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Little Happiness

It has been an year since wall Maria's destruction and everything is going into chaos. The government is planning to disband the survey corps because of their recent failed mission, corruption inside the walls is increasing, the economic stability is faltering and Levi sits in the middle of it all, left behind at the HQ because of his sprained ankle, and he hated every single hour of his temporary vacation.However, his little 'time off' changes when he meets three eight year old orphans from the Shiganshina district.Alternate universe: - Time line a little altered for the purpose of this fanfiction - Armin and Eren are 7, and Mikasa is 8 when the colossal titan first appears - Eren is 7 when he is given the injection and like the anime/manga, he does not remember - Mr Hannes is died saving Mikasa and ErenAbout the writing:- written in past tense - anything like: $@#* or similar to this means the character is cursing - platonic relationships I may add somethings as the story progresses

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Dying flower

Mariam couldn't sleep at night, so she revisits her memories one last time before the night ends, before she is taken to the Ghazi stadium.Warning: spoilers ahead!Original story by Khaled Hosseini (if you haven't read it and are interested in reading it, DON'T READ THIS FANFICTION YET)cover NOT by me, all credit goes to it's rightful owner.

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Attack on titans season 3 (discontinued)


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Who are the Muttaqeen people mentioned in the holy Quran?

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Chaos chaos roaming the land

A short poem

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Which fanfiction should I write?

Here are some story ideas I have. Rate the plots and I will write the most voted story. You can also leave ideas for stories in the comment. (These plots are rough drafts thus may be changed in future).

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Some hadiths from sahih-al-Bukhari

Hadiths that I found interesting, heartwarming, informative, etc. are all in here. In short, the title says it all. (I will try to update it every day or weekly)

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What is Ramadan?

What is Ramadan? What is it's purpose? Let's revise the purpose and importance of Ramadan together and plan our goals for this blessed month. Ramadan Kareem my dear Muslim friends. All are welcomed to read this.

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She wondered that if a place where her ancestors lived isn't her home, if the place where she grew up, lived and eventually died is not her home, then where is it?

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𝒯𝒽𝑒 π’Έπ“‡π‘œπ’Έπ“€-π“…π‘œπ“‰

Don't ask - if you feel intrigued by the title then just read this story.

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Hold my hand mama

A cute mother and daughter short story. (Spy x family fanfiction)

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Thinking of you

Jess is trying to cope in Beacon town after her twin, Jesse leaves with Petra. [Post - season 2]

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Shattered dreams (one - shot)

Name: Anya Forger a telepathAge: 31Code name: Agent Starlight Occupation: an undercover WISE agent working at SSS, a secret assassinCover job: Works in a restaurantFather: Loid Forger a spy (dead)Mother: Yor Briar an assassin (dead) Uncle: Yuri Briar a SSS officer (dead)Currently injured in a mission and slowly dyingWhat happened after operation strix was over?

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Olivia's Diary

Jessica gifted Olivia a diary for her birthday. Its a good gift but the problem is.....Olivia doesn't know what to write in it. After writing bunch of random stuff, and asking for writing advices from Lukas, Olivia finally decides to write something in her diary and she might discover some comfort from writing.

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MCSM season 3: The beginning of the hunt

A far more powerful being than the admin has been released from the dark realm and the entity is looking for our one and only Jesses who are having weird flashbacks. A new crazy adventure of the order where family mysteries are unraveled.

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