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Smother {Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy Reader Insert} {Finished}

After experiencing abuse from your father, your parents divorced and you were ordered to live with your mom. After a tragic event, your whole life changed as you were forced to move in with your abusive father and begin life at a new school. {Boy of choice / {Y/N} story}

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Choose Me {KH Vanitas Story}

Mariko jumped from home to home during her time of being fostered by a multitude of families. Not only were they rejecting her, but a deeper secret led to her moving so often. Desperately she clung to the hope that someone would want her, that someone would be brave enough to keep her around."Please... Choose me."

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Fractured Twilight {KH Fanfic/Boy Of Choice}

Ember was a soldier, a protector, and a fighter. She dedicated her life to serving others and creating a world where everyone could be safe. Monsters appeared in her world almost every single night for years, and for those years she fought for her life and others.Until one day she's confronted by a suspicious man and without her consent she was kidnapped, finding herself in a whole new world. She learns the truth about the monsters she fought and the truth behind the man under the hood."You were part of it all along." {Kingdom Hearts / Bachelor of Choice story.}

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Mute {KH/FF FanFiction} (Finished)

In your past home you were abused, depressed, anorexic, you self harmed... Everything was going to hell after your mother passed away. You didn't think anyone could possibly help you or understand the things you had gone through. Even when you were forced out of your abusive household and forced to go to a new school and meet all kinds of people, you stayed silent. You weren't much of a talker since when you talked in the past you were abused right away. When you moved into your new home, you didn't talk. You stayed quiet. You stayed mute.

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The Burning One (Finished)

Everyone hates the Noroshi's for what they did a very long time ago. But the Score says that a girl will be born with red hair, and her name will mean, "Burning One." The Score says that this will will cease the hatred against the Noroshi's. But how exactly will this one girl do this? She's only sixteen. She won't manage to cease prejudice all by herself! Or will she....?

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Vis-À-Vis (Vanitas Love Story/Kingdom Hearts)

Ambitious, confident, and powerful, Luzia is a creature of light, where her world was known for the calm serenity of it's people. But as any story goes, it could not be. Darkness draped over her world and engulfed it, leaving Luzia the last known survivor. As time goes on she discovers the ultimate goal to her worlds demise and ultimately strives to find the solution.*I do not own rights to story cover. Images found on Google*

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Changing Fate {Kingdom Hearts} (Finished)

Xion's dead...For good. Roxas blames himself for her death, even though he really didn't have any other choice. He wants everything to be how it was before... He wants to be his own person. He wants to be with Xion, and he wants to revive her. Roxas finds a special tool to help him travel back through time so Xion can live again... But the question is, will everything be how Roxas wants it to be? Or will fate stay the same?

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My Wish Is...(Tales of Legendia) (Jay Story)

A boy named Jay was abandoned as a baby, a man named Solon found him, raising him. But Solon was an assassin, and trained Jay to be one too. But Solon was abusive, never letting Jay take any breaks, beating him when he did something wrong. Jay thought there was no hope left for him, until he met Sophia...

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Unpredictable Predicaments

Unpredictable: Not able to say or estimate things that will happen in the futurePredicaments: A difficult, unpleasant, or embarrassing situationA young boy and girl who both have lost their memory are in completely different worlds but they both have the same goal: To find out who they are. Their destinies eventually intertwine, and when they gain their memory back, their friends realized it was probably for the best that they hadn't remembered anything.

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Tangled Desires (KH/Vanitas Love Story) {Finished}

Zara is a normal girl who lives in Radiant Garden. No powers. No weapons. No special abilities. Just herself. Well because of this, she gets attacked by some Heartless, and a masked boy probably about her age swoops in and saves her. Zara is very grateful for his kindness, but Leon says that he's dangerous, a rebel, and a thief. Zara doesn't care though. He has saved her! Twice! Well when the boy gets captured by Organization XIII, it's basically up to Zara to save him. Can she even do it, though? Zara has no self-defense what-so-ever. She may not make it in time.

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How It All Began (Kingdom Hearts FanFiction) (Finished)

As many stories contain, Sora has a long lost sister. But this story, is the true story behind his sister. She is the one who named the Heartless, invented the Gummi Ship, (With help of her friend) and the one who discovers all the different worlds. Why? Just because of the Heartless attacking her world...She got separated from Sora and she is desperate to find him. With the help of her three companions, they all travel the worlds together to find him. But will they ever find him? Or will they fail?

