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Spider-Gwen: Under the Red Hood.

There's a mystery afoot in New York City, and Spider-Woman must go toe-to-toe with a mysterious vigilante, who goes by the name of Red Hood. Subsequently, old wounds reopen and old, once buried memories come into the light.(Gwen's universe will be different than what you're use too. So expect some things to be changed.)

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Five Nights At Frenni's

(Not a lemon story. Will also borrow elements from the movie.)Mike Emily is a struggling young man whose fighting desperately to make ends meet and pay for his little sister's surgery. Shadows of his past will soon come to light as he takes a job at an old restaurant with a horrible past behind it.

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Fate stay/BERSERK (Book 2)

Word spreads throughout Britain of a man known as the Black Swordsman. Mountains of corpses are left in his wake........this, is his story.

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The Atomic Way

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M3GAN: Best Friend Forever!

Based off of the movie "M3GAN"

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Dishonored: Whaler's Tale

(set during the same time as my other dishonored story).

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Dishonored: Emily And Jasper.

the story of a boy who stayed by Emily's side no matter what.#1 in Corvoattano

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RE: VILLAGE (rewrite)

Once upon a time.... (NOT GAY NOR LESBIAN STORY!)

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Guts. Not much is known about this man. Mages have investigated into this character, only to discover old transcripts that mention king Arthur. Many have tried to summon him. All have failed.

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AvP: Breakout (Relax writing)

Nathan Jones was just your every day Joe. He was an engineer working for Weyland Yutani on "Freya's Prospect" a colony on planet BG-387. But, when he discovers a dark secret of the corporation he works for, he will be put through hell.

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(Spoliers for the New war!) This is a Lotus x Operator x Harem story.

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Elden Ring

He never wished to become Elden Lord. It was the last thing he wanted... But this bloody wolf will stop at nothing till his vengeance is dealt onto Maliketh, The Black Blade

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male firekeeper(mostly) (18+)

Lemon book.

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KOTOR: Revan oneshots.

Oneshots of Revan.

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Fate/Stay night.

male saber getting it on with the ladies.

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My Eternal Service.

A young Gwyndolin(female) meets an undead, ashamed of himself and has traveled to Anor Londo to beg the Gods for help.

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Allen: Mad Land

a remake of the old one.

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Hollow Knight

love it.

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not good at descriptions.

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Gojira Rim.

Kaiju (kai·ju): Huge beast.Jaeger (Jae·ger): HunterGodzilla (God·zilla):.......Death

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BioShock Big Brother.

Time to go find angles ~

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Mass Effect: Male Quarian Oc

Lack of male Quarian stories. Oc will replace Tali, im sorry.

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RE7: Eveline's friend.

Eveline and her "Best Friend."I don't own Resident Evil.

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Billie never knew why he saw the same creatures in his sleep but one person all ways saved him little did he now it was not a dream.MY STORY BY ME DO NOT COPY WRITE MY STORY!

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