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The Secrets Of The Past

(This is an extension of one of my one-shots)Maria digs into her parent's past and finds the secret they had buried years ago

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Gunshots And Dreams

Vanessa La Saber has nightmares of the Great War between werecreatures and humans and Calliope tries to comfort her from one of them

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the fox and the rabbit (Kirihana one-shot book)

I ship this so I'll be taking requests

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Forbidden Wolf:Conri's Story

Conri is the God of the moon and music and is very gentle unlike his sister the sun goddess Sedna who had cursed his followers. TRIGGER WARNING: This story involves violence

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Beatrix x Mochi Miles one-shots

what it says on the tin

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Setting Sun and Rising Moon (One Shot Colection)

Just a few random ideas I had around Amaya and JanaiArt is not mineAmaya is still deaf in this.

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just some dumb one-shot ideas I have for them

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To Love

Some stories centered around JWCC and the words To Love. And it's for the ships other than Yasammy And some will be centered on original characters who are siblings to the Nublar Sixrequests are appreciated.

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The Firey Spirit

This is a short story that i came up with after watching Star Stables online series MISTFALL I'll add the link to the show below

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The Secret She Kept

Sammy had kept a secret from everyone and it is now coming to the surface and destroying everything she worked for.Based off some drawings someone did for my au for a werewolf Sammy in the JWCC discord server.

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Yasammy one-shots

Updates will be every other weekend

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the Mega Wolf (Wolf x Kipo)

Wolf is a Mega Mute like Kipo but she knew about the experiments and tests she whent through ever since she was around 5 to the age of 17 (yes this au is aged up and Kipo is around the age of 18 maybe 19)

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After Three Years

After three years they thought that they were done with dinosaurs, but when something attacked Sammy that left her in the hospital comatose. The group will have to figure out what happened to her and if dinosaurs are really on the mainland.Cover is by anotherdumbblog on Tumblr

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The Blood Moon

A few years after they first met Calliope and Juliette got married and now have twins one born with Juliette's vampirism and the other wasn't.The blood moon is in a few days so Juliette and their son have to leave their home to protect the ones they love.

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Fangs and Blades (Calliope x Juliette one-shot book)

Calliope x Juliette

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The Wolf Fairy (Nyx x Fawn)

Nyx is a werewolf like creature born in the Autum woods (she is still a Fairy mind you). Fawn is still an animal fairy.It's a stupid au idea I had. Cover is not my art

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The Red Panda and the White Wolf

Mei x Miriam.Miriam's family was cursed to become werewolf like monsters (sort of like Mei's family but way worse)The wolf in Miriam was stronger than the rest of her family's. And it was biting at the bit to escape and kill. The best her family could do was ship her off to Toronto Canada to live with a family who had similar powers, the Lee family the women of which can turn into red pandas. As she learns to control her wolf she meets someone who changes her life forever.

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Experiment Y-47 (Aka Experiment Yasmina)

Yasmina was not human she was created to be used in war but something has gone wrong and she escaped containment.

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Healing Words

When both Nani and Wrath are injured from a demon fight, Nani was the first who tends the wounds of Wrath. Wrath was stubborn to treat Nani too. So they treat each other wounds sharing secret soft conversations.prompt is from my friend @Skyheartholte

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a songbird to shy to sing

this has nothing to do with singing or anything of the sort just a somewhat soft Sofia x Vivian Oneshot collection

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The Air I Breathe

When Yasmina met Sammy it was like she was allowed to breathe for the first time in yearsNo dinosaurs au

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The Love Of An Alpha

Raven Queen was an alpha, soon to be of her pack. She was ready to find her soulmate, even if she hid her sexuality. Now all she ever wanted is to be loved...The school of ever after high, was a magical place for all kinds of werewolf ranks, except for omegas...Apple White wasn't that perfect, she's an omega. But with a sharp attitude of course even as she acts, she is still the lowest rank of werewolves.What would happen if they both discovered they are soulmates? Even if Raven Queen is engaged to Dexter? Even if the player Daring Charming wanted Apple?Will both mates find a way to be accepted to be together, not just for their ranks, but sexuality?Summary and plot by: FanficxWrites

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Fang's Children Book Two: Oakheart Strong as a Tree

this story is based around a character named Oakheart and her struggles. And the first chapter has some really dark topics so be warned

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Random Julerose one-shots

um Julerose

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Katie Mitchell x Jade one-shots

Katie mitchell x Jade one-shots from the Mitchell's vs the machines

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The Sunsets worth waiting for.

One-shot book for Sciset

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