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The Moon's Colors

The Moon isn't always bright white or albino. It can reflect all colors known to mankind but no one was curious enough to wonder. Until one night, a young historian and young gamer receive a message about the Tale of the Moon's Colors, which leads them into an adventure to break the Prophecy of the Shadows. But they aren't the only ones searching...

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Chissmas 2023

December is chilling with art of Days for Chiss Christmas! :D

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Star Wars: Thrantonovember 2023 Fanfic/Drabbles!

A series of Drabbles and fanfics for Thrantonovember

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Star Wars: Thrantober 2023

List of Fanart for Thrantober (Thrawn X Eli Vanto October) this 2023 ^^

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Five Hulks And The Jotun Child

Loki escaped from Asgard with the help of a friend, who has other plans to keep the mage safe and away from those who seek to hurt him...

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Random Star Wars/Rebels Book

Just random lolololol

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A Race Car In Axle City

Blaze and AJ take Speedrick to Axle City to make friends. Doesn't really go so well.

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Little Lightning ~ BATMM One shot

"Where did I go wrong...?" Angst

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Smile~ BATMM One-shot

They could only smile.

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Fast And Powerful

Crusher, a.k.a Shadic Hedgehog-Robotnik, youngest son of Sonic Hedgehog and Shadow Hedgehog-Robotnik, gets lost at a young age and is forced to blend in Axle City. Years later, enemies of his parents come barging into his life... BATMM X STH Crossover

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Miraculous Trucks (on Hiatus)

The cat and ladybug miraculous had been whisked away to a place called Axle City. Ezra lends Marinette and Adrien a hand to get them back, but he's not the only one who tracked him down. Desperate to hide them from Hawkmoth, he chooses the new Ladybug and Chat Noir. Miraculous Ladybug X SWR PADU AU X Blaze and the Monster Machines Crossover

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Prince Of The Stars

On his 18th Birthday, his magic had been restored, and now his kingdom would be next.

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Godling Of The Underworld

When Crusher's father causes an accident in Axle City, the group must journey to Mount Olympus to find help to save their home.

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Red And Blue

A Blasher love story. Feat. Trans! Crusher and Salt! Almost Everyone.

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Missing? (Blaze and the Monster Machines Drabble)

Crusher is missing from the race. Warning: Bad! Blaze. Character Death. Drabble.

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Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are dimming, and Christmas is in danger. Can the group save Christmas in time?

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The Lost Daughter

Dynamite Dominion, daughter of Flame and Phoenix Dominion, sister of Blaze, AJ and Sparkle Dominion, disappeared years ago. When they see her again, she is not who she was before. Half-sibling AU.

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Dangerous And Cold 2: Call Of The Spirit

Months passed since the Ice Queen's fall. Crusher soon gets a trinket that could lead him to his father, who had disappeared just as he was born.

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Fangs And Blood

Something strange was happening to Crusher, and he's about to find the it why.

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Little Lies And Cheats

A lesson in love, cheating, lies, betrayals, and etc. Blueberry Fam AU. Warning: Darry and Pickle salt.

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Flight Of Ina-Sora

He still remembers how they were before HE took over, and he was determined to take their kingdom back from him.

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Magic Twins (Two-Shot)

Twins born with opposite elements. Together, they were unstoppable. Two-Shot.

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Phoenixes And Ice Dragons

Years ago, a war had broken down between the phoenixes and dragons. Now, the war had gone too far, and Blaze and his family are willing to stop it.

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Life For A Life

He had lost his daughter once. He had his chance to get her back. No matter the cause.

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Fins And Tentacles

Captured at a young age, Crusher and Pickle are forced to stay in the surface until help arrived to take them back home to their underwater home.

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Separated Brothers

They were both happy once upon a time, but a tragedy separated them, far, far away. But fate would not drive them apart that easily.

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