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Oc book

Just a book so I can remember them

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Venom reader x Rainbow six

Blah blah you got a space paras-uugh I mean symbiote from a weird space rock thing now you are badass and shit

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Alibi x male reader

You were invited to rainbow six description done

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Loving a nobody

A normal guy and that guy is Jason and Jason was a nobody in his school (wow shocking) he was a smart guy but was a weak and was constantly bullied for who he was and that made him feel depressed and lonely , his grades started going down and until a new student came to his life

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Dokkaebi x male reader

You were invited to join rainbow six after they have know what you can do , we were a very skilled fighter

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Son of thor | rwby x son of thor reader

Thor had a child and nobody knows who the mother was , he name his son y/n .......He trained him in assguard I mean Asgard to become a warrior and been granted worthy to wield the mighty mjonir , his father's weapon (even though it got destroyed once..spoilers?)

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Mute's insta

Hey this is my insta shut up clock in and load up cause I'll just show you random shit about me

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Opposite attract | male criminal reader x fem Cop

A story of a Criminal that falls in love with the one that was on his tail a long timeHe thought it was just god playing a fool on him but he didn't mind but enough talk let's get to the story also I was bored and thought of this story while My brain is getting rotten from school

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Overwatch lemons

It's 18+ rated soo you can't read it if you are under the age limit even do I'm under the age limit

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Bandito and his shenanigans

Just Bandito the bamboozler just doing his own thing

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Random crap with rainbow six operators

The team do random shit or something....I don't know

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My guardian angel | a gency fanfic |

Genji had a battle with his brother and was struck down lying on the ground dying. waiting till death comes to his door until he was save by an angel. Seeing her made him feel safe and protected. Helped by mercy. he bound he will protect her forever

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