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My Winters Spring

Nala struggles with a manipulative mother. Jinx battles guilt from the death of her brother and father. Jihoon feels the need to maintain perfect grades while questioning what he really aspires to do. Madeline is forced to keep her image despite hating being in the spotlight of popularity. Graham just wants to be known as someone other than "the gym kid". Although the 5 of them would not typically be found together, a suspicious class forces them to befriend each other. Whether by fate, chance, or just coincidence that they are put together, it begins an unexpected healing journey for them all.Written from 5 different points of view.

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Story Teasers - a collection of story ideas

Each chapter includes a teaser/chapter of a different story. I have too many story ideas and have a hard time working on one before thinking of another. Some ideas only have a teaser, others will have a whole chapter (depending on how much I worked on it). I'm hoping this helps me decide which ones to expand on.

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