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Loving Ammah

"Baby girl I can't promise you the moon but I can promise to kiss you under the lights of a thousand star" he whispered his breath fanning her face. He cupped her cheeks in his hand leaning in to capture her lips in his. They kiss each other passionately under the stars forgetting about everybody, about the people watching them and about the whole universe. This is so not your expected story. It's a long journey with drama, romance, love and fun. A Hausa love story with lots of unexpected turns along the way. Follow me on a love journey of Faisal and Ammah cause it's gonna be one heck of a ride.Cover by: hijabifeministAll rights reservedCompleted.

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Pieces Of Aamirah

She was lost, but He found her. ***It wasn't the way she flinched whenever someone touched her hand, or how she bites her lip to stop her tears from falling but the way he could easily detect her broken pieces even from afar. And that alone makes him determined to find her broken pieces.. Not to mention her enchanting beauty.

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Her Fulani Prince

"Anee place your hand here" he said using his index finger to point to his chest and I slowly place my hand there feeling his heartbeat in fast motion.. A mixture of happiness and live with pure ever after. "What do you feel?" He asked "Your heart beating extremely fast" "That's my life with you inside" he smiles sending shivers down my spine. "Without me your heart will still be beating.." I challenge confuse."But Ahmaad will be nothing but a walking dead. . ."*** ***This is not your predictable story. it's a long journey with Ahmaad and Haneesa as the lead, a journey of love and mushiness, it's spicy and hot and you won't know what will hit you. Keep the tissue close by. All rights reserved!Cover by: Hijabifemenist

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