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It was all just a dare

Emily Reed is the quiet girl no one really pays attention to, unless they're trying to get her brothers number. Her older brother Tyler Reed is the most popular guy in school, everyone knows him. He's the quarterback on the football team and always has a girl on his arm. Out of no where Alex Hunt, Tyler's best friend starts flirting towards Emily. She ignores them but can't for long because she starts falling for them. What will happen?

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Teen mom

Lexi despises her best friend Morgans brother Jake. Somehow things end up happening at a party and Lexi turns out pregnant- with Jake's child. This is the emotional roller coaster awaiting her.

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Niall's best friend

Katie and Niall grew up together and were best friends, Niall leaves and comes back to visit and its been 5 years! Will things be the same? Or will things change for the better or worse?

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