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Smooth Operator

No it isn't an arranged marriage! Absolutely not!It's just a marriage that will make happy some people even more when they'll learn a lie that Carlos and Anastasia are together a year now Anastasia will leave Manchester and the "Citizens" to move in Madrid and train Real Madrid because she just married Carlos and she needs to make happy her father and Carlos' father The two fathers think that their kids are a year now together and in love and the idea of Carlos and Anastasia 29 years ago of getting married started becoming reality!The deal is simple: Anastasia and Carlos will be together for a year and then they'll divorce The deal is a deal The feelings are feelings

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Katerina Horner is Lewis Hamilton's new chief EngineerWho is she?Christian Horner's daughter that when she was drunk she made an application to work for Mercedes with Toto offering her the job with a big amount of money Lewis thinks that Katerina's recruitment is not a good idea for the team and that makes him hate her with Katerina doing the same against himWill they realise that mutual hate is actually love?

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Logan just got in Formula 1 and what he needs is a PR Manager that can help him with his schedule, he talked with one of his friends, Oliver, that he suggested him the best friend of his sister, AuroraAurora just graduated from college in University of Chester as journalist and now she's studying for her masters at Harvard University in Communication Sciences Logan thinks that Aurora can help him scheduling his interviews and meetings But not just that, Aurora has something that no girl that Logan has met has...

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We can and we will

On the first day of the 2023 year when they were going back home from his mother's house, Charles and Marta with their daughter Valentine had an absolutely terrible car crash Charles was fine having broke just his neck and Valentine just needed stitches to her small forehead But Marta The car fall from her side and her head hit to a tree, when she opened her eyes she didn't know where she was but most importantly: Who she was Doctors are saying that the only people who can actually help Marta is Charles and Valentina๐’ฒ๐’พ๐“๐“ ๐“‰๐’ฝโ„ฏ๐“Ž ๐“‚๐’ถ๐“€โ„ฏ ๐’พ๐“‰๏ผŸ

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Think I need someone older (The come back?)

Michaela Vettel-Lewis Hamilton ๐“๐ก๐ž ๐Ÿ๐š๐ฏ๐จ๐ฎ๐ซ๐ข๐ญ๐ž ๐…๐จ๐ซ๐ฆ๐ฎ๐ฅ๐š ๐Ÿ ๐œ๐จ๐ฎ๐ฉ๐ฅ๐žWill they be able to be a couple and at the same time rivals on the grid?We watched how their relationship started and they ended up together on the first book "Think I need someone older" and this new book is here to watch how they'll end up

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The Princess of Liechtenstein

Sophie is the Princess of Liechtenstein, the younger daughter of King Arthur and Queen ChristieA trip to Switzerland and a personal guide made Sophie fall in love with the tall French Boy

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Think I need someone older

๐ŸŽถThink I need someone olderJust a little bit colderTake the weight off your shouldersThink I need someone olderBaby, am I your little secret?Eighteen, I'm old enough to keep it๐ŸŽถ

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Summertime lovers

Ingrida plans to have a lover for her vacation in August in Mallorca, she met a Spanish guy, Carlos, but the only thing that she does not want is having a long relationship with him because she wants to live in London and teaching Maths.Carlos plans to have a lover forever, he met a Latvian girl, Ingrida, but the only thing he wants is to have a long relationship with her but he wants to live in Madrid close to his family.Carlos and Ingrida are two different souls that they are summertime lovers, they both know that when the summer will end the goodbye will be difficult...But sometimes goodbye is not forever...

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Forever us (Pierre Gasly)

Nicole Hamilton decides go to the last race of the season because her brother will be an 8th time world champion! She also needs to watch her ex... But...

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Love of Tomorrow (Max Verstappen/Lewis Hamilton)

A beautiful girl appears in the Red Bull Racing Motorhome. Max was in shock from her beauty! After a month they become a couple. 1 month later she starts work to the Red Bull Racing as employee in Economy Department. But she found something... Something happened to her but Lewis Hamilton was there to help her.

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For you, I'll risk it all

Elena Tanner moved with her mother to London, her 40 year old mother moved because she got married with some guy there and she is going to live with him and Elena to end her studies in Economics in the University of Oxford Elena's new step brother, Jonathan, is a successful trainer that he trains the one and only sir Lewis Hamilton When Elena met Lewis they didn't even like each other but then the hate turned into love So much love

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[C^2] Carlos Sainz & Chloe ShawWhat happens when you actually fall in love with your best friend's girlfriend?

