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Give My Love to Rose(1st in Outlaw Series)

Outlaw and all around bad guy Marston finds a dying man along the railroad tracks. His only plan is to take the mans nearby horse, his gun and whatever money he might have in his pockets but the dying mans words gnaw at him 'Give my love to Rose' the man had said and 'Tell my boy I'm proud of him'. Without knowing why Marston feels the need to honor the dying mans wishes. The mans quest leads him to Harper Louisianna and when he finds Rose she is not what he expected and neither is the boy.... Marston has spent his whole life hurting people and not caring. Willl these people make him want to change and what will Rose say when she learns what kind of man he really is?

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The McEllis Boys

This story is now available on amazon, barnes and noble and smashwords! Print and ebook formats available!Kentucky 1875Cavanaugh, Jamison, Ian and Andrew are four brothers torn apart by life and by tragedy and drawn back together because of the same. Granting a wish to their dying mother, Mary, a healer called in to help their ailing mother, sends the brothers on a journey. A journey to heal, to grow, to forgive and to love. A journey that will take the gun toting, horseback riding, tough as nails brothers to a place very different from the home they know.Kentucky 2011Nicole lives a lonely, simple life. A life void of excitement. She'd been burned enough times in her life to know that tragedy was normal and everyone eventually hurt you. Her quiet life is ripped to pieces the day she discovers four cowboys in her empty house claiming to be from 1875.Can she help the brothers learn what they were sent to learn and find a way back home? Or are they truly there to teach her a lesson in trust and love?Read this story of healing, love, hope, pain , loss, friendship and family to find out!

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Saving the Gunslinger

Samantha has been running from a monster for a long while. Everyday she lives in fear of being found. She wonders if her life will ever be anything other than hiding and looking over her shoulder. Zachary has failed his family. After five long years, attempting to avenge their deaths, he returns home unsuccessful. Full of pain, self-loathing, and regret, Zachary wants only to be left alone and attempt to get his family ranch back up and running. One night, Zachary decides to drown his pain at a saloon in town and that's where a red-haired beauty catches his eyes. Something about her seems out of place in a saloon full of drunken men and experienced women. Zachary finds himself desperate to help the woman and along the way she brings him back to life........Until a monster from their past comes to tear everything apart.

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An Outlaw's Weakness*Fifth in Crane Gang series*

After hearing news that dropped his world on its head, Preston knows he has to get away and experience more of the world than his parents ranch. Against their wishes, he packed up some books, grabbed a change of clothes, and set off to find as much adventure as his sickness would allow. Then one night he finds himself in more trouble than he can handle only to be rescued by a tall dark stranger. That stranger shows Preston a side of life he'd never experienced before. Preston wants to be happy. He wants to embrace this new life but how do you tell someone so strong the truth? How do you tell them that you're a dying man?

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Breaking Through to Sue (4th in Breaking Series)

4th in my 'Breaking' series!! Ryder Hampton is wild and crazy. He takes nothing seriously, including love and is convinced that he falls in and out of it nightly with nearly every woman he meets. He winds up in trouble in Bakerstown and that's when he sees Susie Atkinson. Suddenly he knows he's in love and this time it's for real.. But how can he convince the woman of that when she laughs at everything he says, convinced that he's joking with her. How frustrating for a man who is used to flashing his dimples and getting whatever he wants!! Add to that the complication that Brody Atkinson is her brother, the town sherriff and he hates his guts. And of course there is another man sniffing around her skirts and Ryder knows he has a serious problem and Susie Atkinson is the cause of it all!

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An Outlaw's Silence (manxman)(second story in The Crane Gang series)

An Outlaw's Silence (Wyatt's Story) ***Only a handful of people in Wyatt's life ever given a darn about him-because of that, Wyatt is extremely loyal and protective of his 'family'. So when he catches a man sneaking around at the edge of Jeb's land, he is quick to apprehend him and hold him captive in a shack. Wyatt's intention had been to discover what the man wanted and determine whether or not he needed to be killed-until the trespasser somehow gets loose and vanishes. *** Zachariah is on a mission. A mission to save his sister from the outlaws who are holding her captive as a way to get their revenge on him for a life he had been trying hard to leave behind. He doesn't have time for the quiet man who is holding him captive. He doesn't have time to delve into the feeling the stranger stirs in him. ***But when trouble follows Zachariah and Wyatt ends up in trouble, Zachariah rides to the rescue and the two embark on a deadly journey to save Zachariah's sister, get rid of the outlaws holding her and find out if love can be found without words.

