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Ben 10: Monsters & Aliens

Monsters & Aliens is my fan made Ben 10 series. Episodes will be released out of order but I sorted them.LANGUAGE WARNING!

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Minecraft Story Mode: Life After Death

Jesse has died, and entered the sprit realm. Will he be able to come back to life?

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Ben 10: M&A characters play Among Us

This isn't canon to the Monsters & Aliens storyline, it just the characters having fun together.They talk in a Discord Server

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Yo-kai Ben 10

What if Ben Tennyson got the Yo-kai Watch instead of the Omnitrix?

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Minecraft Story Mode: The Prince Hero

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Jesse Granger Deception (Minecraft Story Mode x Dark Deception)

Jesse goes to another dimension. He needs to get ring pieces to get back home. We'll he be able to see his friends again?

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Jesse in Legends Arceus (Jesse X Reader)

What if male Jesse from Minecraft Story Mode was in Pokemon Legends Arceus? What would he do? Find out by reading this book!

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Drown (Minecraft Story Mode)

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Jesse and the Multiverse

Jesse finds another version of himself that is from another parallel universe. He needs to team up with her to get her back home.

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Minecraft Story Mode: What If?

This is my What If stories on Minecraft Story Mode. Your free to send me suggestions for each chapter.

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Minecraft Story Mode: The Storm Returns

The Wither Storm has been revived, with new powers and revenge. Will Jesse and his friends be able to defeat her for a second time?

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Jesse's Nightmare (Minecraft Story Mode)

Jesse investigates a abandoned house. Where scary and dark secrets are revealed.This tells in Jesse's POV

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Don't leave me (Jetra story)

This is a Jetra story about life and death

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Jesse vs Besse (Minecraft Story Mode)

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A Giant Problem (Minecraft Story Mode)

Jesse and Petra goes on a adventure in a big world

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Little But Fierce (Minecraft Story Mode Adventures)

This is one of the episodes for Minecraft Story Mode Adventures

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The Multiverse (Miraculous Ladybug fan made story)

A girl named Lizzie Lin, falls into another universe. She meets Ladybug and Cat Noir, but soon to find out she's from another universe. And she's the holder of the Butterfly Miraculous?!

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Order Of The Evil (Minecraft Story Mode)

Besse and the gang have a plan to set the world with chaos. So they helped out an old friend.

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Minecraft Story Mode: Eclipse (finished)

Jesse has the Lycan curse, now every night he becomes a werewolf! Will he be able to control it?

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The Life Of Meda Raccoon

This tells a story about Meda Raccoon (my fan made FNAF character)

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Minecraft Story Mode: Death Escape

Ever heard of the movie "Happy Death Day?" This is basically it but Minecraft Story Mode version. It's about Jesse getting killed, then it restarts the day over and over and over again. This tells in Jesse POV

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