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Shit happens, Move on

What happens when Leah Horner is to a toxic love game with the two Mercedes Drivers?Leah Horner: A dynamic woman that she is powerful and strong. She does not care about hurting him. She is in love with him. She accepts that.George Russell: A stressful guy that he is loyal and cared. He wants the best for her. He is in love with her. He knows that.Lewis Hamilton: An asshole that he is sweet and adorable. He wants to strangle her but the love for her can't do that. He is in love with her. He does not know that.Max Verstappen: A great friend that he loves and respects his best friend. He is ready to die for her. She is the best thing he had in his life. And he wants that forever.Kelly Piquet: A "big sister" that she is proud and grateful for her. She is ready to protect her with any cost. She does not care about her close friendship with her boyfriend.Daniel Ricciardo: A great friend that he is funny and loves their friendship. He will do anything for her. She is the best part of his life. He does not want her got hurt.

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Thriving on Chaos

Agnese Karklins and Pierre Gasly are two different personalities. Agnese is Pierre's new PR manager and they fight all the time. Pierre's past is between them and he tries to leave that behind them and start a new life together... The fight and argues between them are becoming a love story and flirting...

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Paper rings

Zara and Charles were two childhood sweethearts that in kindergarten they promised that when they'll both graduate they'll get married Zara needs to leave for Dubai because her father needs to be there for his architect company, the family left Monaco for Dubai In 2022 Zara is a graphic designer for racing helmets company, the fate has crazy plans for these two...

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Just expect the unexpected

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!What happens when you are drunk you get married with your celebrity crush or the woman you admire the most?Lewis Hamilton X Catalina Sainz

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Fight for your fairytale

Princess Alice is the younger daughter of King and Queen of Belgium, the Grand Prix of Spa made her attend the race because she got invited by RedBull, she met the RedBull's driver Max Verstappen They both know that it's love from first sight, but that love is forbidden, Alice can't marry him because he is a driver and she has to marry a businessman or prince Will their love be enough to be together?"I don't care how complicated it gets, I still want you"

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Darling, you're so fake

Lewis Hamilton is rumoured to be in relationship with Nora Morgan. They both wanted to be on news so they decided be on a fake relationship... But fake starts becoming real... Lewis starts having feeling for Nora and he show that with not a good way and she made him clear stop that. But their hearts can't stop because they both know that they are meant for each other...

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Stolen Heart (Sebastian Vettel)

After the death of her parents a young French Girl moves to Switzerland to study geography at the University of Zurich. She decided no more loves and boys for her but her cute neighbour maybe change her mind!

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It's all for you

Lucia is best friends with Marie. Marie is Pierre Gasly's sisterPierre and Lucia know each other because of Marie but they both don't know that hiding feeling for each other...

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Made with love (Lewis Hamilton)

Lewis Hamilton had an accident during the time he had ski with Isla, his fiancée. That account made him have amnesia and don't remember anything! Neither his name...Lewis had 84 days until the begging of the 2023 Formula 1 championship and he has to remember everything...At the same time Scotland Yard is trying to trap Isla for pushing him into the rocks as a result he had the accident... will they manage to trap her?

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You are my secret. My beautiful little secret

No feelings, no love, no relationship, just sex These are the plan of Fernando and Iris Will it work?

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Him and I (Lewis Hamilton)

Chiara Norris is a 28 year old sports journalist and mom to a beautiful boy named Leo. Chiara is Lando Norris' half sister and she lives with her boyfriend Carlos Sainz in Madrid. Leo's dad is her ex boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. Her heart started remembering her past... Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues... Because of them she lost something that she wished she never would lose!

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Bad Girls love Good Boys

Agnes Schlager is a 23 years old sports journalist that lives in Bologna. She studied there but non of Formula 1 teams accepted her to work there and she hates everything that connects with Formula 1, except her sister Andrea that she is a sports journalist for Servus TV and Andrea's boyfriend Fernando Alonso that he drives for Alpine.Esteban Ocon met her to at a wine bar in Bologna and he can't stop thinking about her, he only knows her name "Agnes". Agnes was aggressive with him but bad girls love good boys...

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Love and Drugs (Lewis Hamilton)

Love and Drugs... Will he help her stops destroying Her life?

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Another love (Lewis Hamilton/Fernando Alonso)

Evelyn married Fernando Alonso in 2015 and they have three kids together: Pablo, Amelia and Carlos. Fernando started becoming a husband that she was never dreaming of... But his biggest rival and ex teammate, Lewis Hamilton, was a new impasse for Evelyn... Lewis knows that she is married but a detail is missing: She's married to Fernando Alonso. After a bit of thought she decided stay with Fernando because he is the father of her children but a piece of her belongs to Lewis. She came back to him. But Lewis did a big mistake and that threatened what they built...

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