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Barter (ScarletAmerica)

Set Pre-Serum Steve Rogers.Steve is determined to help with the war effort; he can't bear to sit on the sidelines while so many men, including his best friend Bucky, are willing to lay down their lives in an attempt to end tyranny. However, how could he jump into the midst of combat with so many health complications, not the least of which was the crippling asthma that made him keel over every time he had to run a few meters? What good would he be to the war effort if he couldn't even see straight enough to look down the end of the barrel of a rifle?There seems to be some unnatural forcing leading the German Army to a swift a brutal victory. Steve, so determined to join, would make a deal with the Devil Himself to help put a stop to the German offensive. Fortunately for Steve, someone has been watching him. Someone with the power to tip the scale in the favour of either side. What price is Steve willing to pay to prove his bravery?ScarletAmerica (aka Steve Rogers x Wanda Maximoff)Hades/Persphone Based Story.

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Cotillion Chaos (dair)

The rest of the morning makes little sense as her mother tries to explain that the families have struck a deal in which Blair in her good fortune and generosity will train with Dan for the Cotillion. "Why not have Serena do this with him? He's going to be her escort." "Serena hasn't agreed to go yet and her grandma wants to surprise her with this development."Typical. Blair's hard work becomes Serena's magic. Dair Fanfic. Set 1x10.

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My Trip To... (ShikaIno)

Ino is determined to have the best trip of her life! While she may have gone to Disney World a couple of times with her family, this will be the first time she'll go with her whole graduating class for a week! That means her dreamy crush, Sasuke will also be there as well!Now if only her childhood friend, Shikamaru would buzz off!

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New Year. New Boy?

Sakura's been dumped. There was no mistaking the heartbreak when her ex-boyfriend walked out the door. She thinks she's inconsolable. She isn't sure how she's going to go on until she meets a certain blond who throws her heart in a tailspin. Maybe her happiness didn't walk out the door with her ex.NaruSaku Modern AU with some ShikaIno!

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It's Her Again... ( shikaino )

As if Ino was jealous. She didn't get jealous. The very thought of it is ridiculous. Shikamaru was not a guy worth getting jealous over, especially if he's going to go for some sandy blonde who was practically only the skanky version of Ino. But who was really in most denial here...? ShikaIno modern high school romance.

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Friday Night ( ShikaIno )

Something happened during the war. It wasn't just how they had both lost their fathers tragically in a heartbeat. It wasn't how he had become such a strong shinobi. It was when she was for sure they had met their end and all she wanted to do was fall into his arms one last time. This is in thanks! I couldn't do it without you guys! We've hit over 3,000 reads on My Trip To... and this was the only way I could think of thanking you guys! Thank you so much!

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Finding You Earlier ( Snowing )

Maybe Mary Margaret and David don't need saving. Maybe all they need is each other.Pre-Season 1 AU Story

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