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Kingdom Hearts: Behind the Scenes

Ever wondered what it was like to film this amazing game?? Well here it is!! Behind the scene's of Kingdom Hearts!!! Please, enjoy!

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Just A Dream...? {Kingdom Hearts} (Finished) (Editing In Process)

I thought I was a normal girl. I went to school, had my best friend with me all the time, played video games... All the normal things kids do. I just never expected my life to turn around in a blink of an eye. Everything I knew and loved just seemed to have ceased to exist, and I was forced to live in a whole other world that was not my own. My own stupid choices caused everything to happen, sometimes I wished I didn't choose to do this. But sometimes, I'm glad I did.

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Random Things With Kingdom Hearts!

Just random things of Kingdom Hearts...Enjoy! X3

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Lost...Without a Heart (Kingdom Hearts) (Finished)

A girl named Elez had her heart taken away by the heartless. Her parents, and sister also. So then Elez meets a group called 'Organization XIII', a group of nobodies, and then she becomes 'Zelex'. Nobodies can't actually 'feel', right? But Zelex can feel anger, fear, sadness, and more. She discovers more about herself when she meets a girl with a cat mask. And Zelex finds that she has something, that no one else have.

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The Book Of Oneshots

One shot book...You all should know what this is :D So yeah...I know Kingdom Hearts, Black Butler, Sonic, Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10, Tales of Legendia, Tales of the Abyss, and Tales of Symphonia...So yeah :D

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Lost....Without A Heart Book 2 (Finished)

In Elez's last adventure, she had defeated all of her enemies that were after her power of both, Dark and Light. But now, there is a new threat awaiting...Riku is still Ansem and now, he wants Elez to himself as well. With Elez's new friend, Hisoka, and with Roxas joining the group, will Elez, Vanitas, Hisoka, and Roxas be able to find out what's wrong with Riku? Or will they have to kill him?

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Just A Dream...? Book 2 (Kingdom Hearts) (Finished)

You've read Mysterica's first adventure when she had asked Namine to fix her childhood....Right? And we all know that Xemnas was defeated and the Organization fell apart. But now, a new danger is waiting for Misty, Axel, and Ventus. The surviving Organization members are now back together, and they are forming a new Organization, with Saix as leader. They have taken over Castle Oblivion, and they must be stopped before they can take over the worlds. Will Misty be able to stop this threat as well? Or will she be defeated?

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Six to: Save? Or Slay? Book 4 (ON HOLD)

Vaclav is back...And is pretty mad. He wants revenge on the Elements for putting him in jail. He does succeed...However...There's a twist....The Elements now have apprentices. Will the apprentices be able to save their mentors from Vaclav? Or will they end in failure?

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Web Of Lies (Finished)

We are best friends until the end. All four of us...But that four, turned into three when you were kidnapped...So now, we're in search! We will find you no matter what happens! I just hope that you'll be okay by the time we get to you...

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Six to: Save? Or Slay? Book 3 (Finished)

In the past, Melantha had told the Elements that a new danger lies ahead of them...The other Original Elements want revenge...Not on the world, but each other. But if they fight, all their power could destroy the world. So it's up to the current Elements to stop them. Four years has passed though, since Melantha was defeated, and nothing unusual has happened. Was she lying? Or will the Elements really cause a war? Find out here in Book three of the series, Six To: Save? Or Slay?

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Six To: Save? Or Slay? Book 2 (Finished)

Asher has been defeat, the Door had been sealed off, and everyone lives happily ever after....Or do they? Everyone is all happy, but Roxanne has a strange feeling in her gut that the fight isn't over. She believes the fight went much too quickly, and is getting suspicious. What's in store the the Elements now? Will they save the world again? Or will the world fall apart?

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Six to: Save? or Slay? (Finished)

Only the six elements, Darkness, Light, Fire, Water, Earth and Air, can open a door, that will destroy the world...Of course, they do not want to destroy it. But their pasts make them hesitate when they remember about the people they hate and that had made fun of them...Will they destroy the world? Or will they save it?

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