Thor chuckled lightly, groaning as he thrust harder. Steve panted more as Thor held onto his waist, bouncing Steve up and down on his length. Steve dug his nails into Thor's shoulders, blood beading on the God's shoulders.

"T-Thor I can't...ahh...I can't last long. Sloppy seconds don't last v-ery long." Steve moaned, gritting his teeth as he tried to keep from releasing too soon.

"I know, M-Mr. Rogers. Ahh~" Thor leaned his head back, going a bit harder. Steve squeezed harder onto his lover's shoulders, moaning loudly.

"Oh Thor, p-please cum for me." Steve begged, unable to hold back anymore. Steve's body convulsed as he released, the water washing away the liquid that had gotten on their chests. A few minutes later, Thor released inside Steve, making Steve yell his name and Thor groan into Steve's ear.
Thor pulled out and Steve leaned against the wall.

"Now, we can get ready for...work." Steve laughed lightly.

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