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Dear...I love you #ToAllTheBoysContest

What you're about to read is a love letter I wrote and never sent. I decided to share it through the #ToAllTheBoys contest. Now without further ado Dear....I Love You.

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Count My Scars ➳ Teen Wolf [book 1]

She's not broken, she's stronger than everDaire Argent isn't like most teenage girls. As the daughter of Kate Argent, she has been raised to hunt werewolves and other supernatural creatures. But she isn't like most hunters either, after every kill Daire cuts into her flesh. One scar for every life she took. Because the werewolves aren't the monsters. She is.Abandoned by her mother who believes her daughter to be broken, Daire moves with her aunt and uncle to Beacon Hills. Where she makes some unlikely friendships and proves once and for all that she isn't broken.Just count her scars{Season 1}Finished and currently editing

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Unbreakable➳ Lahey [book 2]

Kate Argent's dead. Derek's an alpha with a new pack. Gerard Argent head of the hunters is in town, declared war against everything that isn't human. and Daire is no longer human. The pack also faces a new enemy that lurks in the shadows, whose only purpose is to kill. As the lines between good and evil are blurred, unlikely alliances are formed and a new werewolf captures Daire's heart.Everyone realizes...Daire is no longer a broken weapon someone can control.She's Unbreakable.{Season 2}Completed.

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Beyond the Stars, A Journal.

A collection of little journals from my senior year of high school.

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