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The Gingerbread Man

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The Raven

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Project Neptune-X666

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The Splintered Dragon

When I have no internet connection and I'm on my laptop, I use what I have installed and try and create something good out of it. I started this in my mum's car because I'd gone to work with her, and I had just went on Microsoft Word, and started writing, and this was the beginning of the result.Hope you like it:D

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The Frosted Dark

I think it's really good by my standards, regarding the time spent on it, but it's original, and my first on this site, and feel free to interpretate it freely and make of it what you will :D

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The Eighth Deadly Sin

A forbidden secret...A perilous battle...Six total strangers wake up confused in mysterious rooms and can't seem to escape. Now they must band together in order to fight against a great evil and the one who knows the truth may be a threat to them all.The path they must take will threaten their lives but the final key may prove to be the end of their sanity...

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The Monster Inside...

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The Beast.

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Poem Competition: Topic - Fire

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The Sapphire City

This was done in an English lesson because we were doing exam practice and then it came to descripte and/or creative writing, and we had to make plans for a city, or imagined, and in a pair, my friend Vicky and I combined our plans and using my imagination, Vicky wrote my words down on paper and this was the result, hope you like it :)

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