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Beyond The Multiverse Of Spiders And Shadows

(Sequel of Spiderwoman and Venom: Origin and Shadow Monarch from Another World)Spiderwoman, Yesenia Gómez Luna the God of Light and Spider Queen of the Symbiotes, and Shadow Monarch, Park Jisoo the Queen of the Dead and Kings, are now dealing with side effects after The Spot's defeat and evil gods who want to conquer the multiverse. It was a supposed short job because Rulers were helping them, but Jisoo accidentally caught the attention of the Justice League for killing Darkseid and wiped Apokolips for his attempt. Because Batman and his family are trying to connect the reason why Shadow Monarch was murdered, Jisoo encounters Jason Todd the Red Hood, Gotham's deadliest vigilante.Their job as Gods got more complicated than before.

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 Spiderwoman and Venom: Origin

Yesenia "Yessi" Gómez Luna was your average teenager from a Latino and Indigenous background, living in Los Angeles, Downtown Long Beach. Well-known for her talent, intellect, and creativity as well, as her sassy, sarcastic humor. She is promised with future ahead of hers in one of the best high schools in LA along with her friends. She thought everything would be fine and stay the same but she was wrong for sure. During her last year in middle school, Yessi gets bitten by a strange spider, gifting her with superhuman powers such as web shooting, wall clawing, and super senses. It wouldn't get weirder for her until she gets forced as the host of a black slime alien named Venom and crazy superhuman villains crashing into Los Angeles. This isn't your Spiderman story about Peter Parker, Miles Morales, or Gwen Stacy in New York. This is the coming-of-age story of Yessi and Venom as they learn about friendships, partnership, compassion, tragedy, grief, pain, hardship, and love as she becomes Spiderwoman of LA and her strong bond with the symbiote Venom.

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Chronicles of Booktok and Anime Characters

This chat and session of everyone's favorite book, show film, and anime series. Folk of the Air/The Cruel Prince, Shatter Me, Caraval/Once Upon A Broken Heart, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Six of the Crows, Spiderverse, Jujutsu Kaisen, My Hero Academia, Gintama, and more. Also, my OCs will be included in the comedy and drama. And yes, there will also be animated characters such as Dreamworks and Disney.

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Huntress and The Wolf (Book 1)

(The Hunter and the Prince series)When she was a little girl, her entire world was turned upside down and destroyed.Her tribe was attacked, her home was invaded, and her dear mother was taken away from her by the cruel Imperial Army of Wao, the Great Empire of both mortal and immortal realms. Soona, a young Indigenous girl swore retribution against the Great Golden Empire of Wao and their rulers, God Emperor, and his family. Years of living in the Faerie Realm who kindly took in her tribe after the invasion, she trained to be the most excellent hunter alive and earned the title of Warchief, her mother's tribal position. Before she could have it, she must go into the outskirts of Wao and hunt down her very first target, the Regent Prince who is taking charge of the military power and known as the Heartless Prince who doesn't shed tears or blood, the cruelest and coldest out of the Emperor's sons. Her mission is easy, hunt him and finish him off before going to the next one but her mission becomes complicated when she fails to kill him and gets his attention as far as he swears to capture her for attempted murder. Now she has to deal with her enemy as they get tangled with each other's lives and get to know each other, even their traumas and scars of the past.Will she abandon her vengeance or complete it?{Trigger Warnings! Violence, Murder, Depression, Blood Depiction, Mental Issues, Trauma, Abuse, Imperialism, Suggestive Theme, Death, Suicidal Thoughts, Genocide, Slavery, Gore, Racism, Child Abuse, War}

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Shadow Monarch from Another World

Park Jisoo, cousin of the former Weakest Hunter to the S-Ranked Hunter Sung Jin-Woo and also, one of the Shadow Monarch and successor of the King of Death, Ashborn. After eliminating the all the Monarchs, Jin-Woo used the Cup of the Reincarnation to restart a new world and bringing back her maternal family and the others. But after Jin-Woo did it and went back to his new world, Jisoo was somehow left behind with Ashborn along with the Shadows due of her ability unable to leave behind Shadows whom she cared. Ashborn explained to Jisoo since Shadow Monarch wasn't longer enemies to the Rulers, they should start their own world. Jisoo along with her Shadows end up being teleported into a strange world of Heroes and Villains who were fighting in a deadly battle. "Well, looks like I have to save the day again""Who are you?!""Me? Well, I'm just the Shadow Monarch from Another World"

