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the omnitrix hero

A hero that has a omnitrix

127 1 6
the advertiser of beacon

Pretty obvious

84 1 1
the gerudos and hylian of beacon

Pretty obvious

69 1 2
the missing nightguard of freddys anime convention

Pretty obvious

94 1 3
the Siblings of invincible

Pretty obvious

137 1 4
the third Viltrumite of earth

Pretty obvious

163 1 4
the average Guy with a demonic and heavenly harem

A teenager ends up in hell after getting lost looking for the kitchen(I own none of the art in this book)

247 2 10
the femboy hooters of vale

A femboy hooters opens up in vale

802 7 34
the 5 saiyans, 2 class clowns and the bimbo

Pretty obvious

105 1 4
the kryptonian of chicago

Pretty obvious

286 1 5
the lone samurai's vs shadow garden

You already know

165 1 3
the princesses and their samurai

Three princesses and their samurai attend beacon

139 1 5
the super powered agents of shield

Pretty obvious

67 1 2
the first contact with scp-113

A guard comes in contact with scp-113

78 1 2
the clown/war criminal and the mafia boss of beacon

A clown and mafia boss are forced to go to beacon to pay for their crimes

68 1 2
the red mercenaries of beacon

Pretty obvious

153 1 3
team KILL

Pretty obvious

84 2 7
Boy Turned Beacons Genie

Pretty obvious

257 2 8
the animal centaurs of beacon

What if remnant was inhabited by a third Species that were also a mix of human and animal like faunus

374 3 7
the femboys of beacon

Pretty obvious

458 2 8
the slime dragon of remnant

A slime dragon that escaped ever after millions of years ago reappears but in a new form after being attacked on its first day of freedom

82 1 4
the pyromaniac of piltover and zaun

You already lnow

69 1 2
the new team RWBY

The children of the original team RWBY form a new one

566 4 9
the fourth wall breaker of beacon

A masked character arrives at beacon but you already knew it

112 1 3
the ancient slime dragon turned immortal kid

A slime dragon that once ruled the world of twelve reappears after millions of years after a battle with some of the strongest magic users ever seen but in a new form

99 1 5
team TIME

A team of delinquents is formed at beacon

280 3 7