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After the Rebirth of the Wealthy Young Master [Bl novel Translation]

Upon waking up, Yu Ling returned to the time five years ago when nothing had happened. At that time, his family was happy; his parents and elder brother were there, and he was still the carefree young master. But it's different; even if he starts all over again, he still remembers how his parents were framed, how his brother died tragically, and how the man lying in his arms covered in blood was trying to smile to make him feel better. The man said, "In the next life...can you chase after me? I'm easy to chase, and you can catch me as soon as you chase after me." Yu Ling's eyes were blurred, and he said tremblingly, "Okay..."-In the next life, he will find out who took advantage of his kindness and ruined his family, and he will slap them hard in the face. And pamper the person who was willing to give his life to protect him well. But then, who could tell him why, when he turned his head back, that person still dots on him?! Also aren't you too freaking easy to chase?! That person smiled wryly; this was already his maximum limit. After all, if he is pursued by someone he likes, how could he resist?---TLation by me( HopelessRomantic TLs on Novelupdates)

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Welcome to the Game Room of Supremacy Luck

Author: in wind (一袭白衣)Chinese title: 欢迎来到运气至上主义的游戏房间-Translator: yuyuEditor and Proofreader: mae-SYNOPSISOn the isolated island, the sound of waves can be heard clearly, and the earth trembles.Welcome to the game room of supremacy of luck.The rules of the game are as follows -1. The dice decides everything, including your initial attributes.2. Free world, please explore freely. 3. Either escape here, or die.Shen Lin raised his head to the person sitting opposite him: "You throw first. I'm so lucky, I'm afraid I'll scare you to death."Main Character (shou): Shen Lin Male Lead (gong): Yan Xiuyi

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SURVIVING THE UNDEAD | taekook | (On Hold)

THIS IS A BOY×BOY STORY so if you are uncomfortable with the gay genre then please skip this book! ___________________aren't we supposed to study in school? then what's with these smelly walking dead? And why the fuck I've to team up with my enemy and bully? this is fucking insane. WAIT WHAT I'VE FEELINGS FOR HIM? uhm yeah right ig!--where the virus spreads from the science lab in X school and Taehyung struggles to survive in the apocalypse along with his best friend Jimin , his bully Jungkook, the school nurse Seokjin and Jungkook's best friends Namjoon, Yoongi and Hoseok.... gradually the enemies becoming comrades-in-arms and lovers--__________________welp I wanted to try something new so thought of writing the zombie genre! I'll try my best to bring the satisfied horror!ALSO ALWAYS REMEMBER THIS LINE "humans are more scarier"____________________ships:-taekook--namjin-(because I wanted to sound this story as more realistic so I'm just making taekook and namjin as gays, I'm sorry for this descision or I might change this decision later, IDK, and if I will to add one more ship then I'll add hopemin because I ship jhope and Jimin more than yoonmin, I'm sorry!)××××ENJOY××××Please bear any silly mistakes or things that might sound illogical in the story!

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      FALSE ACCUSATION (Dropped)

STARTED: 22 July 2021ONGOINGKim Taehyung × Jeon Jungkook-------×-------Where Jungkook's ex apparently cheated on him and got pregnant by Taehyung, but something else lies behind the truth.All it takes is one dare and a summer camp until everything is turned 180°(Gong kook, shou tae)~{SHORT STORY}~-------×-------ORIGINAL: Underwear Thief - KKS_23 -------×-------©Waan_02 & KKS_23 2021

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DEAR DIARY!!! (On Hold)

"is someone going to save me?""is someone going to love me?""wish I wasn't born, I can't take it anymore""so on my birthday I'll end my life"...where Jungkook finds Taehyung's accidentally lost secret diary and realises the older's self.

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You Are My

Started: November 16, 21Ongoing-------×-------Jungkook will be giving a very huge and very shocking SURPRISE to the group members and specially to their fans "Army" What will be the surprise? What's the thing that makes the surprise this SHOCKING? proceed to the story to know~-------×-------NOTE: I really suck at writing plus I'm bad at creating scenarios so please bear with me .SMUT (?) I'm not an experienced smut writer:)-------×-------A VERY-VERY SHORT STORY WITH SHORT CHAPTERS-------×-------© jktaengel ((⬆️kook⬇️tae))

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STARTED: NOVEMBER 18' 21ONGOING-------×this is not a story, it's more like different scenarios and POV'S of Taehyung and Jungkook, they both will be experiencing different situations.-------ש jktaengel

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Stuck With You(Dropped)

"Who said you to leave me like this, my parents died because of you, I hate you the most Lee ji ahn" "I missed you kai, I'm sorry please, forgive me, give me one chance I LOVE YOU" Lee ji ahn said sobbing Where Lee Ji Ahn and Kim Ji Hoon are childhood friends but Kim couldn't recognize him after 8 years and also hates him because of the past incident.But their fate has already decided something else for them. Encountering their past, will it help them to blossom their love?A cheesy yet heartwarming story about 2 lost childhood friends.Boys love content▪︎Note: it's Inspired from a Chinese Drama "Meeting You" which has somehow same plot but they are straight couples. Because I'm a die hard fujoshi I changed the MC and ML gender and put it as boy×boy.▪︎Because this is my first ever story, idk if it's good enough, because I never felt love from anyone neither from parents so maybe it was too hard for me to write this story,I hope you'll like it.

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