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My Second Life as a Princess

When Diana, the beautiful dancer of Siodonna and mother of the beautiful Athanasia, died through childbirth and hoping her lover, Claude to love their daughter. She thought she was going to afterlife unlit she meets a beautiful Moon Goddess who shows her the painful truth of the future and cruel fates of her lover and daughter. Shock and devastated, she begged the Goddess to reincarnated back to her world to protect Athanasia and give Claude a beating for his life as saving him from his older brother. The Goddess named Selene grants her wish and split her soul into fragment before reincarnating her back to her world.Diana is soon reborn as her child self in the northern lands, far away from Obelia. Confused where she is before she meets a beautiful, yet vulgar northerner woman named Ingrid Magnusdottir, the First Grand Princess of the Kingdom of Nordia and the Werewolf Princess as well, a Pirate Captain. She soon adopts her as her daughter and takes her to her newly life as the Princess of Nordia. Diana is determined to change the fates of her daughter and her the man she loved after she beats him and enjoying her new family despite, they're werewolves and her adoptive younger sister whose Shaman and she knows her secret. Will Diana change fate of her loved ones or things will get more complicated after her lover finds out the truth. (This is also, crossover story and OCs, and where Athanasia is reincarnated)

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Princess of Siodonna and Obelia

When Diana, a dancer of Siodonna and the beloved of the Emperor of the Obelian Empire, Claude de Alger Obelia, told him that she was pregnant with his child, they were extremely happy about it. But something happened, few days after she told him, she finds the book of "Lovely Princess" and she is shocked by the book holds future of her beloved and her beloved daughter. She finds out that her dear daughter Athanasia was going live the life of forgotten princess and neglected by Claude, her beloved due to her death during childbirth and him favoring another girl who isn't his daughter as executing their daughter in the progress for a crime she didn't commit. Feeling distraught, betrayed and hurt by this destined future, Diana seeks the help of a old friend to get her and her close friend and soon to be the nanny of her daughter, Lilian York out of the Obelian Empire with the help of Imperial Magician. Before Claude could find out the dangers of her pregnancy and him making her to choose. They left and went to Siodonna which turn out Diana is secretly a royal.Diana managed to give birth to her daughter Athanasia safely with the help of her old friend and the Imperial Magician. After years living in Siodonna with Athanasia being the Princess of Siodonna than the Crown Princess of Obelian Empire, Claude haven't stop looking for them. Which fate brings them together. Will Athanasia fill her destiny as the Crown Princess of the Obelian Empire?Will Diana managed to trust again Claude despite destined predictions?Will they able to save Obelia from the Former Emperors?(WMMAP Crossover!)

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Suddenly I became a Mother

(Remake of Who made a Mother)People stated that people get reincarnated due to a regret they had in their previous life. Diana Rose, the reincarnation of Diana of Siodonna, the mother of Princess Athanasia and the true love of the Emperor Claude of Obelian Empire. A dancer of Siodonna, now currently ballet dancer and adoptive daughter of former ancient Viking nonhuman. Living her normal life as often being confused by the strange empathy towards the previous life of Princess Athanasia in the Lovely Princess and her struggles to protect herself in Who made me a Princess Manhwa.She didn't know what she was feeling like this unlit one day, she came cross with magician and send her to the world of Who made me a Princess as surprising the Young Princess Athanasia. Yeah, pretty crazy. Now, Diana must help out Athanasia and Lucas to save Claude from the curse as trying to stay a low profile due to Claude being a hawk to her and not getting exposed by his half older brother Anastacius. But that's what she fears the most, what is genuinely scares her is that her adoptive mother looking her and she won't like what Claude been doing to her lonely daughter. "Athy is dealing with this annoying problem due to her idiot ancestor and her sus uncle while Claude...He needs a doctor and sweater I don't wanna look more at his abs! Gosh, and the worst is Indie is looking for me and she probably cut off Claude's head and puts on a horse. Screw it, I will protect Athy from those bastards and find a way to help out Claude, that's the least I can do for them".(Ingrid Rosenberg will be part of the main characters)

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Thousand Winters: Cats and Love (Coming Soon)

(Spin off of the Tokyo Revengers: Girl who fights Destiny)This is the story of Matsuno Chifuyu, Baji's 3rd Vice Captain, partner of Takemichi and his great ally during his previous timeline. After Takemichi along with Yuna and Mikey created the best timeline for everyone, Chifuyu must take toughest challenge of his life that he never did before. He must make his girlfriend, Tamashiro Naomi the tough as nails and headstrong vice leader of Artemis happy and giving her the best youth romance by knowing she didn't have good childhood due of the annoying boys and their racist commentsWill he make it or get teased by Baji who often gets hit by La Chancla as Kazutora calling the funeral services on him. Especially now when his predecessor Sato Ryusei is back and dealing more crap than usual. So much for youth romance.

