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The Three Supreme Shadows

In this world, there's nothing more than peaceful era where properties continue to rise generations after generations. However, under the peaceful era, a hidden danger are threatening the lives of the people in the world. Hidden in the shadows are a group of people who choose to rise up against this evil, even if they were view as the enemy of the world. They are; the Eminence in the Shadows. (A/N: I don't own Kamen Rider franchise nor Kage no Jitsuryokusha series. They both belong to their respective owners.)

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The Demonic Spider Hero

"Hello, New York! Your favorite and friendly neighbourhood hero, Spider-Man, is here!" The new era of hero has come where young heroes will thrive in that very era. And it start with a teenager named Kumo Parker, or mostly known as, Spider-Man. After an incident at Oscorp, Kumo gain new ability and power. And throughout the journey as a hero, he'll be gain more experience, allies and the true meaning of a hero. (A/N: I don't own Marvel, it belong to the creator, the one and only, Stan Lee. You and your spirit of Marvel will always be remembered.)

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Akame Ga Kill (Rewrite): Storm, Dragon & Shark

The Western Continent have gone through many changes for years, and the ruler continue to change as well. And when the time of the new Empire came, a new era of chaos started. The whole Capital of the Empire filled with corruption, and no people able to escape from it. Following the harsh way of life caused by the Empire, a revolution has begun in order to change the system. While the conflict continue for years, it will soon came to an end. The era of chaos can be ended, but when the right person and conviction appear, they will set things right even if they have to carry a lot of burden. (A/N: Akame ga Kill nor Kamen Rider series are not belong to me. Both series belong to the respective owner. I write mostly from manga arc.)

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One-Shot Story Ideas

This is a one-shot book for my story ideas that I might make in the future, and the movie like version for my stories willl be shown here. There will be some endings I'll be writing in this book for the books in my old accounts that I decided not to continue anymore. I hope you enjoy and see my ideas. :)

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Chainsaw Man: The Anti Devil

In this world, humanity are thought to be the only intellegent beings. However, they are completely wrong. There are another race far more superior compare to human. They are they very embodied of humanity's fear; Devil. The Devils are a race of supernatural entities appearing throughout the world. They are creatures' that feed upon humanity's fears. All of them are born in Hell, and have a "name" which represent what fear they hold. Devil Hunter are human who hunt down Devil in order to fight and kill them. In order to defeat the Devils, human make contract with some of them and use Fiend, Devil that possess human corpse, to fight as well. As both sides continue to struggle, the human side are slowly getting the upperhand. The infamous Chainsaw Man are with them, and even two individual that will be his supporters; the golden beast and two sided bat. (A/N: Chainsaw Man is not belong to me. It is belong to respective owner.)

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Battle Spirits Roaring Soul: World of Sixelia

Battle Spirits. It is a card game where battler use five different cards: Spirit, Magic, Brave, Nexus and Ultimate. The world, including Japan has grow into a fine battle spirits world where things have become much more intense in order to go against the world. However, things will about to change. This is no longer related to the normal life of battlers or connected with the IBSA nor the 3D Battle System, but a new reality. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . And top of the world isn't the real goal. Not for the ones called as the "Dragon General" and his "spirits." Because there is something "else" that is lurking around. (A/N: Like Yu-Gi-Oh, Cardfight Vanguard & Cardfight Buddyfight, this is one of my favorite card game anime. To be honest, I wonder how come many don't know about Battle Spirits. The Battle Spirits franchise is not belong to me, it belong to the respective owner.)

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Fang of Fubuki

In the city of Fubuki, a city located near Tokyo. Unlike most places around Tokyo, Fubuki mostly have cold and chilling time. And as cold as the city can be, this city is actually hide away a certain type of crime; the crime connected to Gaia Memory, an item holding power within Earth. Those who use the Gaia Memory are superhuman or kaijin, known as Dopant. Against these threat, there are a small group of people who will do everything in their power to kept this city safe. (A/N: I don't known Kamen Rider franschise. Based on Kamen Rider W and Fuuto Tantei.)

