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Fairy Tail's Singer [Discontinued]

There was once a girl named (Y/N). She was also a famous singer in Magnolia. (Y/N)'s magic is a element dragon slayer and was Erza's sister but they had a different past. One day (Y/N) met a girl named Wendy Marvell and this is where her story begin.

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A Fairy's Voice

A Fairy Tail FanfictionYou were an orphan for a majority of your life until you were adopted at 6 years old. Great right? That's what you thought until you got separated from them when you were 7, causing your whole life to change.. [A restart of Fairy Tail's Singer, why? It was pretty well loved by some people so I decided to remake it (and not make the reader op 🥲)] (Natsu x Reader)

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Never give a Mafia Your Love (OC x Nagisa Shiota Story)

Snowflake was abandoned at the age of 6. She taught herself how to survive by herself. She would train herself to get stronger. At the age of 10, Snowflake managed to defeat a Mafia boss by herself. Now she controls her own Mafia gang called the "Midnight Strikes"

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No Matter What You're Still You

(Disclaimer: Edens Zero and the characters in the story belongs to Hiro Mashima. The only characters I own are my OCs.)(Also this won't follow the original manga storyline but sometimes it will)(You have to read some parts of Edens Zero or you won't understand it)Rebecca and Happy brought Shiki to the planet "Blue Garden The Star of Adventurers" . Rebecca and Happy bumped into a familiar person and they will join their adventures. Suddenly Rebecca started to catch feelings for Shiki but she's scared that he might reject her. Then Shiki catches feeling for Rebecca too but doesn't know what love is. But what if someone tries to steal Shiki awayWill Happy and the other person help Rebecca and Shiki be together? Will Shiki end up with someone else?

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Announcement Stuff.....

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