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Aces are Wild (new version)

Life was a party for Ace. He liked to drink, play poker, have fun, and yeah, spend some time with payed, willing ladies at the brothel. Born the youngest son in the Anderson family, Ace had never had a whole lot of responsibility put on him but he was always there when his help was needed around the ranch. He was sure his carefree outlook on life would never change... until a skinny little twit in fancy dress calls him an ignorant drunkard. Penny had lived a hard life. A life that had taught her to be cold and put on airs in order to avoid the hurt. She was lonely, alone, and suddenly being forced by her parents to move out to the middle of nowhere Texas to live on a ranch where she knew no one except her sister who had married the oldest son of the Anderson family--worst of all she had been sent out here to marry a man named Gregory who didn't seem the least bit interested. She finds herself finding most of the family to be decent enough... all except the youngest son. Immediately sparks fly between Ace and Penny--the kind of sparks that have them yelling, fighting, arguing and leaving destruction in their wake.Can Penny somehow find happiness on a ranch so far from home? And what will happen her life is suddenly threatened? Can Ace convince the woman that he's not just and ignorant drunk? And can he save her life? You never know what the outcome will be when aces are wild.

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Snowed In(manxman)

***This story is Manxman and it is rated R for sexual content! If you are bothered by that then please do not read. I will not tolerate any ignoramous comments about how wrong it is. You have been warned so simply back away slowly or turn and run like hell but do not message me in disgust or complaint if you choose to read and see something you don't want to! **** Will is running from more than just the man who held him prisoner, he is running from the memories, the pain, the knowledge of what he's been made to do and the way he's been used. Running away at night seemed the logical choice until he found himself running straight into a blizzard and realized that he'd die of cold out there alone--but at least he would die free. Turner has all he wants in his sanctuary up in the mountains. His horse, his mule and his trust coonhound, Beaux, are the only company he desires. Three years he'd been alone and tried telling himself that he was content but all that changes the day he finds a dying man in a snow bank. Neither of these men were looking for love but what better way to make fate laugh than to talk about your own plans... and there's just something that happens, some magic in the air, when it's Christmas time, you're fighting attractions and you find yourself snowed in.

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Love Her Softly

The last thing Liam Mcyntire expected to find in his barn one cold February morning, was a half-starved , frozen-solid woman. She's covered in bruises and full of mistrust and suspicions. He'd been perfectly content in his bachelor life of trapping critters, selling furs and living in solitude but this mysterious woman might just change all that. Emma Hawke was running. Running from her father, from the damage the man had done. Running from a life she didn't want--a life no different from the one that had killed her mother. She's never been off the mountain. She trusts nothing and no one--not even the man who saved her life by bringing her out of the cold. If Liam's going to win her heart, he's going to have to learn patience and how to truly care for someone more than he does himself. He'll have to love her softly. Can Emma overcome her past? Can she learn to trust--possibly even love--despite the fear that she holds of men and of marriage? Or will her past track her down and destroy any hope she has for a future?

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Wild Rogues (third in lone wolf series)

She's on the run... They have to have her... because with twins she'll have twice the protection, twice the security and double the pleasure.This story is a spinoff of sorts to the "Lone Wolf' and "Hunting the Hunter' stories. Some of the same characters will be in this story as well.

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Captive Romance

**Mail order wife, Rebecca Smallwood leads a boring life on her wealthy husband's Wyoming ranch. She deals with his daily remarks and annoyance toward her inability to provide him with a child--the one reason he paid a high price for her and the one requirement of her new life. **Brantley Mitchell has never known a day without danger. Born into outlaw life, fighting for survival is all he knows--that's why being hold up with a busted arm has made him more than a little riled. Then the gang rides in with the latest money making scheme.. a hostage that's all his to watch over. **Rebecca is terrified of her captor. Not for any of the logical reasons such as his ability to cause her a great deal of pain or kill her. No, she's terrified because of the desire that flares to life within her every time she looks into those dark gray eyes. **How will Rebecca survive her captivity and how will she ever return to her husband and look him in the eye after she's had a taste of captive romance?