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Inazuma Eleven: Ore Tachi no Soccer Damashi (FFI/Rewrite)

This is the continuation of my Inazuma Eleven book in my old account, and I'm not rewrite from the start, but only from the start for the world league. (A/N: Inazuma Eleven is not belong to me, it belong to the respective owner. And Inazuma Eleven series is one of my childhood anime.)

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Naruto: Team 14

As many you know, this is the story not just about the hero and the villain, but also the story of each people in their own life during the struggle for survival. While this is in fact about the heroes of a certain village, before them, there are those who have become superior than them and do their best in ensuring their own junior to succeed and support them to help find their true goal. (A/N: Naruto series is not belong to me. It is belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Thank you very much for creating such masterpiece, and it has become part of my childhood.)

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Fairy Tail: We are Family

World of Earthland, the place where magic exist. In the past, magic are known as a supernatural event where anyone gain special power, but in the modern day, magic has become common. And this is about a certain wizard guild that use magic in their own way, and protect their guild that are dear to them. The name of the guild is... Fairy Tail. (A/N: Fairy Tail is one of my favorite childhood anime. It is not belong to me, it belong to the respective owner. I update this slow so don't expect a rapid update. I suggest that anyone who don't like Fairy Tail, don't read this book. Fairy Tail haters are not welcome here.) (A/N #2: This is not OC x Erza, OC x Mirajane, OC x harem. I'm fed up with those, and I do this story my own way.)

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Pokémon: Road to Victory

Ran, a trainer from Unova who seek to become a Pokémon League Champion finally start his journey to claim it at Kalos Region, along with his friend, Tsukasa. During their time at Kalos Region, they will encounter new place, new pokémon and new people. Let's see how their journey went and how Ran will reach his goal for the Kalos League. (A/N: I don't own Pokémon the series, it belong to the respective owner. I add both Japanese and English element into the story. And this story occur during XY and XYZ series.)

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Danball Senki Zero (Remake)

The LBX, Little Battler eXperience, are small robots created as entertainment into this new and advance modern world. However, there are people who use LBX for their own gain even it mean inflicting harm or casualties to the people. For years, a group of teenagers along with their LBX the one who saved the world. And in this new era, a new group will emerge and fight against the new evil along with their LBXs. (A/N: Danball Senki isn't mine, it belong to the respect owner. And this one of favorite mecha series. This is a remake version from the old account.)

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Ultraman Ribut

Many years after end of the reign of Mefas, Earth and the Solar System in Milky Way Galaxy have been in peace. Ultraman left Earth and continue his duty as the watch of the universe. However, after years of passing, a new threat will soon come. And at the same time, a new hero is born. A hero who come like a raging storm. (A/N: This is the sequel of my OG Shodai Ultraman story. Like usual, Ultra series do not belong to me, it is belong to the respective Tsuburaya Production/TsuPro and along with Les' Copaque that collab with them to bring Ribut to existence. And just like Shodai, this is inspired by SSSS.Gridman & SSSS.Dynazenon.)

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Ultraman Xenos

In the vast space, there's a planet called Earth. About seventeen years ago, monsters have start appearing on Earth without warning. Some are good and some are bad. The World Peace Alliance, WPA, has decided to create an humanity expert response team called the Earth Defense & Humanity Guardian against Extraterrestial threat, the EDGE, a team where they can act to protect both humanity and harmless monsters. However, threats come from all over the place and wreck havoc across the world. And that is the time when he appears... The guardian of the planet itself... His name is: Ultraman Xenos.(A/N: Ultra series is not belong to me. It is belong to the respective owner, Tsuburaya Production.)

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Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: Gaming Assassin (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my Assassination Classroom x Kamen Rider Fuuma from my old account. I hope you enjoy it.

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Ultraman Kaiza: Next Generation Mebius

The Earth in the World of Land of Light have been in peace for years with no monster attack or alien invasion. However, the peaceful time will change just in an instant when new threats are heading toward Earth. And one Ultra along side the new generation of GUYS will defend the planet. The Ultra name is... Ultraman Kaiza! (A/N: Ultra series are not belong to me. They belong to the Tsuburaya Production.)

