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Naina a orphan marries Sameer the business tycoon . Read in to know about thier journey .

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Broken without you

Manhusiyat track . Not based on serial . Its something different .

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Yeh pyaar nahi aasan

Samaina love or tragedy ! Let see what happens !

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Pyaar ek tarfa

Breakup to love .

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Dosti ❤ Pyaar (ON HOLD)

A story of six frnds .Guys this is not 90's it is 2019 .. For more please look inside ...

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A cute samaina short story ..

So guys , sameer is a very good looking and dedicated person he is the head and CEO of writers association Ltd . Naina a very beautiful girl and also determined is the senior writer of the company . preeti is sister of naina currently has a crush on pandit. Pandit is a good frnd of naina and secretly likes preeti .. swati for a change is sameer's best frnd who is engaged to munna and munna is childhood frnd of naina and cousin of sameer . Swamun and preedit also works in the same company in Mumbai .Sameer is presently in Delhi but he gets promotion to CEO and shifts to mumbai ..

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Ashdeep Os - After marriage

Missing ashdeep !! Read it !

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 Ashdeep Os

It is a ashdeep one shots . I know you all are missing them I am also terribly missing them . Do read . I hope you will like it .

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💞 Starting Of Love : Ashdeep Ts 💞

Ashdeep Ts . Go check it out !!

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Samaina writers and readers

We the shippers of samaina wants to know how are our writer and readers in their real world . let's see :->

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Jaane de mujhe

You should read !!

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I was tagged

I got Some questions and here are my answers

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