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Magnetic Love- MandJTV x Baseball!Reader

Dive into the captivating world of "Magnetic Love," where the thrill of baseball meets the enchanting allure of online stardom. Follow Y/n, an ardent baseball enthusiast, whose life revolves around stats, home runs, and the love for her favorite team. Little did she know that her world would soon collide with that of MandJTV, a charismatic content creator with millions of subscribers.As Micheal takes his audience on virtual adventures, Y/n finds herself watching every video, hanging on to every word, and gradually falling for the charming YouTuber who shares his passion for the game. But can a connection built through screens and comments truly turn into something real?In a twist of fate, Y/n meets Mikey in person when he attends her baseball game. The encounter sparks an electric chemistry, igniting a journey of friendship, shared interests, and perhaps even romance. But as MandJTV grapples with the pressures of online fame and Y/n navigates the complexities of blending her game life with her newfound connection, they must both find a way to balance their worlds."Magnetic Love" is a heartwarming tale of two individuals from vastly different worlds, brought together by their shared love for baseball and the unexpected ties of the digital age. Will Y/n and Mikey discover that there's more to life than just being a fan or a celebrity? Join them on this rollercoaster ride of emotions, where real life meets the virtual, and love may just be a click away.

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Midnight Moon (present mic x reader)

Y/n's a new student at U.A. High school, and Tenya Iida is tasked with showing her around the school. little did he know that he'd fall for her.

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you saved me. (fundy x reader) (on hold)

Y/n lives with her best friend Wilbur Soot. little does she know, her idol, floris, aka fundy is moving in with them. Fundy has saved Y/n and he didn't know it till she opens up to him. when she finally does, Floris wants to protect Y/n at all costs.

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