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Ribbons the Fire Sylveon

Ribbons is the only Sylveon that knows fire type moves. She's also a shiny which makes her double rare. Believing she is not one of a kind, Ribbons searches the Kalos region to find friends.

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Random Theories

Random. Miraculous, svtfoe, mlp theories. READ THIS!!!

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Rose Gold

Weiss is a regular customer at the Rose Gold Tech shop. But it's not the headphones or games that she goes there for- it's the cute redhead that cashes them. {Whiterose Oneshot}RWBY AU. Rated T.

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The Heiress and the Pupper

Young Heiress Weiss adopts a pup faunus runt named Ruby. RWBY AU/ Whiterose. (Rated M for Chapter 4)

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The Labryinth of Black and Yellow

Yang and Blake wake up in some strange woods far from Remnant. The two must work together to solve puzzles to leave and figure out how they got there in the first place all while not bothering the magical creatures that live there.

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Blake never liked humans. They enslaved her kind and tore her family apart. But the human that buys her doesn't use her as intended. How unusual.RWBY (Pet Faunus AU) T

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Miraculous: Tail and Nutty

A new mysterious miraculous holder named Tail appears and there is something that makes her different from the others. At school a young girl with a high I.Q. named Tina transfers to Marinettes class and befriends Marinette and Adrien to make them a couple. Meanwhile a magic evil cat named Pearl aligns with Hawk Moth to take the superheroes down.

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The Story Of Flurry Heart

Flurry Heart is now 1 years old and gets a Magic Pet named Treasure Gem;Queen Chrysalis and King Sombra are planning to kidnap Flurry. Will Treasure Gem prove she is worthy of being Flurry's Magic Pet Guard and get Flurry back or will nopony see Flurry ever again?

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What anime I'm an otaku for and maybe u too!

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Pokemon: Mixes That Match

Team Rocket, Ash and friends find themselves in the Maho region and their Pokemon taken by Emperor Solar and the eeveeultions. To return to Kalos and retrieve their Pokemon, they must catch the starter Pokemon of Maho and bring them to Empress Eevee. However it's a task that the other prisoned trainers have failed.

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Kwami: A Beginners Guide

A guide about the kwami in miraculous ladybug.

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The Shipping Book

A book of all OUR fave ships of the world. Pokemon, Miraculous, mlp, star vs the forces of evil and anything you suggest in the comments!

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