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The Dragon of Broken Talons

Humanity has expanded to the stars. New technologies have been learned, leading to interstellar travel and access to the secrets of the universe. In doing so, they have finally come upon another planet, a planet with life.Hidden within this new planet, trapped under the cruelty of new occupants, lives a dragon. Unsure of who, or what, he is, and ignorant of the outside world, he finds himself satisfied with his current life. But as more secrets are revealed through his flames, and an unknown friend is made, he begins to realise there is much more outside the darkness. A world to which he may soon have access to. A world that he soon may change forever.(Cover done By Zacc McLean)

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Chronicles From the End of an Age

A world in turmoilRising forbidden powersA species brokenThis is the end of the second age. A world in which dragons rule and humans are slaves. A world in which power is the greatest accomplishment and the weak are cast aside.And a war is brewing, one that will divide the planet. With one dragon's hunger for domination, and another's wish to be left alone. With a spy's warning, and a human's quest for revenge. With a daughter's loyalty, and a father's love. These stories will be told, and more, as the greatest war waged in the history of the world unfolds.(Cover by Zacc McLean)

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Ideas, Updates and Other Stuff

This is just a small book containing any ideas I have, general updates on need to know stuff, short stories that are based off any and all books I've written on here and elsewhere as well as things you guys may want me to write. Don't know how much I'll update it or what I'll put in it but its something I decided to do, so have a look and enjoy.

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My Book Reviews

This will be a book of reviews... if you couldn't tell XDIn here will be books that I have enjoyed reading and that I think you will as well, if you've enjoyed what I've written and are looking for other books to read than some of these will be excellent for you. If you're interested at all, have a look :)

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Master of the Mind

Dragons live in fear, hidden away from the world around them in their desparation to survive. Secret dragon havens are spread all over the world as safe places for these dragons to live. But even these havens are becoming unsafe, as the humans after them become more innovative and more dangerous.Eldawin is the first of his kind, a mind-reader dragon. As the only hatchling in his clutch, and with powers that are seen as useless in battle, he quickly becomes one of the outliers in the haven. But he is determined to prove his worth, if only to conquer the pity others feel for him. However, with his powers not growing and his fellow hatchlings far outmatching him, he turns to the one being that can help him. One that opposes everything he has learned and seen. A human.(Cover by Taashack24. Find them on Instagram under @ackerley_art. Thank you so much for the hard work XD)(Original cover coming soon)

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The Silver Reckoning

Book 3 of 'The Silver Trilogy'"This isn't a fight between good and evil. It's a fight between who's right, and who's wrong."The silver dragon has finally been captured by A.O.D.H, the most feared and powerful dragon hunting organisation on the face of the earth, but she quickly finds out not everything is as it seems. A.O.D.H is building something, a machine that may spell chaos for the world, and Silver is needed. Not finding herself with too many other options, she is put to work on the machine, using her metal to make it stronger and stronger, but as she finds out more about what she is helping create she begins to realise that maybe the organisation isn't everything that it seems. Doubt begins to cloud her mind and she realises that it may not be the dragon race that is in danger, but the human one.(Cover made by @Bookcoverchick)

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The Rogue Rider (An Inheritance Fanfiction)

Two hundred and fifty years after the fall of Galbatorix, Alagaesia is a very different place. Trading routes have been opened up all through the world with the country being the center of it all. Ilirea has become a thriving city and has grown immensely, with large businesses bustling, and tens of thousands of citizens living their daily lives. With the dragon riders thriving with the country nothing seems wrong. But with a large city comes a dark underground, and with rumours spreading the streets of a powerful new weapon not even the elves can compete with, the dragon riders find themselves losing what little control they have over the criminals hiding in the shadows.Ragin, professional thief and assassin, has been tasked with an impossible mission. One that has never been achieved before. Stealing a dragon egg. But there is a surprise at the end of this mission, one that no one could foresee.(Disclaimer, I do not own the inheritance series or the characters that appear in it. All rights go to Christopher Poalini who created these amazing books.)(Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture, all rights to the original designer. All thanks to @AdolphSelrah for making the cover.)

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Dragonink 2 Entries

These are my dragonink entries for the second dragonink competition. Have a look an enjoy!

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The Silver Revenge

Book 2 of 'The Silver Trilogy'A.O.D.H is moving, spreading across the globe like a plague. Hundreds of dragons are captured every week. No where is safe. Not even Sky Mountain. A month has passed since the dreadful day that Silver will forever remember. Now the only metallic dragon in the world has an enormous weight falls onto her shoulders that she can barely handle, and as danger is around every corner she finds it more and more difficult to grasp onto reality. When an assignment is passed up to send a message to another Dragon Haven somewhere in Antarctica she finds herself volunteering for the mission, hoping that time away from the mountain will help her. But when a completely new species of dragon from A.O.D.H attacks she finds she has another mission... to free this new dragon.Raize is a simmering heat of rage. He doesn't joke anymore, doesn't play. All he does is train, building himself up more and more, hellbent on getting revenge on the human that destroyed his life. But as he grows in power and that anger under his scales increase, the dragon's around him begin to worry for their safety.(Cover made by @Bookcoverchick)

