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The Vampire and The Demon

aiming her crossbow at the vampire sakura bit her bottom lip.Rudolph unphased crossed his arms. Sakura was human for now, revealing a fang.

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Young Dracula.

"Vladimir!" a voice echoed throughout the castle of Stokely as Vlad looked to see his older brother Rudolph Dracula."Rudol, what's the matter?" Vlad looked at his brother.

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The Heart Stealer

"Draco, don't you dare!" Edward growled fury in his eyes, staring his brother downDraco sneered at his brother, seeing he was seething with anger Blade scowled, shoving Draco. "Enough Draco!"Edward escaped his girlfriends grip as his fist connected with his brothers face

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His and Her marriage

A woman named Roxanne is married to a billionaire named Lucian Farwell they divorce because Lucian is in love with someone else.After six long years Roxanne returns to the country with her twin boys. She has quadruplets the eldest boy and the girl separated from her at birth leading her to believe they are dead until they are all reunited and become a family again this time a happy family and have three more children when the older four are older two are planned one isn't CharactersLucian FarwellRoxanne Farwell (Jarvis until her and lucian remarry)Ellis Farwell (Lucians father)Sonya Farwell (Lucians mother)Edward Farwell (The eldest son of Lucian and Roxanne)Archie Farwell (Jarvis until his parents are married the second son of Lucian and Roxanne)Caleb Farwell (Jarvis until his parents are married the third son of lucian and Roxane)Wednesday Farwell (The daughter of lucian and roxanne)Jake Farwell (The fourth son of Lucian and Roxanne)Asher Joseph (AJ) Farwell (The fifth son of Lucian and Roxanne)Harvey Farwell (The sixth son of Lucian and Roxanne)The Farwell ClanHarry Jarvis (Roxannes father)Hermione Jarvis (Roxannes stepmother)Mavis Jarvis (Roxannes mother)Arthur Jarvis (Rocxannes Half-Brother)Lucy Jarvis (Roxannes Half-Sister)Madlyin Thrope (Daughter of Martha Thrope)Martha Thrope Augustus Reed (Father of Madylin Thrope)The piersons June Pierson (Aubrei's mother)Jasper Pierson (Aubrei's father)Aubrei Pierson (who lucian doesn't marry)The Pierson clanThe Damiras Mason Damiras Jac Damiras (Mason's grandson)The Damiras clan Robin QueenJonas Queen Freya QueenThe Queen clan

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The family of Dracula

Rubbing his thumb across his cold pale chin, looking into the mirror, which gave a crystal clear image of the Stone brick room."I see we have company." A deep element voice of a man rang out hearing footsteps as a female wrapped her arms around him.the male looking behind him, a fang poking at his bottom lip.

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The Apocalypse Outbreak

A zombie apocalypse discriminates and destroys humanity. The remaining survivors fight to survive and bring new life into the apocalyptic world. There are sexual scenes and adult language. This story is not for kids.If you are afraid of needles or have overdosed before, I recommend not reading this story as injections and medical drugs, and smoke able drugs will all appear at some point. I don't want to trigger anyone who's suffered with thisThis story is based in the USA but slowly goes to other countries.Main CharactersCorey LockwellJonathan Lockwell(Father of Corey lockwell)Asher BarnesAnthony Prince Eric LycettChristopher Lycett (Older Brother of Eric Lycett)Pauline Lycett (Mother of Christopher and Eric Lycett)Allan Lycett ( Father of Christopher and Eric Lycett)William Hall Edward Hall(Older brother of William Hall)Shaun Hall (Son of Edward Hall born in the Apocalypse)Michael Hall (Father of Edward and William Hall)Ang Hall (Mother of Edward and William Hall)Phoenix Grimes (Older brother of Carl Grimes)Carl GrimesRick Grimes(Father of Phoenix and Carl Grimes)Lori Grimes (Mother of Phoenix and Carl Grimes)GlennCarol (Mother of Sophia)SophiaEdd (Father of Sophia)Daryl DixonShaneT-Dog (Theodore Daniel)The Green familyAmy Andrea there are many more characters that'll appear throughout this story

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"Pier, hold on!" Marco yelled as he jumped over the broken mast, grabbing his brothers wrists and pulling him back onto the disaster of the rapidly sinking ship.rain violently crashing down the ships wood soaking up every drop becoming dangerously weak lightning struck the middle of the boat as everything went black.will they survive? or be killed at sea.

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Flushed away - Roddy and Ritas love grows

Disclaimer.I don't not know all of Rita's siblings name only two i know are Liam and shocky so i will be making up her siblings names as i go along, this is also my first time doing this so ill try my best.------------------------------------

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