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History Repeats Itself - A Prince Harry Fanfiction

For Harry, his approaching thirtieth birthday is slightly marred by the Invictus Games which he has put in so much hard work and dedication to organise. But three weeks before the Big Day, his father introduces him to Emmaline Farrington, preferably known as Emmy, a young girl ten year's his junior who is as innocent as she seems. His father's attempt at matchmaking doesn't go unnoticed, and on the day of his thirtieth birthday, Harry is told that he is to marry Emmy to ensure the popularity of the monarchy stays at an high, while Emmy is to wed him to ensure her family's wealth and survival. Over the next few months, they will be forced on dates and holidays together, where "members of the public" will take pictures and photographers will continuously fantasise about whether Emmy is "the one". Before long, an official engagement is round the corner. And their life together is about to begin. You can find the tumblr for this story here: You can find the instagram for this story here:

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