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Jordan and Kent (2nd prequal to werewolf series)

the story of how Kent met Jordan

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Heart of an Outlaw *First in the Crane Gang series*

Gilliam Tomlinson had had to fight for every ounce of respect he had ever managed to gain from the Texas Rangers. His late father had been less than an honorable man and it seemed that despite Gilliam's attempts to distance himself from that memory, he carried his deceased father's legacy along with him like a heavy wool cloak he never could quite shake off. Then the chance he'd been waiting for fell right into his lap. A gang led by a mysterious outlaw who had so far evaded any notice had been wreaking havoc and stealing cattle from the rich land barons of Texas and they wanted it stopped. Gilliam's job was simple: infiltrate the gang, learn about their leader, gain their trust and then bring them down. It should have been easy. It should have been a simple, cut and dry operation... but Gilliam had never imagined the gang leader would have such fiery green eyes and he'd certainly never imagined the leader would be a man named Jeb who made his body heat up and his brain shut down. What follows is a struggle unlike any Gilliam has ever known. Law, order and duty tell him what he was supposed to do but there was something about that man, something about that life, something about the way he felt among those people that just felt right. Now he faced a choice. Listen to the code of a lawman or the heart of an outlaw.

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Series Book List

A list of all of my series and the order in which the books go! Hopefully this will help keep them all straight for y'all!

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Renegades and Stubborn Pride (sequal to Renegades and Pretty Women)

Over five years have passed since Jonah Winchester decided he didn't need anyone and pushed everyone he had ever cared about away. He hit rock bottom and stayed there lost in the bottle and the so-called depression that Reb had let him know he suffered from. Only one thing can pull him out and that is Reb showing up and letting him know that the woman he loves is in danger. Jonah races to save Joe from those who have kidnapped her only to realize that the danger they are facing is a blast from the past who wants vengeance. Jonah wants to repair his broken bond with Joe and rekindle what they lost, only to realize that Joe has kept something from him. A secret that rocks his world and might just test the newly found faith he has found in love. Will Joe and Jonah finally let go of their stubborn pride and make things work or will the past (and their enemies) prove to be too much to overcome?

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Once Bitten: Twice Mad

America 1887Times have changed. The country that was once booming, growing and thriving is now a wasteland of death and destruction. A sickness has swept through the land and the results have been devastating. The war fought twenty years ago may have caused father and son to pick up guns against one another, but this sickness has caused father to eat sons face off while daughter gnaws on mother's leg. Those that have avoided the sickness refer to those sick as 'rabid'. The 'rabid' are mad. Crazy. They are rotting, mindless, killing machines that want only one thing; to sink their teeth into those that are not 'rabid'. And in doing so cause their prey to catch the sickness and join their rabid mob. As if hiding from the 'rabid' weren't enough of a struggle, survivors must also worry about one another. Decency, honor and helping thy neighbor are a thing of the past. Now it's survival of the fittest and only the strong will make it out alive. Then an old man arrives, recruiting survivors to help him on a quest. A quest to the far west and the salvation that is said to lie there. Join Colt, Ox, Silas, Comanche, Katherine, Charlotte, Frankie and Evangeline as each of them fights their own battle for survival, somehow ending up together on a journey to peace, redemption and possibly..... a cure?

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In a desperate attempt to secure a roof over her younger sister's head, nineteen year old Allie Winthrop takes a job that no one else seemed too eager to apply for. The job is a maid position for a well to do family who had made a fortune in both the ranching and railroad industries. Her bosses, Mr. and Mrs. Treadwell, aren't exactly the friendliest of people. Pure snobs truly is what they are, but Allie is used to being looked down on by the wealthy. All she cares about is that the jobs pays well and offers room and board to not only her but her sister, Amelia. The Treadwell's had even agreed to allow Amelia to get schooling from the woman they employed to teach their own children. Life with the Treadwell's is better than the life that Allie and Amelia had known before and Allie feels content and secure until Amelia starts speaking of a man in the attic. Spurred by her sisters stories and by the Treadwell's startling reactions to her questions about the attic, Allie decides to take a look for herself. What she discovers there will change her life forever.

