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Oh, Billie (Billie Eilish Imagines)

y'all Billie Eilish is just TOO MUCH like honey. I might go completely gay for her.....I am actually gonna have an Imagine book with all artists but like bruh....I just have sooo many ideas for Billie I just can't get her out my head right now its crazy.Sorry for the Artist Imagine Book delay but I still love y'all.

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Exotic 💜💙

"I just want somebody that's FOR ME "

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The Slump God (Stokeley Imagines)

Imagine that...

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Queen for King

His name was Chris Cerulli and he was the most ruthless man in all of Scranton. He ran a business called 'MIW ind.' Weird name right? Just wait till you find out what it stands for. Now, he's the CEO of this huge Industry and he's like, a multimillionaire but when he fires his first and only personal assistant and sends his bestfriend, Ricky, out to find him a new one;Ricky lays eyes on you and now you've been sucked into the fucked up world of Christ his new Personal assistenat.

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