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Shibuya Baddest

During the battle between Toman and Valhalla on Bloody Halloween, before Baji could stab himself in order save Kazutora from the murderous wrath of Mikey. Takemichi along with Toman and others suddenly got teleported into a high school. But not any high school, a delinquency high school filled of the most notorious, craziest and fighting junkie delinquents known as the Demon School. Yoiki High School, the baddest of Shibuya. Because of their sudden appearance in their school, the high schoolers didn't like it along with leader of the school which Takemichi not only he find out that his girlfriend and Emma ended up there but also, he was somehow in the early 2020s. Takemichi makes a risky deal with demonic ruler of Yoiki High School in order to stop Kisaki from controlling Toman or another delinquent high schools despite his time leap abilities not working, he relies on his foresight and makes an alliance with the fearsome and mysterious Demon Lord. "They say that Kings are victorious but that's bullshit. The Queens are the ones who are wins and are victorious. So, Hero, what is that seek from the Demon Queen?"

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Tokyo Revengers: White Demon

(Tokyo Revengers Live Action Fanfiction)During the battle of Toman against Moebius where Draken was stabbed and Takemitchy fought his life against Kiyomasa, his bully.What if there was someone else? Someone who mysterious appear and nearly kill Kiyomasa as giving him the biggest scare of his life. The Legendary White Demon. Kang Yuna, half Korean teenager who return to Tokyo two months ago and to catch up with her friends as catching the eye of Commander of the Tokyo Manji Gang, Sano Manjiro, Invincible Mikey and becomes ally of Takemichi. While she seems rather mysterious and cold, she holds a secret and a trouble past that no matter how much she tries. she can't never escape from it but still, fights it. "They say destiny holds your fate and controls it. I don't believe that bullshit since I created my own destiny, and I don't need someone to save me from my bad ending. After all, I was once a princess and I was never rescued, but I saved myself before becoming a Queen""I'm a Queen as well, a Demon. I don't need a King to fight my battles".

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Tokyo Revengers: The Girl who fights Destiny

(Previously known as Tokyo Revengers: The Runaways)In each fate in Takemichi's journey to save his girlfriend and his friends is always ends in a worse and horrible. But what if there was someone who could help and undo all the deaths of his friends and love ones?Yuna Kang, a young woman of Korean descent who has been one of Mikey's closest friends from childhood and best friend alongside Draken. She's been running away from her past for a very long time but too has a sad and mournful future. But when she meets Takemichi Hanagaki and his childhood friend who was the former Black Dragons Captain from the Seventh Gen and new allies from each different gangs comes into her life and gives her some powers to see what would happen in the future of her loved ones?"In each vision of my future self shows, I see death and grief, even the alternatives that Takemichi rewrites....""I'm tired of running away in each timeline and always suffering and crying. I wanted to change it. I wanna change the future where everyone can be happy and safe...""Takemitchy...Draken.....and Mikey. I'm stopped running away and prevented from everyone suffering...I, Hiro-kun, and the others...we will save you from your suffering and I will make that bastard Kisaki pay for everything that he did to us in the past and future. I will kill that bastard"

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Marchioness Diana

I got reincarnated as Diana Cisneros, tragic and pitiful villainess who had a completely awful life as a abandoned empress and concubine of a trashy male lead!Seriously! How the hell she can be a evil woman when she's been abused and mistreated by this bastard Crown Prince?! I mean he's purely trash and garbage bastard!Even he violent her and made her lose her kid as executing her after she stabbed him when he revealed that he killed her father, Marquess who loves her and cares her. I mean seriously he's trash along with female lead!The OG Diana's spirit watches over me to see what I'm going to do with this second chance of this current life I got. She doesn't want her father, her maids, servants and her March to die by the hand of this cocky, arrogant piece of shit of Prince. Well, watch me, Diana. I won't let your family died or I won't be this bastard Crown Prince's fiancée.After, screw being empress. I rather be the Regent Marchioness. (Based out of Abandoned Empress, but this one will be different with Isekai protagonist and more better than manhwa which MC won't end up with trashy prince)