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Dancing with the Devil

*** Ansel Adams, or Ance as those he knows tend to call him, is a bad man though he didn't consider that to be his fault. His father had been a bad man, his grandfather had been a bad man--hell as far as Ance knew he came from a long line of men were just a bitten rotten down at their core. Everyone that knew Ance knew he was a man who would never change, never give up his lifestyle, never settle down....Until Penelope Reynolds came sobbing into his life. Ance hadn't given much thought to offering this rich man protection as he took a load of stolen goods to market until he realized that the banging sound coming from the crate was a tiny little blond with pigtails, freckles and a bad leg. Suddenly he's struck with a choice. Save the girl and return her to her family or simply let life do what life does and chalk it up to bad luck for little Penelope--in the past the latter choice would have been easy, but not now. *** Audrey Reynolds had never been so afraid in her life. Her daughter has been stolen. Her daughter is all she has left in the world since the murder of her husband five years earlier. Desperate to find Penelope, Audrey enlists the help of U.S. Marshall Rodger York who also happens to be the man who's been trying to marry her since the day after her husband had been placed under the ground. They embark on a journey to find Penelope and Rodger has vowed to kill whoever took the girl away. But things go wrong and Audrey learns that the very man she went to for help might be the man responsible for every bad thing that's happened in the last five years...... Will Audrey find a way to survive but more importantly will she ever see her daughter alive again?

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Raquel and Evan (3rd prequal to werewolf series)

3rd and final prequal in werewolf stories. This story tells how Raquel met Evan!

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Bethany and Greg (1st prequal to the werewolf series)

Part 1 of three prequals to my werewolf series. This story tells about how Bethany and Greg met... I hope you like it!

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Innocence and the Outlaw

Wyoming Territory 1884Leah lived a sheltered and comfortable life. It changes the night she goes against her family's wishes and runs away to marry her beau. Attacked by a band of outlaws, her beau apparently murdered, Leah is thrust into the fear of the unknown with men who seem pure evil.Confusion accompanies the explainable passion she feels toward the tall Indian who is holding her prisoner and yet keeping her safe inside this camp of outlaws?Chase Caldwell was raised a man who took what he wanted to survive without guilt. He had never thought anything could change that until Leah came tumbling into his life and made him question the way he was living. A love unlike any other but it seems impossible. Will peace ever find these young lovers or will Leah's family or Chase's outlaw past and Indian blood keep them forever apart?

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Breaking Boundaries (5th in Breaking Series)

**Be aware that this is a manXman story so if that bothers you then please don't read! 5th in Breaking Series. There are certain things that make a man a man in late 1870's Texas. Being able to rope, ride and handle cattle to name a few. Shooting from the hip, playing poker and throwing back whiskey never hurt either. Nick could do all those things but none of that would matter if anyone knew the truth about him-if anyone knew his secret. So to protect that secret, Nick keeps to himself as he works on the ranch at Atkinson Spread. He likes his job and the bosses are decent but Nick is lonely. Covered in scars, both of the physical and emotional variety, he longs for one person he can truly be himself around. That one person he can love. Aiden is running. He's been running since his family realized what he was, called him an abomination and cursed him to death. Bakerstown Texas is where his legs and his will to run finally give out. Somehow he finds himself hired on to work at Atkinson spread though he knows nothing about cattle. He has already resigned himself to a life alone but that thought goes out the window when he lays his eyes on a ranch hand named Nick. Even then, Aiden knows he can't have Nick. Nick doesn't seem to suffer from the same condition that Aiden was born with and so there's not a lot Aiden can do about his attraction to the other man. Until a night at the saloon goes a bit too far......Can these two men be together or will their secret be found out and their disease dealt with the frontier way?

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Alex and Angelica (7th in werewolf series)

7th and final in the werewolf series. Alex comes home to visit his family and instead finds his mate in a skinny, scarred, eccentric and slightly crazy Angelica. At first he runs from the truth but something brings him back. Can he help her heal and will they find true love?

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Kaylee and Damien (6th in werewolf series)

6th in werewolf series. Damien is a demon. Cold, emotionless and empty but Kaylee makes him want to change. Will their love be enough to overcome his secret and her family as he learns what it is like to truly feel

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Kayleb and Vanessa (5th in werewolf series)

5th in werewolf series. Takes place 2 years after Laney. A new foe is murdering families and stalking children. A desperate mother turns to police for help and finds more than just protection in Kayleb's arms, but will the family be able to protect her and her daughter from this new threat?

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Laney and Hunter (4th in werewolf series)

4th in werewolf series. Laney is now twenty-six years old and she finally meets her mate. There's just one problem; he's half vampire and convinced he's evil

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