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The Silver Dragon (Unpublished, unedited version)

Book 1 of 'The Silver Trilogy'(This is the unedited, unpublished version! It will have spelling mistakes and errors. But if you do like the story it has been published as a professionally edited and revised book! Look it up on Amazon or Booktopia. The hardcopy will be available from January 30 2018.)A Forgotten HistoryA Broken PeaceA War as Old as Time HimselfIn a peaceful valley hidden deep within America hides a group of dragons. But they can't remain hidden for much longer, and quickly figure out the cost of ignoring the war.Silver is a young dragoness and a metal dragon. One of the only two metal dragons known to be alive. She is beyond eager for adventure beyond the mountain walls of her valley, and little does she know that an adventure is coming right for her. When the valley is attacked by the Association of Dragon Hunters, she finds herself in a human world she knows nothing about. With no one to help her, and hunters behind every corner, she must find a way to fight back or risk the entire dragon race being thrown into captivity. (Cover made by @Bookcoverchick)

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Imagination BK2: The Imagineres

It has been two years since Derrick found out about his powers. Now, he spends most of his time in the 'real' world, flying atop Reflamen. Dragons are becoming an 'accepted' part of society, although there are a few people that are against them, but that is the least of Derrick's problems. A new threat is rising, something far more powerful then even Oreman, and when he gets invited to mysterious place he is beginning to wonder if something even bigger is happening. What he finds out gives him the biggest shock of his life.(Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture, all rights to original owner)(All thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

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Imagination BK1: The Forbidden Blade (Under Editing)

What would happen if someone's imagination was so strong that they were able to create a whole new world from there thoughts? If they could somewhat control what happens in that world and what if they were able to have two bodies,one in there world one in the real world, and what if, eventually, the two worlds collide. Derrick is under this situation, and it all starts when a lightning bolt strikes.(Disclaimer: I don't own the original cover picture, all rights to original owner)(Thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

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A Modern Day Dragon

In a remote army base, far away from any civilisation, a baby dragon is born. This dragon's name is Elron. He never new his parents, and his life is controlled by a strange devise, stuck to his head. He has no control over his actions, and has no choice to obey everything that he is told to do, but Elron has been trapped long enough. He wants out, and he is going to do everything in his power to rescue himself, even if it means death.(Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture, all rights to original creator)(Thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

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The Yurai Saga: The Change (Part 1)

Tergha is at war, and has been at war for thousands of years. A continuous battle, fought for reasons unknown. Millions are killed every year, and children are called forth to fill the ranks. Yet still no one wins, and no one looses. But everything is changed as a young boy from a different world is thrown into the mix.Dale lives in a small farm in south western Australia, but when he stumbles upon a find that completely rips the fabric of everything he believes in he finds himself thrown into a world where dragons rule the skies and technology is far more advanced. Swords fight alongside guns. Dragons fight alongside robots. As he grows into his new role in this world he begins to see what they are really fighting for and the disastrous consequences that will happen if Tergha looses... or wins. (I do not own the cover photo. This belongs to its original owners. The story however belongs to me, as well as any characters that are created.)(Thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

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Wild (An Inheritance Fanfiction)

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the inheritance characters or story lines. All rights to Christopher Paolini for creating these amazing books) In the land of Alageasia there is war. A massive war between the Empire and the Resistance, or the Varden. Both sides want a dragon rider, and they both get one. But, unseen by both, so well hidden that even the elves didn't notice, is a dragon egg, and it's about to hatch.(Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture, all rights to original creator)(All thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

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Imagination Bk3: Fear (On Hold)

Fear, its a force that can drive us to do disastrous things. I know, but this is different. This is more then fear, its... its a nightmare, a destructive force all the power in the universe couldn't stop. Even me, with all my power. It... destroys your mind, corrupts you, makes you mad. I can't defeat it, no matter how hard I try, and now... now, everything thing is lost. How can I win when the kingdom has been destroyed, all my friends dead or turned, the world nothing but a shadow of what it once was? How can I win, when my flame blades have been destroyed, imagination is useless and I have no one to rally behind me? How can I win, when even my own dragon has turned against me?(Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture, all rights to the original owner)(All thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for making the cover)

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The Shape Shifter BK1: Antylor (Sneek Peek)

Caleb has lived an ordinary life, for the most part. He has gone to school, made friends and travelled, yet Caleb has a secret, a big secret that could lead to something far greater. Living in his mind, is the essence of a dragon, a dragon that still lives. This dragon's name is Pennator, and when Caleb finds out that he and Pennator can work together in extraordinary ways, he travels to a remote island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. With his best friend Jack, they begin and adventure of a life time. And when Caleb and Pennator finds out what is really happening, they know they have to stop it. What is this evil? And how on earth will anyone stop anything like this?(Disclaimer: I do not own the cover picture. All rights to the original creator.)(All thanks to @AdolphaSelrah for creating the cover)

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The Thirteen Tests

13 facts about me :) Got tagged in this game on wattpad so I guess now I have to continue the tradition. *sigh*

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