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We shall find our own Happy Ending

'Are you kidding me'That's what I thought as I find out I got reincarnated into so called Romantic Fantasy novel I read which of all the people I could've lived a normal life, I got reincarnated as Elisha Elizondo, a tragic character who dies by the hands of Male Lead's perverted dad after her own father force her became his concubine? Even my own siblings? Screw this and my Dad for being asshole. I run away with my siblings as disowning my very own 'father' as living sercetly with my maternal grandfather, Marquess Valencia. While living few years with Grandpa, I meet the Villainess Rosabella Bardales who was in her weakest state and seems that she run away from her annoying father. I felt sympathy for her and I took her in by knowing her painful past. Seriously, why tragic people like her and my siblings are always suffering by the same bullshit of our so called 'Families'?Even knowing why OG Elisha was chosen as the Male Lead's dad concubine. "Elisha, no matter what happens, I promised to be by your side...even if the world, calls you a witch or monster"I look back and seeing the Dragon Lord who looks at me gently and showing me some comfort. I smile before I look at him with pink dusts on my pale face. "Thanks, Draco. For being by my side, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart". We shall find our happiness and have own Happy Ending.

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Her Grace, Medea Solon (Hiatus)

I got reincarnated as Medea Solon.The protagonist of Your Throne and framed as Villainess who tried to kill the Crown Princess Psyche. I died after being stabbed by some bastard to tried to stab my friend but I end up beating him up before I died from the wound. I thought I was going to lived my second life with rough, abusive childhood with her bastard father and her bitch of her mother along with stopping that bastard Eros from taking advantage of Psyche. But I was wrong. I end up as the princess of Grand Duchy Solon in Obelian Empire instead of the lady of the Duchy Solon in Vasillios Empire. And my parents ain't like OG Medea's parents, they're good and living parents along with Dekis. I end up living with my life as Medea and became Grand Duchess which of course, enjoying my boring but peaceful life with Psyche, Perion, Diana, Dekis, Claude and some others. But somehow, drama always wants me to suffer. I got invited to go to Kingdom of Wigdrasil where the Great Five Families from Way to Protect the Heroine's Older Brother/ Roxana?You gotta be kidding me?Of course, I joined and I somehow got the attention both families, especially that annoying bastard Dion who he's been watching over me and kind of stalking me. This brat. "For being a Grand Duchess, you don't show fear towards me""Well, you might raised as weapon, but you poor unfortunately soul...I was raised as a Villainess"After all, I am Medea Solon. (This is restart of my original story again)

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Haikyuu Mafia: The Birds of Prey

In Japan, there are 10 fictions of Mafia which each fiction wants the control of Tokyo that creates this rivalry between the fictions. But there's a fiction were grain allies and fighting their way on. Karasuno, one of the infamous Mafia and crows of prey. Karasuno has splendid members and their strongest decoy Shoyo Hinata and his partner Tobio Kageyama. Hinata and Kageyama along with Tsukishima and Yamaguchi are the youngest members of Karasuno but somewhat incredible and with amazing abilities that the enemies of Karasuno want them, mostly Hinata. In order to protect their members from getting targeted or kidnap by their enemies, they need to do something crazy but scary to keep their members safe. Their Headmaster Keishin Ukai got the stupidest idea of finding the older kid of the most dangerous assassin family and kidnap for the family helps them. But it didn't turn out the way they wanted.

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Gintama: Her unlikely opponent

Sakata Kagura always been a tomboy with family issues. She promised herself that she wouldn't fall in love which in her second year, a cute freshman boy Okita Sougo confessed to her but she rejected him. After that, she never seen Okita which he transfers into a different school that she felt bad. Two years, Kagura as a senior got very popular by her beauty and her strenght but she still rejected herself to love someone in a romantic way that many of her underclassmen saw her more cold-hearted than her best friend Nobume.But one day, a new student transfers into Gintama school was devilishly handsome guy which turns out to be Okita that brings Kagura's no romantic love plans crashing down by her sadistic prince love interest. "Kagura-senpai, you're still so cute since the day you rejected me. even you got prettier as hot""S-S-STAY AWAY FROM ME! YOU SADIST!""You're so cute when you're embarrassed"

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Mafia Love (Melizabeth)

Elizabeth Leoneis was just a nornal nineteen year old who a student of College St. Mary of Los Angeles and waitress of a café. She's so innocent as she never know about her parents's work and they did for living since she moved out and living with best friend Gelda. Unlit he come for her. Meliodas Drake American Mafia's Demon King of the Seven Deadly Sins. Elizabeth was kidnapped from her school and now, being in custody as well, hostage of Meliodas himself. His personal maid. Our dear and sweet Elizabeth end up knowing from Meliodas about the truth about her parents who are Lords from the French Mafia and the greatest warlords of her family name. But that's not the only thing she find out. Elizabeth end up fallin' in love with Meliodas who he end up having romantic feelings for her as well, physically. Just how long he have to win agaisnt all the French Mafia unlit his newborn child is born?

