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Lies & Secrets - DHOOMBROS

A single lie discovered, is enough to create doubts in every truth! A story about lies and secrets...What lies, you ask? What secrets, you ask? Well...that's for you to read and find out! :) **** INSPIRED BY A FEW OTHER STORIES ******** I don't take the credits for it because its been inspired from a bunch of different stories ****

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Words of my mind.

Just read on...

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Hai Koi Haqeeqat Tu (A DhoomBros FanFic)

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Ho Gaya...Pyaar DHOOMBROS

What would you do if the guy you loved, actually loved your sister? And to make things worse, your sister loved his brother instead. Meet Muskan Saeed, an aspiring model, who had been living the perfect life. A perfect boyfriend, a perfect job and a perfect house, until she met Hussain Asif, an aspiring actor. Trouble in disguise, this guy messes up her perfect life. Her boyfriend breaks up with her, her boss fires her, and she has to sell her house and move into a smaller one. However, amongst all this, she ends up falling for Hussain. On the other hand, Hussain, a typical career oriented guy who tries to stay away from love as much as possible, cannot control his feelings when he meets Mehek Saeed, Muskaan's sister, who works for Shehryaar Asif, the guy who she secretly loves. Shehryaar, Hussain's brother, is unaware of Meheks's feelings towards him, and falls for Muskaan.What is love without pain? Will you give up your love for your sibling? Who's love will succeed? Who's heart will break? Does love always end up making everyone happy? Love, heartbreaks, and drama, this quadrangular love story is sure to take you on a roller coaster ride.

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Always & Forever (Editing) DHOOMBROS

Aneela Khan comes from a very rich family. She falls in love with a guy called Hussain Asif, who is an aspiring actor. The two get married, even after her family's disapproval considering the fact that Hussain doesn't match their so called "high standards". But a few months into their marriage, things don't work out between them. To make things worse, they end up in a car accident, losing their memories. The accident comes almost as an opportunity for a few people who were not very happy with their marriage to begin with. The crash has left both Hussain and Aneela unaware of their past. They now live separately, totally unaware about each other's existence. Will they ever regain their memories? Will they eventually get back together or will the others succeed in trying to separate them? Will love over power societal standards? MAIN LEAD: HUSSAIN ASIFP.S. This story was titled "Meri Manzil Hai Tu" at first but I've decided to change the name to "Always & Forever" now! :)Inspired by Hongey Judaa Na Hum: 2012-2013, with a very few, minor changes.

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Mannat - Desire

Mahira is a 35 year old woman who is living a peaceful life, until her child gets diagnosed with cancer, and she has to ask her husband for help, with whom she has had no contact for the past 4 years. But there's more to the story. Fawad, her husband, has moved on with his life, and has married Bahaar, Mahira's cousin and best friend. Bahaar does not know about Mahira's or Fawad's past life. To make things worse, Aban, who is Fawad's cousin ends up developing a crush on Mahira after moving on from a crush that he had on Bahaar during his college years.Will Mahira's life go back to how it was? Or will it get worse as she is forced to stay with Bahar and Fawad, in their house, until she finds a new home in New York. *Inspired by Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar hai* this story has some parts that are taken from the Pakistani dramas ...but most of the story is written on my own :) Hi Guys! So this is my first story. I've never written before, neither am I a reader. I've read a few stories on Wattpad and it kinda inspires my to write one of my own. So please give me feedback, and sggestions to improve my writing.This story is written in english, with a few words of urdu. For those of you who do not understand the urdu words, let me know and I will start adding their meanings too. This story is purely fictional and any resemblance to any person living or dead is purely coincidental.Hope you guys like it. :)

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