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ー CAROLINE「beverly marsh」

"that's the home of my carolineshe's dancing in the sky"in which a girlmourns her lover(past) girl x girlangstone-shotpost-it

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ー PAPA「stanley uris」

❝ he should call me papa ❞ stanley uris x female ocsequel to daddy!

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ー THE SCIENTIST「lee hongbin」

" you don't know how lovely you are "『in which hakyeon's brother is insecure』short story© bandaidbaby

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WEAK   (  fred weasley  )

within the ruins that were once a castle, bustling withlife, were a strange scatteringof cold bodies and hiddentreasures[ FRED WEASLEY / FEM OC ][ ONE-SHOT ][ DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 ]

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DREAMER   (  fred weasley  )

her head was in the cloudsand her body rested against his [ FRED WEASLEY / FEM OC ][ PART ONE OF THE "𝙳𝚁𝙴𝙰𝙼𝙴𝚁𝚂" SERIES ]ORDER OF THE PHOENIX - DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2

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ー PERFECTION「jane volturi」

Nadia is a member of the Polish coven, recruited by Carlisle to fight for his family against a newborn army. On the battlefield, Nadia discovers her mate. Will she choose to go with her mate? Or stay with her companions?

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ー PURE LIGHT「alec volturi」

Everett Marie Cullen is a klutz, even as a "graceful" being. She blushes easily even though she isn't meant to have any blood. When the Volturi come to eradicate Renesmee under the notion that she is an immortal child, she catches the eye of her mate, Alec. But they are on different sides of the battle. How will they overcome this dilemma?Completed: Sunday, 4/2/17, 3:40 PM

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ー CLIFF'S EDGE「millie bobby brown」✔️

❛ your hips, your lips, they're mine ❜in which another girl joins the group[ millie bobby brown x alyson joy brighton ][ real life x social media ]BOOK ONE OF SOCIAL MEDIA SERIESstarted: nov. 28, 2017ended: dec. 20, 2017

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ー CLAIRVOYANCE「it preferences」

exactly what the title says my dudes

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ー DIANA「jaeden lieberher」✔️

❛ diana, let me be the oneto lift your heart up and save your life ❜in which diana is a walking mess[ jaeden lieberher x diana grace winchester ][ real life x social media ]BOOK TWO OF SOCIAL MEDIA SERIESstarted: dec. 17, 2017ended: jan. 7, 2018

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ー PERFECTION「jane volturi」

" you are a woman of perfection "『in which nadia is jane's mate』© bandaidbaby

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