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Beauty and the Beast

In a land of magic and Gods with modern things. Abigail Christian the eldest daughter of Barak Christian the Chief Warrior of Magdalene Town, feels lonely and mistaken by town people who thinks of her weird, strange and funny for being a bibliophile and intelligent than girl who cares about her looks, worry about her hair or being lady who's wants to get marry with the handsome guy.her only friends are her brothers, librarian and her father the most. Soon then, her father got prison by Demon like beast in a magical castle with living housewares. Abigail confronts the Beast as he takes her as his new prisoner which upside down her world.Little that she knows, the Beast was actaully a Half Demon Prince, little she knows that he got cursed along with his servants who become houdewares. But it wasn't a Enchantress who cursed him, no, it was the Goddess of Love and Beauty Venus. "This rose will be your timer of the curse unlit your 2021 birthday. If you learn love a other and earn the other's love back before the last pettle falls, the curse will be broken. If not, you will be forever a beast"

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Rewriting the Stars

Elizabeth Liones, a Half American and Mexican teenager with her adoptive sister Abigail dream about becoming singers since they were children. But she's couldn't since she need to help out her adoptive family and the Cafe called Eden's Soul with her adoptive siblings and friends. One day, her best friend Gelda's accidentally post a video of her and Abigail singing that reach into the most famous band in whole America.The Seven Deady Sins.Meliodas Drakon, the band leader went to Elizabeth's school and ask her and her sister to join his band as well, become their song writer but her answer shock the whole group and school. "Sorry, but no and I'm not interesting with your pop band group. I'm more into Christian Rock"

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My Little Red Riding hood (Melizabeth)

Did you get this weird feeling someone or something was always watching you?did you ever felt it in your veins as saying it's not real and it's never will happen? did you ever feel like it could be true love or just lust for beautiful prey with red hood jacket?well, it does now...I used think my aunt's stories were just fairy tales or stories to scared the children for being naughty but... I never thought it was happen, escipally me.My whole world change when a golden large wolf with jet black eyes corner me in tree as seeing his huge fangs while growled this..."MINE!"

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I need a Gangsta (Melizabeth)

Elizabeth is a worker in Drake's Inc which she gets so stress and tired of her boring job and her annoyed boss...Meliodas DrakeElizabeth wanted to be a singer or manager for adoptive sister dueling she's wanting to explore the world and seeing how Israel and Greece looks like than being in New York with her childish boss...but what happens if our beloved princess finds out about Meliodas's little secret...Talking a love and grief situation.Will Elizabeth keep the secret of Meliodas and quit her job to become a singer or she will help him and falling in love with her gangsta boss?Well, how the old say goes..I need a Gangsta to love me better, that all gangsta do..(And yes, this fiction doesn't involved fantasy. Oh how I hate making a non fantasy fiction)

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All I ever need was you (Hyakkimaru and Dororo)

Hyakkimaru Daigo, the son of Jukai and Nui Daigo the most richest of the Japanese' clan he's still not felt any feeling or emotion since he's girlfriend, Mio Hayami die. Hyakkimaru lost all of his emotions and feelings as his younger brother, Tahomaru and his friends tried to make him smile and regain his emotions.But nothing was working unlit everything change when new student goes to their school and class. Hyakkimaru ended up being mesmerized by new girl who was a bit of a tomboy but little they know that the girl was one of the most dangerous gangs in japan and the daughter of the gang Naginata's leader.Dororo Ayano...

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You're my guardian angel (Melizabeth)

Elizabeth Liones is a goddess who the princess of Liones find herself with two hybrids are half vampire and werewolf called vampwolf. she decided to be their guardian to protect them from the rulers of vampires and werewolves. So she run away from them with vampwolfs and even from her family and kingdom. they run away for three long years since they put in the wanted poster. Everything almost seen lost of hope but she ended up meet the most wanted people of Liones. The seven deadly sins...

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