Chapter 5

I couldn't sleep that night. i must've been a dream. Why on earth would Sirirus want to go out with me? I was his best friend. He wouldn't want to go out with me in that way like lover. No, he must've meant as friends. I lay down in my bed and I must've fallen asleep because the next thing I could remember was the sun shining through our window.

I rubbed my eyes and sat up in my bed. I put on my slippers and stood up and wrapped my Gryffindorrobe around my body.

The sunday morning was beauutiful, but cold. We were approaching the end of October and I could feel the cold air hit my face as I went on a morningstroll in the grounds. I liked to take strolls by myself. It was just me and my thougts.

After my little stroll I went to the Great Hall for breakfast. The other Marauders we're sitting at the Gryffindor table and ate breakfast. I sat down next to Sirius and I poured myself a cup of tea and took some scrambled eggs. I begun to eat.

''Where were you earlier?'' Sirius asked me. ''I asked Marlene and shee said she hadn't seen you this morning''

''I was on a little morningstrol'' I answered. ''No need to worry'' I sipped my tea and ate my eggs and then I left and went back to the common room and went up the stairs into my dorm and changed into a white hoodie and a pair of black baggy jeans. I put my dark brown hair in a high ponytail and put a little charm on my hair so it got curly.

I went down the stairs again and entered the common room. The boys wasn't back from breakfast yet and I took out my diary, said the password and then I started to write down what happened last night. I still couldn't believe it, why would Sirius want to go out with me? I tried to make it logical in my head. He must have meant as friends, ut he also called me the most beautiful girl in the school. And that wasn't true at all, there were many girls that were more beautiful than me. He just tried to be nice, he didn't mean it. I must have been so, right?

''Lia?'' I heard a voice. I must've zoned out again. I came back to the reality and the boys stoodd infront of me. It was Remus who spoke. ''You okay?''

''Yes, I just zoned out for a moment'' I said.


''So what're you up to?'' I asked curiously. They looked at me with a smirk on their lips.

''We're going to plan our yearly Halloween prank on Filch, you in?'' James explained.

''Would I miss a prank? Never.'' I replied. I stood up and locked my diary quietly, the boys didn't seem to notice at all.

We went up to the boys dorm and we sat down on the floor and started planning a Halloween prank on Filch was tradition for the Marauders and this year wasn't an exception.

''So, what're we planning?'' I asked.

''Turning his office pink permanent'' James said.

''Pink?'' I asked. ''That sounds like something that fourth year Slytherin would like''

''Who?'' Peter asked.

''You know, Filchs best friend after Mrs. Norris'' I said. ''Dolores Um?-Umsomething? you know who I mean, the little girl who think she's owning this school?''

''Umbitch?'' Sirius asked. ''Regulus is in the same class as her. He told me once she used some kind of torturing method on younger students as punsihment because the bumped into her once''

''Exactly, that's why she's Filchs best friend they both like hurting students as a punishment, I bet if they were the ones ruling this school they would do it just for fun''

''Is that true?'' Asked Peter a little shocked.

''Unfortunately'' I said. We planned and planned. We agreed on how we would do it and it took the whole morning and when it was lunch we went down and ate then we wennt back to the boys' dorm and kept planning.

The day went by and when the clock was eleven I said goodnight to the boys and went to my dorm. Lily and Marlene were already asleep so I quietly lay down in my bed and fell asleep.

The Monday morning was grey and cold. I dressed in my uniform and went down for breakfast. The breakfast was quiet and when I was done I went to my first lesson Arithmancy.

James, Remus and Sirius stood in the corridor outside the classroom. Peter was probably still sleeping since he didn't take Arithmancy.

"Good morning" I greeted. "I didn't see you at breakfast?"

"We overslept" James said.

"Let me guess, you kept planning after I went to my dorm last night" I asked.

"Maybe" Sirius said.

"You should buy an alarm clock" I laughed and after a while the professor opened the door and we walked through the door.

The class was the usual and we sat there until the professor dismissed the class. After the Arithmancy we had Transfigurations and we went to the classroom.

We walked through the corridor and Sirius grabbed my arm and pulled me aside.

"Lia" He said. "Have you talked to your mother" I felt the anxiety creeping up in my body. I shook my head and looked down. He put a comforting hand on my arm. "You don't need to, but don't let Ivory win. Your mother can do something"

"It's just going to make it worse" I mumbled. "We need to go to class now" I wiped the tears that I felt in my eyes.

When we reached the door we saw that the others already had gone through the door and Sirius and I knocked on the door.

"Come in" I heard my mother's voice. We walked through the door and sat down in the back behind Remus, James and Peter.

"I'm sorry we're late, Professor" Sirius said.

My mother demonstrated vanishing spells for the class and then it was our turn to make a feather disappear. I succeeded in the first attempt.

"Good job, Ottilia. Five points to Gryffindor" Professor McGonagall said proudly.

"Are you going to talk to your mother after the class?" Sirius whispered to me. I thought about it and shrugged.

"I don't know" I whispered back the anxiety came back in my body.

"It's okay, Lia. You don't need to" He put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer. I'm glad that my mother didn't saw us, she would've thought that we were dating or something and it would need a lot of explanation.



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