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In this world, Ultra series is a mere fiction and story to the world. Everything here is as normal as ever. However, a fateful day will come where everything that they thought to be fictions become reality. Join the original Ultraman along with his host in this new adventure in this new world. (A/N: Inspired by SSSS.Gridman & SSSS.Dynazenon. Ultraman isn't belong to me, it belong to Tsuburaya Production.)

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Gakusen Toshi Asterisk: The Strongest Fighters

The Invertia is the unprecedented catasthrope that assaulted the earth during the 20th century. Meteors rained down across the world, destroying a countless numbers of cities. Because of this, the power of countries dwindled, giving the rise of a company known as the Intergrated Enterprise Foundation. As the observation organization are unable to give any answer, they presume the meteor shower is more than just a simple natural disaster. The previously unknown element known as Mana was discovered from the meteors, furthering technology and giving birth to the people with power known as Genestella. Asterisk, well-known as the floating city, on this artificial island. It is named by it hexagon shape from the birds eye view. On this island, there six different schools of Genestella are established where they learn to use and control their power. And on this island, is where everything starts. (A/N: Gakusen Toshi Asterisk isn't mine. It belong to the respective owner.)

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Log Horizon: Life of filled with Adventure

Elder Tale, an MMORPG game well known across the world. After a long time since it launched, the game went viral and become one of the most famous game in the world. However, an unexpected incident occur. Thousands of players across Japan are trapped in Elder Tale, including players across the world trapped at their respective nation where their server are connected. In this new and unknown environment of Elder Tale, the players will do what they other than playing the game, but to survive and live through to find out how they trapped inside the game while trying to live through it. From here, this tales a certain young man along with the group he is part in. Despite no longer in the groups they used to be, the new group that are taking part of is much more than just a group. It is a "family." (A/N: Log Horizon is not belong to be, it is belong to the respective owner. And it is one of the favorite anime after I watch it first time before.)

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I Got Transported Into Another World As Trigger?!

Kirino Ryu, a gamer and a developer, who get transported into another world for unknown reason. In that world, he will embark into a journey that he never had before. And live there... as the incarnation of light and darkness... or to put it simple, as Trigger.

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That Time I Got Reincarnated As Woz (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my Kamen Rider Woz x Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken / Reincarnated as a Slime in my old account. Hope you enjoy.

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Star Wars: Black & White (Clone Wars)

Far far way in the galaxy... There is a story, of two different individual. A Jedi and a Sith. However, as their journey goes, they will face that what they are fighting for, are not what they expect it to be. (A/N: Star Wars not belong to me, it is belong to the rightful owner. There are some changes from the idea chapter in the idea book.)

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Kamen Rider x Boku no Hero Academia: We are Hero (Part 2)

This is the continuation of my Kamen Rider x BNHA in the old account. Hope you enjoy it. (A/N: This story is about multiple Kamen Riders but the main Kamen Rider is Build.)

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ULTRAMAN: Heisei Heroes

Years after Ultraman left Earth, it's been a long time of peace. However, it clears that Earth isn't just inhabited by human, but outside beings. When danger come to threat Earth once again, new Ultraman will be born. Inspired by Kenzi_Kanzaki (A/N: I don't own Ultraman. They belong to Tsuburaya Productions.)

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One Punch Man: The Elemental Hero

A man who died due trying to upperhand a criminal got a second chance to live. He was reincarnated into the world of One Punch Man, one of his favorite anime. As he continue his life there, he encounter with the character he knows and even the character that didn't exist before as he continue to work as a hero. (A/N: One Punch Man isn't belong to me. It belong to ONE. I only own my OCs and the story. Hope you enjoy.)

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Legend of Daichi: The Earth Avatar

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. All four element of life that came from animals, nature and spirits that have existed far longer than humanity. When the age of human came, they learn the usage of these elements from animals and spirits, and the humans capable of using the element are called as Benders. For centuries, there has always been conflict between human and spirit, until when one human who fused with the Spirit of Light, Raava, and use all four elements, rise to stop the conflict. The one who mastered all elements is called as Avatar. The Avatar is the one who unite the humanity and the spirit, while keeping the peace in the mortal world. With the end of Avatar Korra's era, a new era of Avatar will soon begin to ensure the peace of the world. (A/N: Avatar franchise does not belong to me. It belong to the respective owner.)

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