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Paid Lust (Futa RWBY Harem X Male Reader)

I don't own any art i use and the name sould tell you how this will go

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No Longer Just An NPC (overlord futa and female harem x male reader)

I don't own overlord or any images I may use and the reason I don't give a description is, because unlike most other storys, this one will follow a character that was a npc not a player from another world

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Summoned as a femboy (hyperdimension neptunia futas x femboy reader)

What happens when a young man named (y/n) gets teleported into the world of Hyperdimension neptunia, but his body changes from how it starts, he goes from your every day person to a femboy, but what happens when he catches the interest of a couple females

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My One Off Storys

this is a book of a bunch of different storys that may never get finished

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Elastic Love [my hero acadamia futa and females x male reader]

alright so i don't own my hero or hunter x hunter, i don't own the art I use amd the name sould say all if you wanna know more come read

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Never Alone (Futas and females naruto x male reader)

This is the story of a young male named (y/n), he was away from the leaf village one night and he got super lucky/unlucky, his family all died, but he is still alivep.s. I don't own any art I may use and I don't own naruto

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The Vampire Hunter (DC Futa Harem x Male Reader)

so this is going to be the story of a young boy born in a family of vampire hunters with slight problem, he was born thin and small only standing at 4 feet 5 inches but even that never stopped him as he is one of the highest when it comes to the things that go bump in the night also I don't own any art I use during this story, and I do support human artest and not this ai stuff with that all said you know what to do

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